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  1. MOB SPEC MED BIPED HEAD: Roland HD41 CORE: Surt CR114 ARMS: Ilmenau AM28 LEGS: ULG-09/A FCS: KV-1T2/Otkryt GENERATOR: UNG-70 Ho VITAL BOOSTER: KT-5R2/Burya RECON UNIT: STK-16 R ARM UNIT: USG-11 Elmira L ARM UNIT: Lampourde RF23 SHOULDER UNIT: SBC-9 Tsukuyomi R BAY UNIT: KO-2H6/Strekoza L BAY UNIT: Arachide EG13 For long range purposes I'll switch out the Lampourde or the Elmira for a Seidenbaum, and the Strekoza for a Lotus and replace the Ortkryt with a LR FCS. I may drop the Arachide or Lampourde mostly to reduce drain. I prefer the Elmira to the other shotguns because of the overall feel of the weapon and it's rapid fire ability. Plus it just looks better than the other shotties in my opinion. I haven't seen anyone use the ULG-09/A which is the lightest of the MID BIPED legs. I kept jumping between the legs and always came back to the ULG-09/A. Overrall it's pretty hard to pilot like it's constantly going to stall and fall directly to the ground so I just developed the attitude of letting it fly the way it wants to fly.
  2. Mom


    http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c104/twisted_metal_2/vlcsnap-2012-03-24-15h01m00s68.png http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c104/twisted_metal_2/vlcsnap-2012-03-24-15h02m21s157.png Pretty obvious what I'm going for with it. Give me suggestions if there's better alternatives.
  3. AC Name: Daybreak Mk8 Role: Light Mid interference Frame: Head: Raiko Core: UCR-10A Arms: Ilmenau AM28 Legs: Rainer Internals: Booster: Burya Generator: HO-Vital FCS: Glance Recon Unit: URD-36/ER Weapon Systems: LA: Lampourde RA: Lampourde LB: Arachide RB: Svetlyak Shoulder: UFR-23 Asansol Design: I like to use this when not piloting my tank or in merc stuff. Its versatile enough to take on an offensive opponent and still survive to do the rest of its job. Doesn't excel at all at 1v2's but can manage that if taken carefully thanks largely to the flash rockets and terrain. Smart decisions depict how this thing comes together. Of little use on CE weak targets but it tends to destroy a great deal of the others if played to its strengths. Flaws: Lack of CE weaponry that is accurate on mobile targets is a big downfall, was previously covered by my team. Weak against stun from missiles when not equipped with a different shoulder unit. Use: Spearhead the offensive only to flash rocket them and leave the scene while moving to whatever objective there is. Evasive mid is the best desription but its also suited to fight. Rainer have the highest kick power for mid legs negating the use of any blade or pile. Reason for bothering to post: Teams mostly dead and don't have to keep my designs to myself anymore. Critique as you like.
  4. frame : RAIKO | DAZHBOG | ILMENAU | ULG-09/A internal : OTKRYT | Ho VITAL | UBT-25/H | 36/ER armament : ARACHIDE (power spec) | ARACHIDE (power spec) shoulder : MATHURA OW : - hanger : USG-11/H (power spec) | USACHYEI (power spec) - MW biped frame. - close combat. - based on HEAVEN's RAY in LR. - didn't check about overweight yet. - also didn't test it yet. what d'ya think?
  5. Taurus


    frame : FUXI | AGNI | ILMENAU | ULG-20/L internal : GLANCE | Ho VITAL | BURYA | 36/ER armament : ZINNIA (power spec) | UPG-27/E (accuracy spec) shoulder : FENUGREC OW : - hanger : ULB-13/H (power) | ULB-13/H (power) - LW biped frame. - close-quarter combat. - drop plasma shot like a pigeon drop shit out. - ZINNIA for stun people. - both laser blade made this thing looks like pigeon more. (especially while blading) what d'ya think?
