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Zodiac Achievement

siramic's Photo siramic 27 Mar 2012

Can someone please tell me which mission you find the elusive Zodiac AC?

I need to know for the achievement and to unlock the giga missile.

Also I would like to request a guide for the rest of the secret achievements/trophies.

Blackbird: Awarded for destroying Exusia. *Glitched? Exusia is Story 09 boss.

Giant Killing: Awarded for destroying LLL.

Sea Master: Awarded for destroying St Elmo.

Air Master: Awarded for destroying Raijin.

Earth Master: Awarded for destroying Type D No. 5.

MoH: Awarded for wiping out MoH.

Zodiac: Awarded for destroying all Zodiac members.


Bakuhatsu Pengin's Photo Bakuhatsu Pengin 27 Mar 2012

the zodiacs in story mode will show up when you complete certain tasks under specific conditions. there are 4 in total

in order to make them appear, you must:

story mission 01:
-destroy all enemy units (surveili, aerial, tanks, defense, support)
-take less than ~5k ap damage (not sure of exact number, but try to keep damage as low as possible)
-reach train within ~5 minutes
the zodiac will replace the RJ in the tunnel

story mission 04:
-destroy all enemy units excluding hi-mobility flying units
-take less than 10k ap damage
-not sure of time limit, but ASAP to be safe
the zodiac will replace the police captain in the city

story mission 06:
there are 2 zodiacs that must be reached in 2 separate runs. both replace the quad at the very end
here is a video showing how to do both
first zodiac
-take less than ~5k ap damage
-destroy all 4 bases
-destroy LLL
-you can ignore the rest of the enemy units
second zodiac
-destroy all enemy units (excludes defense-type)
-less than ~10k ap damage
-destroy all 4 bases and LLL
-(do not worry if you are at 14/15 support types destroyed after the second enemy wave in the square. zodiac will still spawn)

the rest of the zodiacs are killed throughout ordered missions

siramic's Photo siramic 28 Mar 2012

Haven't tried to get the zodiacs on any other mission besides 01, but it seems either 01 zodiac is immpossible or just boken/glitched. Ran through 01 killing all units, took 3.3k ap damage, reached train in 3.5 mins, destroyed it in 30 seconds, and still encountered the City Police AC in tunnel.

Am I doing something wrong? Does the zodiac not appear if the train damages me past the 5k ap limit?

his1nightmare's Photo his1nightmare 28 Mar 2012

Not sure if it's glitched or not, but 30 seconds for the train is really bad thinking about the speed you delivered in the run before, maybe this triggers the police officer to appear.
Using shotguns or KE missiles lets you destroy the train easily within 5 seconds, if needed you can also kick it away, will damage you most likely though.


story mission 04:
-destroy all enemy units excluding hi-mobility flying units
-take less than 10k ap damage
-not sure of time limit, but ASAP to be safe
the zodiac will replace the police captain in the city

Tried it multiple times and couldn't succeed in getting the Zodiac, always trying to do it a bit faster but the birds simply -refuse- it to die fast.
Read on a japanese page also that you have to reach the city within 1,5 minutes, couldn't make it in that time till now.

Also regarding mission 6, you can take double as much damage as you wrote, in either task.

Just thinking, you get the "minor damage" achievement if either player beats the damage limit... so probably you can trick the zodiacs by one player simply following the other, taking 0 damage, while #1 kills everything without regret?

Bakuhatsu Pengin's Photo Bakuhatsu Pengin 28 Mar 2012

are you sure you killed all of the surveili and aerial units in mission 01?
you can always check by pressing select and seeing the number of units killed

there are 4 choppers hiding behind the dock wall in the first half of the mission and there is 1 surveili that only spawns after you have killed all of the support class snipers. make sure you do not miss these

also for story mission 04, try to use dual 23H gatlings and dual 05/R battle rifles on your shoulders. gatling all of the small fry and use dual 05/R for the fancy super AC thingies; they will die in a minute tops
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his1nightmare's Photo his1nightmare 28 Mar 2012

The city has to be reached within 5 minutes, you can ignore all opponents aside the scavengers (and you should, as the 1 mobile AC and the one support AC under the bridge make you lose time indubitably).
If you need to be damaged less than 10k AP I can't confirm.

