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Fun stuffs.

Posted by †Adonael, 14 September 2010 · 1,069 views

Been doing fun stuffs like moving, and job hunting, thats always fun. My options of as now are a waiter, a gas station clerk or a full time Hobo. I'm hoping for the waiting job. Just not looking forward to wearing a suit every damn day. Enough of that useless crap about my personal life!

I've neglected my blog here for a while, no big fuss though.

Still writing and pixeling though.

Heres two random pixel characters. Not 100% perfect and I used "pillow" Shading which is a way of saying I colored them lazily.

Posted Image

Posted Image

This one is shaded a lot better.

Posted Image

PIXEL ART IS AWESOME~!Srsly, tho. I could never make something like that, haha. Nice stuff.
Thanks. Always love comments on my work. Last RPG maker I used was like 95 or 2000 or something like that haha.I dunno if it is just me, but that narrator is funny as hell.
Pixels....... yummy

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