  6. Head - Fuxi Core - UCR-10/A Arms - Animas Legs - ULG-21 FCS - Yasakani Generator - LW Booster - Defang Recon - EA Arm unit R - ULR-09/R Arm unit L - Lotus Shoulder - Dimapurs Bay unit R - USG-11/H Bay unit L - Oxeye Weapon stats ULR-09/R(Accuracy non spec) - 1968 atk 27 Reload 54 Base lock 1034 MV 10,500 En consumption Lotus(Spec'd for RF) - 1402 atk 53 Reload 71 Base lock 527 MV USG-11/H(Spec'd for Power) - 866 atk 1494 Impact 149 Reload 52 Base lock 346 MV Oxeye(Spec'd for power) - 1516 atk 1553 Impact 114 Reload 83 Base lock 830 MV Midweight frame meant for mid to close range combat. ULR laser rifle takes care of anything with no TE as well as it can keep up with Snipers. Lotus takes care of midweights without CE as well as lightweights. USG/Oxeye combo for stagger effects for both weapons if needed as well as both of comboing each other along with Dimas. Laser rifle also takes cares of Quad users.
  7. frame : SIEGFRIED | JOTUN | ELBE | BARGUZIN internal : GLANCE | Ho VITAL | UBT-25/H| UDR-36/ER armament : STREKOZA (power spec) | UBR-05/R (power spec) shoulder : DHANBAD OW : - hanger : ARACHIDE (power spec) | KO-3K2 (power spec) - HW biped frame. - short range combat. - also called TYPE-TAURUS. - the key is hiding the STREK's shot under a bunch of 05/R shots. - still had no idea about bay weapons setup, PMG and shot gun are just my quick-pick. (maybe tried for ULR-09/R with power spec or KARASAWA...I dunno) - since this bot was made for short range and this bot is HW stuff, so I picked 25/H above all boosters. anyway, BURYA will be great if I don't want to hi-boosting that much. - another hanger setup : dual KO-3K2 or dual USG-11/H with power spec tuning. what d'ya think?
  8. Spider Jerusalem > Rationale For starters, this AC is based on my favourite AC that I built way back in Silent Line, so while I'm sure there are lots of 'you could add this or add that' comments to be had (particularly with regards to weapons), I am trying to stick within the confines of a design philosophy held prior. To give some background, the original AC was a quad that simply wielded three weapons: dual shotguns and the GNL grenade launcher. As the series has progressed, it has become easier and easier to arm ACs with multi-purpose weapon systems, and a lot of layouts these days feel a little... obvious (or just variants of one another). That is why I like trying to recreate retro designs. That said, it was obvious that this AC would be using two shotguns. The problem, however, is that not even quads can move around with cannons any more, so I had to find a worthy replacement. I feel that the KARASAWA, while an energy weapon, replicates the destructive force that the GNL delivered in the Silent Line era. Furthermore, it gives the AC some varied firepower against ACs that are well armored against KE weapons. As you will see though, I have also been using the Podenka battle rifle, which is a little more easy-going, albeit nowhere near being a destructive powerhouse. With regards to the shoulder mounts, I have been running three different parts: a sub-computer to give me maximum lock speed in close, an optical chaff, or some stealth missiles (usually running them if I use the Podenka BR). In an online setting, I'm not sure how useful the first two parts are. > Frame Head | Core | Arms | Legs UHD-22-Lancelot | UCR-10/L Agni | KT-4S2/Svir | KT-4N2/Belukha > Internals FCS | Generator | Booster | Recon Unit UFC-11 Glance | Sonne GNE530 | UBT-25/H | n/a > Weapons R Arm Unit | L Arm Unit | Shoulder Unit | R Bay Unit | L Bay Unit KO-3K2 | KO-3K2 | *see above | No equip | LR-81 KARASAWA or KD-2H4/Podenka http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s480x480/385358_10152473800060521_764581115_n.jpg
  9. Taurus


    frame : SEALEYE | JOTUN | AMUR | VISO internal : SEHER | PROCHNYI | BURYA | UDR-36/ER armament : TANSY (power specialized) | TANSY (power specialized) shoulder : DIMAPUR OW : - hanger : USG-11/H (power specialized) | UPL-27/H (accuracy specialized) - fortress tetrapods frame. - mid-close range combat. - idea : force someone get close by dual TANSY+ 3 shots of DIMAPUR, then stun it with shotty and followed by plasma. - not sure is this gonna work or not? at least this frame is superfine for me. - this thing was too slow and high boosting didn't help that much so just hovering around and using high boost only when you have to. edit : you can read it "THE BALLs" if you like. what do you think?
