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Far Cry 5

30 March 2018 - 12:48 AM

Iz p gud mang.

Also, powergaming tips from Raor.

#1. Play the Hero mode in Arcade 5 times for a bunch of free perk points, succeed or fail = same.
#2. Go after any and all prepper stashes, for 3 perk points a piece.
#3. Do the challenges for lots of bonus perk points.

Perk tips

#1. Get Harvest Master and Grapple
Harvest Master doubles loot from dead animals and you also get double flowers. The double loot from dead animals = basically more money than you'll ever need after a couple hunting trips.
Grapple gives you a grappling hook which is really useful for getting to prepper stashes, many of which you cannot without a grappling hook.

#2. Health Boost
Get any and all of them you have unlocked, being harder to kill = more betterer.

#3. Leadership
Get two people in your squad and you can lay off doing half the fighting yourself.

M60 > everything so far as weapons go.