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AC1 - Beating the Moonbase Mission with a Tank

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 11:00 AM

How to Defeat "Destroy Base Generator" Mission with a Caterpillar, by Geist X.

Destroy Base Generator - 48,000 C

Requester: Chrome
Advance Payment/Reward: 20,000 C
Reward for Successful Mission: 28,000 C

"Head for lunar base "Roa". Roa has been unmanned and abanonded for a long
time, but Murakumo has already dispatched forces intending to revive the
base facilities. There are now no other usable lunar bases, so Roa is
effectively in control of the entire Moon. But a full frontal attack would
deal a severe blow to the base itself. So this is our request. We want you
to infiltrate the base alone and destroy the generator. Our main force will
then retake the base in the confusion. Do not bother unnecessarily with
enemies, but remaining ACs will be troublesome in the future, so try to
destroy them all on sight. We will reward you for each additional kill. The
Murakumo are scheming to use the moon as a base for a terrible plot. The full
story is unclear, but desperate men will stop at nothing. This is a very
dangerous job, but we have faith that you can do it. We are counting on you,

Territory of Military Operation: Moon base "Roa"
Enemy Strength: Unknown.
Conditions for Successful Mission: Destruction of generator.

This is that mission where after you destroy the generator, a timer appears and it gives you 2 minutes to escape. Most people don't have any problem beating this mission, because they just use Humanoid, Quads, or Reverse Joint ACs, so they don't have any problems.

However, the Die Hard Tank/Tread/Caterpillar users pretty much hate this mission, because it's seemingly impossible for all but the LC-HTP-AAA to beat this mission before the time runs out.

Fear not though, for I've beaten every single mission in this game with a Caterpillar, and this one can be beaten just the same. As usual, Tank ACs have to be a lot more clever than other ACs in order to win.

From the point you enter the mission you take several elevators. The mission starts talking a very long elevator downwards. What you want to do is look out for are the elevators that you have to take to get UPWARDS. Remember this is going TO the generator, not coming back from it.

Anytime you take an elevator upwards, you want to press the button to send it downwards and quickly move off of the elevator. There's one relatively small elevator earlier on, and there's a very large one before you get to the generator. Make sure that after you get to the top you send these two elevators back down.


ACs drop to the ground in freefall much faster than the elevators descend. This isn't a problem for the other ACs who move fast enough on the ground, however Tanks aren't fast enough to make up the difference. Anytime a tank tries to descend on the elevators they fail the mission.

If the elevators are already on the bottom your Tank AC can just drop to the bottom. This saves a LOT of time. This will give you the extra time you need to escape. Also remember than Tank ACs move faster with short boosts off the ground than they do by simply rolling forward, so it's a good idea to boost as much as you after you destroy the generator.

Thanks for reading.

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