  10. frame : SIEGFRIED | ZEUS | SEVERN | JIUHUA internal : OTKRYT | PROCHNYI | UBT-25/H | UDR-36/EA armament : KARASAWA (accuracy specialized) | KRSW (power) shoulder : FENUGREC AD10 OW : GIGA CANNON hanger : - | - - heavyweight biped frame. - mid-close range combat. - KA~ME~KA~ME~HAAA!!!!! - change one KRSW to KARASAWA if you want. - or change one KARASAWA to KRSW if you want. - for tank version : change legs to ELBRUS and change KRSW to CARRUBA. (8 shots laser cannon, power specialized) - SIEGFRIED just for highest stability choice, change if you want. edit : change legs to JIUHUA for overweight fixed. what do you think?
  11. Taurus


    frame : SEALEYE | JOTUN | SEVERN | TOLIMA internal : GLANCE | Ho VITAL | UBT-25/H | UDR-36/EA armament : KO-3K2 (power specialized) | STREKOZA (power specialized) shoulder : MATHURA OW : - hanger : ARACHIDE (power specialized) | ARACHIDE (power specialized) - heavyweight biped frame. - short range combat. - "KUPREY" is the name of some of bull species. (see google for more detail by yourself :/ ) - still lack for stability and defense but had good enough for movement. - combat 1 : stunned an enemy by shotty first then followed by STREKs. - combat 2 : launching missiles to make an enemy tried to avoid missiles, then make surprise by shotty + STREKs like combat 1. - you can switch to any ARACHIDEs on both bays anytime. what do you think?
  12. Taurus


    I'm just wanna tell you to forget it and see the new one instead. (I know no one remember that old one, so do I =D ) well, here is the new one, take a look, frame : ROLAND | JOTUN | ELBE (or EMS, I don't care) | KT-3N4 internal : GLANCE | Ho VITAL | UBT-25/H | UDR-36/EA armament : TANSY (power specialized) | TANSY (power specialized) shoulder : DIMAPUR OW : - hanger : LOTUS (power specialized) | KRSW (power) - heavyweight biped frame. (yep, borrowed the whole frame from AI's AC : BOUNCER) - mid range combat. - still lack for stability but very useful for defense issue. - DAFENG is ok but not for BURYA, it make me a bit slower reaction movement. - around 1700 for TANSY's KE power, also 1700-1800 for LOTUS, and 3300-3700 for KRSW. - DIMAPUR or HABAS or else? your choice. edit : clean-up for whole topic. what do you think?
  13. I was playing around with some parts yesterday and I came across a pretty versatile build- it has it's problems, but it should be able to overcome them so long as your energy dosen't hit rock bottom mid-escape. Anyway, here they are. Weapons are ever-changing on this build. SAMURAI: UHD-22 Lancelot Wodan CR110 KT-453/Narva ULG-10/A Denali UFC-11 Glance KV-3D3/Prochynl KT-2R3/Dafeng SCT-16/ER KO-2K2/Shershen (Power) Berufkraut SG54 (Rapid Fire) CIWS-10 Haora -- Lapsane LR220 (Rapid Fire) Fave EG13-2 (Power) ------ This is the Samurai. It has a few glaring problems, like it's horrendous defense against CE attacks (I'm not sure it's any better against TE, but CE is noticeably bad) and tendency to run out of energy using the Pulse Machinegun (Fave) while evading attacks. It's pros are that this is a fast AC with high KE defense (Autocannons aren't as bad, for sure.) capable of staying mobile and using energy weapons without completely draining the generator, as long as you don't spray forever. The CIWS is there to help against CE missiles- they can and will ruin your day. This is one of my first builds that isn't based mainly off of the small amount of stats seen in the first view in the garage. Now then, I couldn't make something and not improve it. I present the Nightmare, a close relative with somewhat better CE defense: Siegfried HD33 Ostara CR113 KT-453-2/Narva 2 ULG-10/A Denali UFC-11 Glance KV-303/Prochnyl UBT-2/H SCT-16/ER UBR-05/R (Power) UEM-45/E Davis (Power) UFR-23/R --- URF-15 Jesup (Rapid Fire) KO-3K2 (Rapid Fire) The Nightmare was aimed to fix the problems of it's predecessor, the Samurai. With higher CE defense and even greater stability, the Nightmare retains the versatility of the original while gaining more defense for longer firefights. Again, however, the pulse machinegun cannot be used as a main weapon- yoiur generator will need cooldown time at one point or another. What really names this mech is it's color scheme: Main: 40/40/40 Sub1: 80/80/80 Sub2: 255/0/0 Glow: 255/255/255 The weapons on both ACs change dramatically for any given mission, but the other parts generally remain the same. The exceptions are if one brings a "ready-position" gun, the FCS will probably change to a long-range type.
