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Dark Souls


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Me too! The problem isn't that the DLC only adds a few hours to the game, its that it makes you want to play the game again. I can't go down the road again.


I'm gonna have to try and resist. Somehow.


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The DLC is coming out on the PS3 and 360 for $15. The re-release, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, is coming out on the PC and PS3 for $60. The 360 is getting the DLC, but not the re-release.


Also, there seems to be a new Dark Magic type attacks. I wonder if it scales with Faith, Intelligence, Humanity, or something entirely different. But it seems to use a catalyst.



I should probably do box glitch on all my files too in case they patch that.


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Allrighty, time for another round of allocating stats!!!


The question right now is to pump faith or dexterity.


Rings are DWGR and RoFaP


Gear is Steel Helm, Hollow Warrior Armor, and Black Iron Gauntlets/Leggings.


Spells are: Force, WotG, DMB, Gravelord Greatsword Dance (GGD), Great Lightning Spear (GLS)


Stats: 40/19/36/16/27/11/8/50


Right now I'm not sure if it would be best to drop points from Faith and put them into Dex, or if I want to consider a different stat allocation altogether.


I favor the silver knight weapons, but I'm still open to most weapon types. I am still trying to find a weapon setup that fits me well. The three main ones I have tried are:


Rhand: Silver Knight Sword/Darkmoon Talisman

Lhand: Crest Shield/Darkmoon Talisman


Goal: Lhand talisman for DMB, Rhand talisman for casting offensive miracles, letting me still use a shield and switching between sword and talisman to mix things up a bit.



Rhand: Silver Knight Sword/Silver Knight Spear

Lhand: Crest Shield/Darkmoon Talisman


Goal: Switch between poking with a spear and getting aggressive with the sword. I tend to two hand my main weapon while offhanding my talisman, then when I stagger my opponent or see an opening I'll hit them with either GGD or GLS.



Rhand: Silver Knight Sword/Avelyn

Lhand: Crest Shield/Darkmoon Talisman


Goal: Poke them from afar with the Avelyn, get in close with the sword. I like the Avelyn over other bows due to it's fairly fast to pull out and shoot, the bows take a few extra moments to get ready, which I have yet to really get comfortable with.


Any suggestions welcome!

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If your plan is to keep with silver knight straight sword and spear you should go bandit/cleric SL 125 40/12/40/16/40/-/-/40 @ dmb and wrath. That's the most basic and stable way to do it anyways. There's lots of little changes you can make once you've got a really good feel of how you like to play and stuff.


Force is good but you don't need it at all for how you're most likely to be playing the two weapons, or hell, even just one of them, and besides dmb is fun times and wog is the best spell in the game anyways.


glgsd is trash and you're probably not going to get much out of gls in 1v1 fights anyways, especially without 45 dex.


sk spear zones better than force could ever hope to, and sk straight sword doesn't benefit from setup with force anyways.


Use grass crest shield.


idk what your poise is at but 53 is the magic number you want to be at.


I got nothing else off the top of my head, it's been like 3-4 months since I played this game sorry

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Yeah I used the shadow gear to stave off the poison and such but I wanted to go up through the valley of drakes side to buy some more poison moss. Then I ran into the freak'n nest of poison dart shooters and got all macho and tried to tough it out. Should'a just turned back. Edited by Ogawa Lou
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Getting better with parrying at least. Got my revenge on those dart shooters and Blight town is more fun. Now to get passed Quelaag and now I realize I made some minor errors again but fuck it. So what if I have a +6 Broadsword.







Worth it.

Edited by Ogawa Lou
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