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Drawing and Eating and Playing Video Games.

Neko Arc Chaos


Can you spell niggerfaggot? No? Neither can I.


For some reason I get apeshit pissed when I've had nothing to eat for an entire day.

Then when I do get something to eat I turn into the happiest black dude you'll ever see. Haha.


Well yeah that's how I am and I play games very well after I've had something to eat. The human mind apparently cannot concentrate on any given object without some glucose on the brain. Which is why I'm going to start packing bits of dry cereal with me everywhere because it's:


*1: Very tasty even without milk.

*2: Helps with concentration.

*3: No more having to flip out on anybody.


My favorite being Froot Loops. Loltoucan.


So what's my favorite game eh? Well I tend to take a liking to any game I touch if I find it enjoyable such as: Silent Hill, SOCOM, StarCraft and many others. My absolute favorite being Armored Core. It's what makes me think about what I do before I do things in the game, like making a unit tailored to any given situation or one that can anihilate anything in its path while taking enough damage to to live longer in battle.


Things that get you better at the game are playing online or locally on two different sets. Splitscreen on Armored Core never really worked for anybody. The best Armored Core to start out on is Armored Core 2 and then it's sequel Another Age. The controls will take a small amount of time to get used to because with the newer games (Armored Core for Answer and Armored 5) with have you use awkward controls similar to what is used in the older games. Although you can play on analog sticks it is best to try and use the Directional Pad in order to play the game the way it was meant to be played... WITHOUT CRUTCHES.


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