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Looney idea.

Argroh Valdios

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Not with a key board AND mouse. Only keyboard. I played with a set up that was a bit useful.


W=Triangle 8= Up Q = L1 V=Start

A=Square 4=Left E = R1 B=Select

S= Circle 5= Down 7= L2

Space= X 6= right 9 = R2


I found it pretty useful like that. Of course it takes a lot of practice to adjust to the keyboard, but once you get situated its really not all that bad.


Also with netplay you can play old Psone split screen with a buddy. Only problem is some kinks are annoying to get past and I don't even know if you can find the plug-in anymore. I did this once in weeee.... I'll guess 2005. With Hamachi, ePsxe, and Jet Moto 2. It works great if you gave a good connection and same plug-in setup. Just can't do stuff willy nilly or you'll de-sync it.


Keep in mind the games I emulate are ones I own. I emulate for the sake of capturing video.


Enough about that off topic rant, but yeah. Armored core 1, minefield, best days ever.

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