  14. Taurus


    frame : HD-223 RAIKO | UCR-10/L AGNI | ILMENAU AM28 | ULG-20/L internal : UFC-11 GLANCE | UGN-70/Ho VITAL | TEMPETE BT49 | UDR-36 MENTOR IV armament : PROVO (power specialized) | ULB-13/H (power specialized) shoulder : UCS-17 AMRITSAR OW : - hanger : USG-22/H (power specialized) | TOURNESOL RF22 (power specialized) - LW biped frame. - close range AC. - test type, made for hunting. - first : hand gun (or shot gun) + auto gun for stun an enemy then blade. - second : shot gun + rifle for stun an enemy and circle around. - you can also using SENECI or OXEYE if you don't like PROVO. - if this design overweighted, change gen to HERZ. what do you think?
  15. Just a generic biped designed to have well-rounded defence, leaning towards KE. Performs well against the computer but I have no way of telling how it does against humans BECAUSE THERE IS NOBODY ON THE ****ING EU/XBOX SERVER. Anywho, here it is, arranged so you can go through the parts in the order the game shows them left-right. Weapons R Arm Unit: KO-3K2 (Shotgun, Specialised for Power) L Arm Unit: UPL-09/H Napa (Pulse Gun, Specialised for Power) Shoulder Unit: UHR-65/H (HEAT Rocket) Ultimate Weapon: N/a R Bay Unit: KO-3K2 Strekoza (Battle Rifle, Specialised for Power) L Bay Unit: KO-4H4/Mifeng (H.E.A.T. Pile Driver, Specialised for Power) Frame Head: KT-2G5/Dobrynya (TE-Resistant Type) Core: KT-304/Xiezhi (CE-Resistant Type) Arms: KT-1S5/Volga (TE-Resistant Type) Legs: ULG-11 Rainer (KE-Resistant Type) Internal FCS: UFC-11 Glance (Quick-Lock Type) Generator: UGN-70/Ho Vital (High-Output Type) Booster: UBT-25/H (High-Acceleration Type) Recon Unit: URD-36/EA (Tracking Type) Recent changes in red. Stats Booster: 138 HB: 279 KE Defence: 1,767 CE Defence: 958 TE Defence: 1,025 Total Weight: 7,043 Stability: 1,025 Recoil Resistance: 792 Turning Performance: 733 Energy Recovery: 6,878 Repair Cost: 185,600 AP: 35,017 Total Load: 5,388 Loading Capacity: 5,422 Total EN Consumption: 10,652 Energy Output: 17,530 Colouring All colouring data is in RGB values. All Frame Main: 115, 39, 39 Sub 1: 252, 214, 192 Sub 2: 252, 214, 192 Glow: 255, 100, 0 All Unit Main: 86, 89, 92 Sub 1: 53, 52, 51 Sub 2: 36, 38, 40 Glow: 255, 100, 0
  16. frame : SIEGFRIED HD33 | HERMES CR212 | UAM-10 SEVERN | ULG-20/L internal : UFC-11 GLANCE | UGN-70/Ho VITAL | KT-2R3/DAFENG| - armament : BD-0 MURAKUMO (accuracy specialized) | UHP-07/A (accuracy specialized) shoulder : FENUGREC AD-10 OW : - hanger : KO-4H2 (accuracy specialized) | LB-66 MOONLIGHT (power specialized) - LW biped frame. - blader AC. - for PvP match without boost charging. - test type. (that means I didn't test this bot yet) - if you have somethings better than what I did, tell me. (and I'll get your info to thinking and testing) what do you think?
  17. Taurus


    frame : ROLAND HD41 | JOTUN CR113-2 | UAM-10 SEVERN | ULG-92 VINDHYA internal : UFC-10 | KV-3D3/PROCHNYI | - | UDR-36/ER armament : PETASITES HW33 (rapid fire specialized) | PETASITES HW33 (rapid fire specialized) shoulder : FENUGREC AC10 OW : - hanger : - | - - tank frame. - mid range AC. (firing from higher ground is the best way) - for legs, KE blast of howitzer that gonna hert you if you're spam them too short or while under fire from the one (or many enemies) who using gatling gun or auto cannon, ULG-93/A if you need more defense and ULG93/D for more stability. (I'd choose VINDHYA for a bit better mobility) - for howitzer, I'd tuned to rapid fire specialized for quicker reload, anyway, the attack power was still around 7600-8500 and that's still too much for me. - if you don't care about defense, go for this frame : RUGERRO HD35 | WODAN CR110 | GIRONDE AM107 | KT-1N2/ ELBRUS (with this, you'll lose your plus 70% ammo and defense but you'll got highest charge attack power and mobility instead) what do you think?
