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22 July 2018 - 12:29 AM

Maybe serious post about this later, Harvard employee makes big ass movie/show/performance bout sex and circumcision and wackiness in America and gets fired immediately for anti-semitism.

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15 July 2018 - 12:18 PM

This is a sort of 'response' to Pie, on the whole MRA/MGTOW thing. I'm going to skip over like legal battle, dramatic bullshit, and cut to the heart of the matter.

Karen Straughan does a really good job explaining why Jordan Peterson is 'wrong' in his rather broad remarks on 'incels'.

When you get a complete understanding of what Peterson's saying on the matter, he's not entirely wrong either. But he's more focused on the younger men who haven't been burned but are being influenced by bitter membership to MRA/MGTOW. He also admits the courts and legal systems of Western nations are entirely stacked in the favor of women. I'm not going to drop 100 vids of Peterson, cuz that's retarded. But I would say that Karen's response is a bit incomplete insofar as assuming Peterson see's nothing to the points she brings up in her video. And JP seemed to correct himself and walk-back the blanket statement, which is nice.

The blatantly obvious nature in which our courts and legal system favor women in virtually any and all proceedings relevant to relationships and children, is widely available for any and all to find on the internet. Certainly there are some really bullshit extreme elements that get notoriety on what can only be called Fake News, but that would predominantly lay at the feed of people pushing against male advocacy.

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It does ask the question, why is this? I certainly can't be made to say that the liberation of women is entirely good or entirely bad. You can point to the sort of innate psychological differences between men and women as someone like Peterson would, but I feel that's not good enough. I would point to the innate psychologies of the people and peoples who created, influenced, and manipulated (for social and/or political gain) Feminism. While I can't find a video that comes to mind, I'll have to continue looking for it. The synopsis of it's point being that women refuse to make decisions that require their responsibility, and refuse responsibility that require their decision making.

This video you can look at as a sort of example of that. Pro-Choice women refusing to/unable to answer "when during a pregnancy, should it be illegal to get an abortion?". It's pretty obvious what the actual belief is for these women, which is never. But you can't say that, for obvious reasons. And before I get some snarky backlash that "nobody is talking about abortion a week from delivery date" I will remind you of the reality of after birth abortion as a thing (Slate isn't fake news either), and that LS believes it's entirely sound as a practice, because "infants aren't people" according to him.

EDIT: I goofed up and dropped a paragraph. Basically saying Feminism is a negative outgrowth of the nasty side of the feminine psyche empowered by legitimate/legitimized oppression/"oppression". Also DA JOOZ, ofc.

This, in my opinion, has to do something with the sort of evolutionary quandary in which female human beings developed. Which is to say most of them, for the most part, most of the time. Only ever made decisions with regards to child-rearing, and at the largess of men. Wew, Raor dropping spicy feminist truth bombs amirite? But that sort of vacuum of actual responsibility, combined with the tradition of women being treated more or less as harmless or incapable of harm. You only have to look to Karen's use of the discussion that took place in the United States right after the turn of the 20th century, as to if women should even be tried for crimes like murder, or if it was entirely pointless. That question still really needs to get asked today, if we're being honest.

There are most definitely exceptions to this rule, and there basically always have been. But there's a similar string in the opposite direction of men who are basically as hapless and ridiculous in the other direction. While society has for a very long time looked to and in many ways successfully rooted out these sorts, cowards, weaklings, whatever the nom de plume. We've seen a resurgence in the sort of 'softness' that breeds week men. That prophetic cycle of strong men make good times -> good times make weak men -> weak men make bad times -> bad times make strong men.

All this and I will stand by my assertion that MRA/MGTOW is for the time being tied to idiotic and grotesque males who have no business reproducing. But the same could be said of a fairly wide swath of human beings, if we're being honest.

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24 June 2018 - 04:40 PM

Pay for politicians = get rich.

I forget who did the study but the expectation is something like 100,000% ROI when funding politicians.

So far as making sense, it does not in any other capacity beyond being a greedy corporate rat or a greedy scumbag politician. Both parties do this stuff, however comma space, neither has a high horse to ride.

