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The Dream

Master Ocelot


Alright...first Blog entry...tis gonna be epic...The hell is a Blog about anyways? screw it, I'll blog about my dream, my epic dream from several nights ago, I believe I told Vixen, Katze and a few others about this.


Anywho, I'll just make a short story format, I'll edit it later.


Alright, it all started when I closed my eyes for a few mins, then suddenly.


The whistling of a morter round, then the sound of an exlposion, the darkness leaves and I'm sitting inside an old trench, several military dressed men and woman running and taking cover, gun shots and explosions echoing near and far, the sound of planes overhead as well. I frowned, taking cover as another explosion sounded nearby my area, turning over my shoulder I saw a man lying in a mangled mess on the ground, a small black crater near him.


I was in a war, that much I understood, and in war there was an objective, and since I was basically out of the loop, I did the smartest thing at the moment, "What's the mission?!" I called to the man across from me, he wore the three stripes of a sergeant, so I knew he would know.


The man, who looked plain, glanced back at me, "We're supposed to take those three bunkers! but air support is down and the enemy is rolling in armor!" he replied, sounding plainly pissed off about the situation, "Fifty Cal fire has been keeping us in these damn trenches all day! and command has no idea how to move us forward in time before their armor gets here!" he explained further.


I wished I was on the otherside then, this was crap all around, glancing down at my weapon I raised a brow, a BFG-9000, shaking my head with a sigh I muttered, "Alright..." peeking my head over the trench I saw pretty flat land, a few risings and some craters, plus three elevated bunkers with fifty cal chain guns tearing at us. "Shit..." I lowered my head as a round tore by. "nice..." I said boredly.


The sergeant called another soldier over, a woman, she nodded to some orders I didn't hear, she lifted her rifle, which had a scope, I recognized it as a Springfield, I need in approval of the weapon, even though here I was holding a BFG-9000. the moment she lifted her head and rifle over the trench, her head exploded in a mess of gore, I glanced away as the blood hit my face, "Shit!" I heard the sergeant curse.


A plane came down from the clouds, it looked like a Mustang, it's Machine guns blazing as it swept over the battlefield. "Down!" I followed the order, hitting the deck as the plane passed over us, "Damnit..." the sarge muttered.


I stood, peeked out with the BFG, then fired at one of the bunkers, as the large, green round neared it, it blew up on a pinkish webbed field of light. "An energy shield? that's just not fair..." I growled, frustrated and annoyed, going back into my cover. "Bullshit..." I knew this was a dream, I was in a war I knew nothing about, I had an awesome weapon, the enemy had shields.


"Enemy armor!" cried someone in the distance, followed by several explosions, no doubt from a large cannon.


Tanks, I realized, the grinned to myself, I liked this dream, overwhelming odds, an awesome weapon, powerful enemies. If I were to die in this dream, no one would fault me for losing, not that I intended to die mind you, with a small chuckle I moved further down the trench, keeping my head down and making sure to avoid stepping on anyones brain, guts or severed limbs. finally, reaching a place that looked like it wasn't in fear of getting bombed to shit, I peaked out again, satisfied only about two turrets were shooting at me, I lifted the BFG and took aim at the bunkers, firing. it ended with the shield taking the hit again, I fired again, and again and again.


After about ten shots, the shield flickered then dropped, I grinned, then several armored tanks moved over the field, shooting their main guns at the trenches and anyone in sight, I knew the tanks too, Scorpions, from Halo. raising the BFG I aimed at one and fired. the ball of mean and green hit and destroyed the tank with a fiery explosion, I ducked back into cover before anyone could trace the shot. I grinned to myself, feeling pleased that I had took it out with a single shot.


I frowned however when I looked at the ammo counter on my weapon, "ten percent?..." he mumbled in disappointment, growling softly to myself I glanced around at the dead bodies, looking for a viable weapon.


It didn't take me long to find one, a SRS Sniper Rifle from Halo made my day, Oracle scope. "Thank you Linda." I said with a smile as I hefted the rifle by the strap onto my back, then rushed back to the others.


However...the darkness returned for a brief moment, then I woke up with my friend staring at me from across the room...and so, my dream ended.


I was sadface.




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