  18. KDanji


    http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa315/Kagedanji/2012-06-27_18-34-05_844.jpg I want to make that famous classic anime super robot that spams all the beams and kicks all the aliens. But I don't know what parts would be appropriate for this bot recreation. This is literally the sole reason I've picked AC5 back up, and it's been a long while, so I've forgotten what's good in bot building. Even when I did know anything, I was still just a middle-biped dual gatling nogooder. No weapons/fcs or gen/booster decided yet for this new bot, obviously. If you have fond memories of Gunbuster or just like to build good TE-damage dealing ACs, suggest me some parts. If you think there are more visually accurate frame parts for Gunbuster than what I've chosen, or if I happened to choose some really bad/unorthadox ones that need to be replaced, do tell. Perhaps legs with a stronger charge attack rating to better emulate Gunbuster's Inazuma Kick. Anything that makes this design any closer to the robot it's designed after. http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa315/Kagedanji/2012-06-27_18-26-16_247.jpg So if you don't know much about Gunbuster and what weapon makes a good Buster Beam, I'm just looking to make a good TE-damage dealing bot, one also capable of good energy management of course. KE/CE missiles are acceptable. Please and thank you. Inspirational bot building music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0BqKGnDR0M Feel those nostalgia chills.
  19. Taurus


    frame : HD-223 RAIKO | UCR-10/A | UAM-23/I | ULG-21 internal : UFC-11/GLANCE | KV-3D3/PROCHNYI | UBT-25/H | UDR-36/ER armament : UBR-05/R (rapid fire specialized) | ARACHIDE EG13 (power or power specialized) shoulder : UCS-17/H OW : - hanger : - | - - middleweight biped frame. - test-type close-mid range AC. - didn't test it yet. edit : just forget the old stuffs and see something new. what do you think?
  20. Totally ripped off from Barilzar of Mechaverse's Tombstalker, this is now a sniper again. I mostly did this because I thought the frame looked damn sexy and/or scary and I wanted to tap in on that awesome. So here it is. The ripoff. I call her... Relic. FRAME Head: Roland HD41 Core: Ostara CR113 Arms: Ilmenau AM28 Legs: Ortigara LG664 INTERNAL FCS: UFC-11 Glance Generator: UGN-70/Ho Vital Booster: BT-21 Shinatsu Recon: URD-36/ER WEAPONS R Arm Unit: Erbsen SC62 (Sniper Cannon, Specialised for Power) L Arm Unit: KO-2H6 Strekoza (Battle Rifle, Specialised for Power) Shoulder Unit: UCS-17/H (Auto-Attack Gun) R Bay Unit: KO-3K2 (Shotgun, Specialised for Power) L Bay Unit: Aulnee LR230 (Laser Rifle, Specialised for Power) I literally just slammed this together after I realised that I loved Barilzar's Tombstalker. Enjoy, please leave crit, don't be too harsh I know it probably sucks. Whenever changes happen they will be in red.
  21. Head: UHD-Arthur Core: UCR-10-A Arms: Seine AM006 Legs: LLG-21 FCS: KV-112/Ockryt Generator: KV-303 Prochnyi Booster: BT-21 Shinatsu Recon: STK-16 Okitsu R ARM: KO-5K3/Lycaenid L ARM: ST-04/H Shoulder: Fenugrec AC-10 ULTIMATE WEAPON: Grind Blade This is an alteration of my "Excaliber MK3" design, meant to be used as support in team battles, rather than as a standalone unit. It's great when delivering KE damage, due to the sentry gun and chaingun, and it has a good boosting system for when it needs to ram. However, the primary function is based around the Grind Blade, using it to kill key installations or just taking down a tough AC.
  22. frame : UHD-13/GALAHAD | WODAN CR110 | KT-1S4/ILKUT | KT-1N2/ELBRUS internal : UFC-11/GLANCE | UGN-70/Ho VITAL | - | UDR-36/ER armament : ARACHIDE EG13 (power specialized) | CALEBASSE AC109 (power specialized) shoulder : UEA-04/IZANAMI OW : - hanger : UBR-05/R (rapid fire specialized) | DISTEL GG22 (power specialized) - tank frame. - light tank and lowering total EN drain down ASAP for pulse machine gun. also light enough for close combat. - for generator, switch to PROCHNYI or Ho VITAL if you like. - power of ARACHIDE is around 750-760 without IZANAMI. with power like that, it can fight with biped (light and middle class), RJ, HRJ, tetrapod. edit : change gen to Ho VITAL for faster output. what do you think?
