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good advice from "Uncle Tarstrudelvick"

Posted by Taurus, 25 April 2014 · 952 views


I'm not Santa.

'cuz I'm "Uncle Tarstrudelvick" who played AC for 15 years and other few games. (like FF13, MGS, NFS, GT5 and a lil' bit more)

I'll show you some of good advices to you kids.

here we go, hohoho...

• kids, become gamer once, being gamer forever.
• kids, good gamer never stop playing, at least just long vacation from long time playing games.
• kids, somethings in-game can't do in real life. just think about it carefully.
• kids, everything outside the game has always more important than the game you played.
• kids, we have many faggot gamers today, don't be a fag.
• kids, you can use your experience you get from the game(s) to other game(s) is good, but if you can applied those to your life is great.
• kids, no pain, no gain. that's all you have to do first. (in short, just try)
• kids, good gamer don't cheat people, no matter what.
• kids, if you think fight with A.I. is useless, think again. in fact, all of A.I. of all games are made by based on other people.
• kids, it's ok if you lose so much 'cuz everybody have to lose the games so much before win the game.

these are my ten of commandments of mine.

it might be part 2 if I could think more about it.

hope it might be useful advices, hohoho...

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