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First entry EVAR!!



So yeah I've been away from American soil now for 57 days. In a place called Kyrgyzstan. Not a bad place really. There have been some improvements since the last time I was here...wireless internet in the dorms being the only one lol. Last time I was here was in 08. This place is goin nowhere. It's not even technically a base. We just rented space from the Kyrgy airport here and the US is paying out teh ass to be here. Either way though...I'm here. Its 9:30 AM my time. Should be getting to bed here like...now. I work the night shift which really toys with my mind. Daily mindfuckery is not cool. Ok maybe it is, but don't tell anyone I said that or I'll fucking kill you...really.


Ok gotta catch them zzz's. Gonna be another long night at work doing nothing. Been pretty slow lately.


Peace nyuckas.


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You playing any games over there at least? It sounds like you get to hang out in MW2.
Yeah I get to play some Mw2 every now and then, but the guys here blow at it big time so I'll probably go back home and suck lol. Considering moving over to BFBC2 when I get back though. MW2 is basically more of the same, but easier. I hear sniping is difficult in BFBC2 so I'll be wanting to jump onto that wagon there real quick.
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