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Looking for People for Diablo 1,2 & 3


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Like the title says I'm looking for people to go from Diablo 1 all the way to Diablo 3.


I'll be recording these video's to post on my youtube. All I ask is that you have a mic and a chat program of some sort.


I'm looking for a max party of 4 people. I already have 2 counting myself. In Diablo 2 I might do a 8 player 4v4 PvP. But the main four I'm looking to drag through all the games with me. And all diffculties of course.


If your interested let me know.


No hacks, Faggots.

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I'll probably be interested. I will end up running the clicker thing for D1 so i don't have to spam left click all day. I recommend everyone else go find it as well.
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Alrighty, LCC. Whats your schedule like?


I'm pretty busy most days because of my night job, but on my days off I'm flexible. Which my days off are Monday and Tuesday as of late.


Work days I'm only available from 7-10 or 12. When I'm up during the evenings it's mostly spent with my family.

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Being unemployed right now pretty much leaves me open to anything except thursdays unless it's later at night. The next 2 weekends I'm busy but after that I'm good.
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