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New to the game and need some help.


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Ok well I just got this game and I will say that I love it however there are a few things that still confuse me and now especially since nothing is explained greatly in the game.


any help on any of these questions is very much appreciated and if you cannot answer thanks for looking at least :(


First off - I have been looking online (prolly not hard enough) and I can't find any guides or help for the game lol


Does the KE,TE,CE just mean the types of weapons?


- This could be dumb but how do you get the scrap weapons in missions? I found one once and I went over to it and I just bumped into it and nothing happened. I tried hitting a few buttons but I did nothing xD am I just doing something wrong lol


- Is it a pulse rifle that fires red/yellow shots? I played in a match and some guy had super fast shots that killed me in about 3 seconds. Now I will admit I was in a crappy mech but im still trying to get the hang of all the weapons again :D


- What attributes are required to have the energy guage fill faster and allow me to move fast and fly longer? I always like Light builds with fast weapons or blades but it seems like whatever I build in multiplayer I get my butt kicked. hard. haha.


Lastly, is there any other tuning of your machine other than the parts and weapons like the last game? or did they reduce that to make it a bit easier?



Thanks a bunch! sorry im such a n00b haha

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There's a search bar for a reason, so use it. But since I'm here I'll answer. In game just to let you know the select/back button is your friend.


-It tells you the type of damage the weapon uses. Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, and Chemical Energy.

-Scrap parts unlock affinity weapons. Here's a link to where they all are: http://www.xbox360ac...ad.php?t=362629

-No it's a Laser rifle. Pulse weapons shot blue shots, except Karasawa is they only Laser weapon that shoots blue shots.

-Energy Output. Again hitting the select/back button while you build your AC will give you all the decriptions you need.

-The affinity weapons are basically tuned weapons. Here's another link: http://armoredcoreun...rmance-weapons/

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hi I'm new to the game as well. i searched about this on the forum but i couldn't find it i might just be not looking hard enough but how come some parts that i buy are not showing up so i can use it? i bought a sniper rifle and a shotgun and new legs but none of the items show up in my assembly menu.


EDIT: nvm i found out you have to switch categories before selecting type of weapons and whatnot. thats sorta nifty for organizing i dont remember that from the previous ones.

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