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Requesting help designing Bipedal-M unit(name undecided)


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I'm currently trying to build a all purpose mech that can deal damage and take it to while being able to adapt to any situation.


Here's what I'm running so far.


Dual Usg-23/H Gatling guns.

A Pueraria HSM202 High-speed missile

No ult weapon

KT-2G3/IIya head

Zeus CR210 core

KT-1s5/Volga 2 arms

The Cinto LG104-2 legs

The FCS-07/Lr Uzume fire control system

The UGN-70/Ho Vital Generator

The KT-5r2/Burya

And the D/STK-16 recon unit


I just started yesterday even though I preordered and got the heavy assault pack


But I think I did good with what I have still I don't have the defense to compliment the firepower i have any suggestions people?


I really do want the ideal mech

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