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  1. Well, another fun aesthetics ACDC. Thank you to everyone involved, especially TM and NotHunter. Well, I made the wonderful RNG bots. I was limited on time and figured these would come out better than if I actually tried. I also wanted to see the reactions to their existence. So, here is some commentary. Featured Comment Design Process I used a random number generator to choose a part, using a list of the parts as a reference. I determined whether or not to use the same paint for the whole bot or change it up for different pieces with the RNG. I made 2 bots for each of the 3 divisions I entered and went with the bot I thought looked better so as not to add unnecessary clutter. Pretty straightforward. Master of Integer (TM, I couldn't think of a good substitute for "Arena" that would fit well with the name, oh well.) The most successful of the RNG series and my personal favorite. A decent bot with parts that worked well together, but could have worked out better. It actually got multiple votes though, so good job. Another Algorithm This bot is bad. And looks similar to another bot of mine from the 2nd aesthetics ACDC. If I did my math right, the chances of a RNG bot having both the same head and legs of another bot is a whopping 0.204%. Coincidence? Discuss. Last Roll An ok bot, clearly made with a RNG. It looks funny though, so I'm happy with that.
  2. 1st: Gen 5, Design 13, Starstalker 2nd: Gen 3, Design 9, Breaking Point 3rd: Gen 2, Design 4, Deep Sea Fish
  3. 1st: Design 12, Starstalker 2nd: Design 4, Signs UNAC 3rd: Design 3, Pure-Pure
  4. 1st: Design 6, Barebones 2nd: Design 1, Cassowary 3rd: Design 2, USS Revenge
  5. 1st: Design 9, Breaking Point 2nd: Design 5, Botermelon 3rd: Design 2, Funfetti
  6. 1st: Design 4, Deep Sea Fish 2nd: Design 13, Ranger 3rd: Design 9, Riposte
  7. 1st: Design 3, Crab 2nd: Design 1, Brigadier 3rd: Design 5, Reconciliator
  8. I sometimes make an egg sandwich that's pretty tasty. Ham steam 2 eggs (yolks broken) Pepper jack cheese Miracle whip or butter Salt and pepper Whatever bread I can find (sometimes rolls or a cinnamon raisin English muffin)
  9. [#CJOIN-4] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator.
  10. I just got onto chat with no problems, hopefully it works for the rest of you as well.
  11. 1st: 5th generation, Design 3, Rainia Undine 2nd: 4th generation, Design 8, Tutankhamun 3rd: 1st generation, Design 11, FOG X
  12. 1st: Design 3, Rainia Undine 2nd: Design 1, Hectate 3rd: Design 13, Viper
  13. 1st: Design 8, Tutankhuman 2nd: Design 1, Irezumi 3rd: Design 5, Sau'RaPyleen
  14. 1st: Design 8, Executive 2nd: Design 7, Froggy-Fatlegs the Commando Ninja 3rd: Design 5, USS Revenge
  15. 1st: Design 11, FOG X 2nd: Design 15, Chief 3rd: Design 4, Rich Ryder
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