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D3@ Sinai.



Sept 13th 2010.Ever wonder what it's like to see a person constantly under body breaking pain?I have, meet sickle-cell disease (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle-cell_disease).21/F/African American.She came in because she needed some work done on her stomach region,patches kept popping off cause she was moving too much.I've yet to hear a person scream that loud and horrific in my life.They doused her up with enough painkillers and drugs to put a elephant in a coma at the start though,at least she didn't have to put up with a ****load of needles and whatnot poking and prodding around.I felt sorry as hell for her,she apologized a few times but we said it wasn't need-not in her condition.Worst part is that her mother knowingly having sickle cell still gave birth to her.Can't imagine what her life has been like.I'd never give a child of mine something like that,knowing I have it.At that point it would just be better to adopt.After a hour or so on the table she was put up in a room for plenty of rest and more drugs.I would hope that she's doing better now but I say this only based on faith.


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