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Drac's ACDC: 1-MOA Division

Queen Drac Wraith

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1st Place: #9


I've seen a lot of tanks in the AC series through the years, and I think this one is the best tank I've ever seen. Its low and wide profile makes it look like a ground-hugging caterpillar type bot that's not playing around, and those weapon arms are the best fit I've ever seen for a tank-- they're both super rugged and very destructive looking. The back cannons are aesthetically run-of-the-mill standard for a tank, but fit perfectly regardless. The paint is amazing to me, it makes the whole thing look like one giant monolithic fortress, ready to shrug off any beating it takes. Now that I keep staring at the front view picture, I see a demonic face in the core, with two yellow eyes on top and a bunch of teeth.


2nd Place: #6


I just love the stiff stance and the angle of the picture for this bot, it's as if I'm looking up at a stalwart machine of destruction-- one that never falters under pressure. I get a big-o vibe or even a house butler vibe by looking at its stance, because it's just so comically stiff and towering looking-- as if it's standing upright with arms out holding a tray and asking me 'your champagne, sir?' in a thick british accent. The paint job might be the strongest in the entire moa section for me. It doesn't exactly contribute to an idea as well as #9, but the balance of color throughout the entire frame, as well as the colors themselves are very pleasing, while being fresh. I don't think I've seen too many usages of that that type of grayish purple and then the heavier purple.


3rd Place: #1


This was a tough one for me, because there were so many good bots to choose from, but I ultimately ended at #1. It just exemplifies the pp-moa era for me. Whenever I think of these games, the first thing that pops up in my mind was the trademark astronaut suit-looking overly bulbous frame that #1 uses. Only thing missing is the bulbous scuba-diving head, but this head is just as hilarious. While 1st and 2nd place got my vote for their themes and paint, it's the sentimental and comical values that got me infatuated with this bot. The paint job isn't anything to write home about, nor is the creativity, but the bot as a whole demands attention with its aesthetics and humor.



Honorary Mentions: #3, #5, #10 (in no particular order)


Any one of these could have easily been 3rd place, just showing how strong this division was. Without a doubt I think the moa division is the strongest of the entire contest, which is ironic considering the ways and timing in which it was conceived. It just goes to show the awesome nature of moa's parts and paint system. #5 is easily the loudest bot of the bunch, with a super flamboyant paint job, and that fantastically comical head. The arm weapons lose a little bit of their value when they're part of a drastically saturated whole. #3 has a very fantastic paint-job, maybe top 3 paints of the division, but it at the same time doesn't have any one extremely strong aspect to win me over like the top 3 placers do. #10 has a great name and great paint job, matching well with the weapons, and giving it a very classical look, but at the same time might be too safe for my tastes. However, that personal bias aside there's nothing aesthetically wrong about this bot at all, it's one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

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neilbus kerman

THIS ROBIT IS PREPARED TO GO TO OUTER SPACE. great astronaut frame and color aesthetic to it. normally i wouldnt consider voting for a bot without weapons but this would be an exception. my biggest gripe with it is that the head couldve added some much-needed contrast with either a orange or green face to represent KSP helmet


sailor bunny

it looks like it wants to punch something in the face and i can dig that. i think that either the core or the arms couldve been changed to complement the blockiness of the legs, though i do think the legs add a nice level of variety to an otherwise predictable HW design.


the drac

i really admire acs that dont try to look like acs and the head/arm combo on the quad do just that. asymmetrical back units also help it avoid design aesthetic cliches and add a rougher, more realistic aesthetic. the blue to contrast with the drab colors is a bold move and while it doesnt float my boat i can definitely appreciate and admire the decision.



finger is such an appropriate fit for the ac's name. i think that something should have been done with the paint to make the back units look less alien to the ac, or perhaps a change in the back units. iunno im just not really feelin the back units on this ac. the arms also contrast with the legs too much, even if they fit well with the core and head choices.


