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Nuke Boosters!!



So yet another day of nothing better to do so I've just been playing an asston of Modern Warfare 2. Now I haven't been playing FPS online or in local tournaments for very long so up until today I have been trying to find my own. So finally figured it out today and just putting up ridiculous numbers with ease so needless to say its been a very good day for me so far. For those of you, all of you, who don't know my day starts at about 4pm because I work a nightshift. I've been up for awhile lol. So anywho, I've been doing mostly FFA because I'm by myself and all and I keep finding nuke boosters...and still winning. I just don't get it. What would compel a person to sit down in front of their pretty little tv and fire up their pretty little xbox so that they can take their pretty little faggot selves in pairs to just sit in some awkward corner looking at each other's sexy character models all day. Seriously, if it was THAT much fun to lay tac inserts I'm sure we would all be doing it. Either that or they are really gay and they like having a shiny dildo as their equipment cuz it gets them wet or something. In any case...stop fucking doing it!!! I am a sound whore and fucking great at it. I will hear you. I will find you. I will get 3-4 kills out of it and be happy that I did. And then if I happen to find you and do that and you are going to continue nuke boosting then please do your intelligence a favor. PICK A DIFFERENT SPOT!!


It completely blew my mind. I'm at Quarry and I'm having a hell of a game and then I hear a raffica coming from a really odd spot. So I go there and I see some of the character going through the dumpster and by that time I had heard the tac inserts so I had myself a field day and then went on my way doing what I do now. Well by the time I had rotated myself back around to that side of the map I heard the same thing and ripped them up a second time. Same spot. By this time the heat was on that area for whatever reason so I couldn't leave. But Air Force 141 had his killstreaks going in an effort to salvage his cheated victory and I found Bluefireblahblahblah keep trying to go to the same spot over and over and over again. I killed that guy 3 or 4 times on his way to, you'll never guess, THE SAME SPOT!!


Moral of the story is...Rawcheese1 fucks shit up and he doesn't like nuke boosters. So don't do it.


And of course shortly after finishing this entry...I find another pair.


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