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Conspiracy Theories


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I have just came upon startling information that might shake the very foundation of armored core history!


this is Hustler One the pilot of NineBall you might also know him as



Duke Nukem Forever was never canceled!

it has really been the Armored Core series this entire time O.O


oh and armored core 5 will be chibi!



Repent, Repent I say! for the end is nigh!!

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I knew Hustler One was a human pilot at one point, but what always confused me is that a combat, sort of Controller-esque A.I. shared his namesake. And the fact that his AC was mass-produced (MoA, Lost Field anybody?). I theorize he underwent H+ procedures and then was possibly digitalized, like his brainwaves were captured and an A.I. was patterned off of them, with some other directives besides, "KILL ALL HUMANS" overlaid.


Or maybe Hustler One was an A.I. all along and the human body was an android used as a ruse. Anyways, AC would've been better if H1 said, "I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck!" instead of, "Target verified, commencing hostilities."


Lol, and "BALLS OF STEEL."

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Oh, ya. That pic of Hustler One ended up not really being canon iirc. They released a databook afterwards that explained. It made more sense (sorta) about the whole 9ball and H-1 AI. The Valkyrie from that first databook with the Hustler One pic was hot though. Girls with glasses ftw.


Even as far back as AC1, you find out Nineball and it's pilot were not human. There were like 3 of them in the last area. 1 in the first column, 2 in the second.

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