  23. frame : ROLAND HD41 | JOTUN CR113-2 | ELBE AM28-2 | ULG-93/A internal : PREDIRE FCS190 | KV-3D3/PROCHINYI | - | UDR-36/ER armament : EUONYMUS CN23-2 (power specialized) | EUONYMUS CN23-2 (power specialized) shoulder : USC01-DHANBAD OW : - hanger : SEIDENBAUM SR13 (power specialized) | SEIDENBAUM SR13 (power specialized) - tank frame. - long range combat with around 2k for KE and CE for defense. (while TE is about 3k or 4k I think) - best set-up for quickest lock-on support. - you can change one of cannon to other gun. - legs can change to ELBRUS or VINDHYA if you want. - KE attack power of both cannons is around 4000-4100. - KE attack power of both sniper rifles is around 3300-3400. edit : 2nd developed, cannons changed and added both snipers on hanger slots. what do you think?
  24. Citomors


    Hey new to the forum old ac universe fan. I want to build a competitive Reverse heavy. Mid to close range. well anyway here He is External Head: Cromeye Core: Jotun CR113-2 Legs: Guadalupe LG18 Arms: Ems AM28-s2 Internal Fcs: Glance Ufc-11 Geni: Ho Vital Booster: Tempete Recon : STk-16 El Hetsu Weapons Shoulder: UCS-17 Autofire gun Bay L: Lotus (Rapid Fire) Bay R: Lotus (Rapid Fire) Arm L: Usg-23/h (power Spec) Arm R: Usg-23/h (power spec) ke def: 1623 ce def: 3018 te def: 599 turning pref :463 en recov: 5408 Trying to dish out as much damage and it can take and be a formidable Mid-close fighter. Any help will be much appreciated
  25. As most of you can probably see, this is my first time posting here. I've done a little lurking to spot what setups seem to be successful (aside from dual gats, I hate that crap). I've been playing around with things since I bought the game a few days ago. I'm finished with the story, a good chunk of the order missions, my team level is 120ish while me and my partner have mild PvP experience. Pardon any minor mistakes in part names, as this is a low-definition T.V., which makes it harder to read. Here's my build thus far: External: Head: UMD-10 Tristan Core: Ostera CR113 Arms: Saone A1/106S Legs: Jorasses LG104 Internal: FCS: KV-1T2/Orkryt (Was previously the Glance, but I figured that the subcomputer would make up for the drop in lock speed.) Generator: KV-303/Prochinyi Booster: Tempate 8749 Armaments: R Arm: Lotus BR429 (Previously a Tournesol RF22 with firing rate upgrade. Swapped for more CE balance) (Battle Rifle) L Arm: Seidenbaum SR13 (Previously a Cycad, swapped out for more overall power and range) (Sniper Rifle) R Bay: KO-3K2 (Shotgun) L Bay: KO-375/Malhaon (Pulse Gun) Shoulders: SBC-9 Tsukuyomi (Subcomputer) Extra: Recoil Resist: 677 Turn Performance: 767 Stability: 997 KE Def: 2500ish CE Def: Can't really tell. Looks to be around 600, but this T.V. sucks with small text and numbers TE Def: As far as I can tell, very very low. Still can't read it. ~ ~ ~ I'd love to get some input on this. I'm new to the game, so I've been doing a LOT of experimenting (I went so far as running dual KO-3K2's for high-level invasion missions. Those things wrecked turrets) but this one seems to suit me better for PvP. I set this up so that I'm a threat at both medium and close range, but I traded a lot of AP for parts that give me a high KE defense and nice turn speed. I'm particularly interested in hearing about boosters and generators. What seems to do me best is low-consumption boosters with high-output generators, but I don't feel like they have enough umph behind them. That said, the stronger boosters feel extremely slow when I'm in a twitch-or-die situation. I've tried high-accel boosters as well... Those are nice, but my EN management is shitty as a pilot, so I constantly find myself low on EN when I'm about to become Swiss cheese. Thoughts? Comments? Improvements? I'm open to anything.
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