The big problem is that the Fed is still going to spend the same kind of money, and instead of taxing corporations making record profits, the tax burden gets dumped on the working class. Mitigated with the bullshit of deferring it down the road, on younger and as of yet unborn generations. This is the great shekeling of America, thanks boomers. And to put it bluntly, there is no painless fix. Shit is inevitably gonna have to get ugly. It shouldn't have to get like actual war, violence, and chaos type ugly. But it'll be ugly nonetheless. And immigration policies endorsed by the mainstream, aka open borders, is a way to try and patch-work fix the batshit Keynesian/Neo-Liberal/Dumb Boomer economics gamble to create all the money fo dem programs. Bring in a bunch of shitholers and take their money, but that doesn't actually work out since they're all majority rabid welfare consumers. That and they only come here because, mostly Democratic politicians promise infinite welfare.

No Government should be in the business of doing any of the following..
-Fleecing the public of their money to subsidize business. Markets must rise and fall, and businesses that operate within those markets.
-Defer debts, pay up or default, there is no other solution. Stop spending more money than you have.
-Handing out tax breaks to the biggest winners so they can win more, and magically make everyone else richer. It's Reaganomics that's popular among Democratic political leadership.

Lowering the corporate tax rate is a compound meme, because here's what's going on with that.

#1. Basically the big corporations don't pay that rate, ever. They defer, they get tax breaks, they hold money/profits overseas; and that's the tip of the iceberg on financial tricks.
#2. The small companies/corporations do pay that 35% rate and can never compete with a conglomerate giant that has the most powerful Government on Earth acting as their personal financier.
#3. That 35% rate is entirely retarded in the realm on international competition. This is something even Elon Musk has sad quite openly and adamantly.
#4. The hope is that corporations like Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.. start to pay a rate closer to the declared corporate tax rate; and alleviate some portion of tax burden on particularly, the middle class.

This is a super relevant video.

In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

24 June 2018 - 01:21 PM

I'll just address "corporate socialism" first.

-Government Subsidies
-Negative Taxes for Corporations & Part 2

And since we were talking about Amazon, I'll bring up a few things.

Amazon declared $5.6bn in U.S. profits in 2017 and didn't pay a single cent in federal income tax. For the five previous years, Amazon had a declared total of $8.2bn in U.S. profits and payed an effective rate of 11.4%. Meaning they payed $935mn on roughly $13.8bn in profits. Safe to say they did not pay the supposed 35% corporate tax rate or Trump's new 21% rate. If they had paid just the 21% rate, they would have paid $1.18bn in taxes; more than they've paid the Federal Government in 6 years.

But they did get to claim $789mn in tax rebates for deferred taxes with the passing of Trump's new tax plan, because of the allowance for grandfathering of outstanding deferred taxes. Basically Amazon and other huge companies can just decide they're not paying their taxes, this year. But they'll get around to it. You can draw an analogy of how Bezos shows up for work when he feels like it and runs a company that fires people for taking too long to walk a quarter mile to the bathrooms and back. Because individual working class tax payer, certainly don't get to deffer their taxes. But you can defer capital gains, and a bunch of other stuff that basically only benefits the ultra wealthy. Meanwhile, Amazon also gets multi-million and billion dollar tax breaks from various states and the Fed. Even tho many of it's full-time employees qualify for food stamps.

The logic of all this that Amazon is such a radically profitable company, that it's worth these expenditures to achieve "economic growth". "Economic growth" simply meaning that from any given year prior to any given year current, the CAPACITY of the United States to produce goods and services increases. It has nothing at fucking all to do with how much money working class Americans are taking home, or what the buying power of that take home pay is worth. It has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with quality of life, living conditions, or economic mobility. So long as Amazon can say, we're meeting new levels of demand with the same # of perhaps even fewer employees, the US economy grows. And that's all that really matters when you have suave, polished spokespersons to do interviews with unintelligent and for all intents and purposes on the payroll journalists. Remember, that Jeff Bezos also owns the controlling share in Washington Post, so clearly the media has zero bias when covering anything to do with Amazon.

Little video, from the U.K.

Also this is why when Liberals lament Trump lowering the US corporate tax rate, I am full of laughter and homicidal anger.

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28 May 2018 - 02:48 PM

tl;dr, Marxism sucks ass