Love the reward.
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Heartwarm's Photo Heartwarm 28 Mar 2012

Keep in mind you can do these with people BUT unlike other damage requirements these ones act differently. BOTH players must be under the damage limit rather than only one. Also the time limit starts the second you can move and will continue to count down if you don't skip cutscenes.

Story mission 01

You must be under 5k damage
4MIN <---- is the limit (be sure you do not enter the tunnel until you are sure you have killed everything)
All enemies must be dead (you will get a total of 5 subquests; one for each enemy type)
The Zodiac member is almost identical to the Police AC, he does have flash rockets though and they are hard to dodge in such a small space


already been stated
Time limit is 4 min and is easily done but the Zodiac member that comes in is a very bursty Sniper user (some have said they have gone to 5min and have had it still happen but play it safe and rush)

i will explain both situations (both situations share almost the exact video)
-Situation 1
under 10k (this is easy)
Time limit is ~4 min (this has yet to be confirmed but its easily done)
DO NOT kill every unit (do your best to kill as little as possible)
Kill L.L.L.
AC is will spawn in place of the Merc

-Situation 2
under 10k ( have been mentioned to be 10k - 20k)
Kill everything (its actually more like ~80% of the units, i know this is confusing but all it means is kill everything that you run into)
time limit is sketchy as its not really known from what i've seen its ~5 min though it can be done in like 3
Kill L.L.L.
Ac will spawn in place of the Merc (it will be very close to the one from situation 1)
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his1nightmare's Photo his1nightmare 28 Mar 2012


Situation 2
under 10k

I'm pretty sure it's under 20k.
Not only the video states 10-20k as a possible AP number, also he actually was damaged by a total of about 18k.


Heartwarm's Photo Heartwarm 28 Mar 2012

 his1nightmare, on 28 March 2012 - 07:07 PM, said:

I'm pretty sure it's under 20k.
Not only the video states 10-20k as a possible AP number, also he actually was damaged by a total of about 18k.

SPOILERS (highlight to read):
I'm still a bit... confused about the fact that there is no Zodiac #1.
> It's once again DLC-time I guess; while I actually wouldn't mind, I really like AC5.

thats interesting, when i got it i had less than 10k. I'm really not liking this hidden meaning/objectives stuff.

his1nightmare's Photo his1nightmare 29 Mar 2012

But to return to post #1.

How do you fight all the other ultra enemies?
Do you have to be online at a certain time? Have certain territories? A certain amount of S-ranks/subquests?
Singleplayer-wise there is basically nothing left for me to get, yet I haven't seen any of the hidden ACs.
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HellMuT's Photo HellMuT 29 Mar 2012

Here's a vid of getting the Zodiac to show up on mission 01:

Mission 04:

I'm curious as well on how to get the giant ACs to show up as well for the other hidden achievements.
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Pendragon's Photo Pendragon 29 Mar 2012

Wow, I've beenn wondering how to do this myself.

It's gonna be very tough fulfilling every single one of those requirements.

siramic's Photo siramic 29 Mar 2012

Hey guys, and gals, thanks for all the info. Completed missions 04 and 06 zodiacs with a friend but still having trouble with 01. Seems the time limit gets us nearly every time and if we beat the time limit we take more than 5k damage xD

I see what they did there on 06 as well, thought I killed the same zodiac twice. Gemini =P

Harakiri Tiger's Photo Harakiri Tiger 29 Mar 2012

The giant MTs are not part of the story or order missions. They are just activated on the server end. Once Namco turns them on you'll see them randomly pop up on the world map as transparent blue miniatures of themselves. They only stay on for about an hour and show up at random intervals throughout the day. They also require team rank (gold plates) to initiate a fight with. Half require rank one, the other half require rank two. You don't lose rank or anything for engaging and losing, it's just required to start the fight.

They should be activated with the season reset.