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In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

17 November 2018 - 05:28 AM

Molymeme dissects the UN "migration compact".

Basically it's just white replacement in Europe.

In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

31 October 2018 - 03:28 AM

When your academia LITCHURALLY becomes a fucking joke institution.

This is terrific stuff.

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In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

27 September 2018 - 05:16 AM

Greater Male Variability Hypothesis (Video)
Greater Male Variability Hypothesis (Link)

The hypothesis and study itself is really interesting, but the sort of reaction to and censorship of it from the progressive and diverse academic league is really interesting.

In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

22 July 2018 - 12:29 AM

Maybe serious post about this later, Harvard employee makes big ass movie/show/performance bout sex and circumcision and wackiness in America and gets fired immediately for anti-semitism.

In Topic: Posthumanism ala ATEO

15 July 2018 - 12:18 PM

This is a sort of 'response' to Pie, on the whole MRA/MGTOW thing. I'm going to skip over like legal battle, dramatic bullshit, and cut to the heart of the matter.

Karen Straughan does a really good job explaining why Jordan Peterson is 'wrong' in his rather broad remarks on 'incels'.

When you get a complete understanding of what Peterson's saying on the matter, he's not entirely wrong either. But he's more focused on the younger men who haven't been burned but are being influenced by bitter membership to MRA/MGTOW. He also admits the courts and legal systems of Western nations are entirely stacked in the favor of women. I'm not going to drop 100 vids of Peterson, cuz that's retarded. But I would say that Karen's response is a bit incomplete insofar as assuming Peterson see's nothing to the points she brings up in her video. And JP seemed to correct himself and walk-back the blanket statement, which is nice.

The blatantly obvious nature in which our courts and legal system favor women in virtually any and all proceedings relevant to relationships and children, is widely available for any and all to find on the internet. Certainly there are some really bullshit extreme elements that get notoriety on what can only be called Fake News, but that would predominantly lay at the feed of people pushing against male advocacy.

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It does ask the question, why is this? I certainly can't be made to say that the liberation of women is entirely good or entirely bad. You can point to the sort of innate psychological differences between men and women as someone like Peterson would, but I feel that's not good enough. I would point to the innate psychologies of the people and peoples who created, influenced, and manipulated (for social and/or political gain) Feminism. While I can't find a video that comes to mind, I'll have to continue looking for it. The synopsis of it's point being that women refuse to make decisions that require their responsibility, and refuse responsibility that require their decision making.

This video you can look at as a sort of example of that. Pro-Choice women refusing to/unable to answer "when during a pregnancy, should it be illegal to get an abortion?". It's pretty obvious what the actual belief is for these women, which is never. But you can't say that, for obvious reasons. And before I get some snarky backlash that "nobody is talking about abortion a week from delivery date" I will remind you of the reality of after birth abortion as a thing (Slate isn't fake news either), and that LS believes it's entirely sound as a practice, because "infants aren't people" according to him.

EDIT: I goofed up and dropped a paragraph. Basically saying Feminism is a negative outgrowth of the nasty side of the feminine psyche empowered by legitimate/legitimized oppression/"oppression". Also DA JOOZ, ofc.

This, in my opinion, has to do something with the sort of evolutionary quandary in which female human beings developed. Which is to say most of them, for the most part, most of the time. Only ever made decisions with regards to child-rearing, and at the largess of men. Wew, Raor dropping spicy feminist truth bombs amirite? But that sort of vacuum of actual responsibility, combined with the tradition of women being treated more or less as harmless or incapable of harm. You only have to look to Karen's use of the discussion that took place in the United States right after the turn of the 20th century, as to if women should even be tried for crimes like murder, or if it was entirely pointless. That question still really needs to get asked today, if we're being honest.

There are most definitely exceptions to this rule, and there basically always have been. But there's a similar string in the opposite direction of men who are basically as hapless and ridiculous in the other direction. While society has for a very long time looked to and in many ways successfully rooted out these sorts, cowards, weaklings, whatever the nom de plume. We've seen a resurgence in the sort of 'softness' that breeds week men. That prophetic cycle of strong men make good times -> good times make weak men -> weak men make bad times -> bad times make strong men.

All this and I will stand by my assertion that MRA/MGTOW is for the time being tied to idiotic and grotesque males who have no business reproducing. But the same could be said of a fairly wide swath of human beings, if we're being honest.