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This mech is my standard mech of choice for serious play. It has great firepower, speed, and decent defenses in KE and CE. It's role in combat is that of a mid-range fighter. It is agile and fast enough to keep advancing mechs off you, as well as keep up with speedy little mechs trying to get behind you. While it can maintain its agility for a decent amount of time, it does need to back off from combat every so often to regenerate its energy.


Head: Beowulf HD103

Core: UCR-10/A

Arms: Seine AM106

Legs: KT-2N2/Wutain

FCS: UFC-11 Glance

Generator: Sonne GNE530

Booster: KT-5R2/Burya

Recon Unit: URD-36/ER


R Arm: KO-2H6/Strekoza

L Arm: KO-2H6/Strekoza

Shoulder: UFR-23 Asanol (Flash Rocket)

R Bay: USG-23/H

L Bay: USG-23/H


Booster: 171

High Boost: 346

KE: 1514

CE: 1902

TE: 306


While the weapon choice is cliche, its a cliche that works. One or the other will chew through certain enemies, and knowing what to use on who is vital. Flash rockets, despite how "broken" they are, get the job done in terms of battlefield control. Weaknesses of the mech would have to be its low turning speed and low TE resistance, but normally you should be able to keep out of the range of plasma machine guns rather easily and while you bob and weave pulse and laser guns should have a hard time tracking you.

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