candy corn

beautiful 10/10 vote for nob this ac



the color on this ac is fantastic and the contrast between the arm and leg colors work fantastically. matching frame parts to the paint schematics of weapons is always awesome, though sometimes it can result in the ac looking too flat. the tan and burgundy definitely keep it alive. the frame also has a strong manly V figure to it, which gives it a dominating appearance without being fat


pool noodle

man those really look like pool noodles. this ac is great because even though its silly, it still looks fantastic because of the paint and part choice. the head is complemented well by the back units and the dark red save it from becoming a glowing red blob.



looks like a frankentank happy meal toy



i feel like this ac would look amazing if it were transplanted into a later generation of the game, with the appearance of a shiny metal exterior and brass metal to complement it. the frame definitely says out loud "i am a tank" and it is indeed a tank. however, i think i withheld on voting for it because the core choice, since it seems out of place in terms of the head/arms/legs. also, i dont like how the brass looks with the metallic silver wwwwwwwwww


top notch robot

it looks like it was made by an 18yo ac player. great choice on the arm coloring to match the hand weapon, which in turn matches the arm aesthetic very well and adds decent contrast with the blue. the secondary colors on the frame do a good job matching the colors of the back units as well. coupled with the deep blue, this ac looks like it wants to take a swim in the ocean or something. something about the core choice puts me off, but im not so sure what core couldve looked better given what the other parts are. i guess what im tryin to say is, i dont like the ac as a whole, but i like the concepts and aspects behind it.


i voted

1 - 1

2 - 2

3 - 7

though im frequently going to be frequently changing that frequently as i look at the acs more frequently

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1st - Design 6

2nd - Design 1

3rd - Design 5


This division has been far and away the hardest to make a decision on. In truth, I could probably have a few bots tied for top choice, but that's not really an option.


Neilbus Kerman

Near flawless execution of an astronaut, though I am with nob in thinking the head could've been painted a bit differently. That's a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things, as this bot looks to be otherwise flawless in conveying the idea it wants to. More than that, it stands out in its own right. The parts and paint just flat out look good together.


Sailor Bunny

I like the look of the large, imposing frame in combination with the soft, dark colour scheme. The silver portions throughout the top are well placed and look great. The weapon choices fit well, too, with the missile pack doing well in increasing the stature of the bot, while the handgun fits in nicely but doesn't disrupt the frame.


The Drac

I really love that paint job. It's got a fantastic balance of subtle and loud in the colour scheme, and the rigid, detailed parts of the frame show it off extremely well. The weapon choices fit nicely enough. I'm not sure they necessarily add much, but I don't feel they detract anything at all.



Such a great name for a FINGER bot, and what colour should you expect from a chikan finger but a deep fried golden brown. The back parts also give good reason for the name, with those radars looking a bit like [chikan] wings (though it's unfortunate that their colour doesn't match at all). Even the frame itself seems to evoke the sensation of chikan; the upper arms are like a drumstick, the head has a comb, and the legs are, well, chikan legs. I feel it's necessary to borrow (and slightly modify) a line from the manga Shokugeki no Soma: "If it's a CHIKAN like this, I want it to embrace me." Having said all that, I don't feel like that was the best core choice, and I think different RJ legs might have made for a better looking frame.


Candy Corn

No entry in this contest has caused me to be as indecisive as this one. It's so loud and obnoxious that it's almost kind of offensive. Also, candy corn tastes like shit. However, I have an extreme appreciation for the fact that this is a mechanical death machine that immediately brings to mind a tiny, generally harmless sugary...treat. Looking past the colour, I see a frame that I like a lot. I could put this in last as easily I could put it in first.



In trying to decide how I wanted to vote in this division, I couldn't help but look at this AC and feel it would look better with RJ legs. I couldn't figure out why, it just seemed right. Then I realized...this shares some prominent features with PK, the AC2 arena bot (and DC entry). The head and arms are a dead match, as is the way the colour scheme is split to the arms. That's not to say I don't think this design stands on it's own, because it certainly does. The frame has a great atypical look. The paint is also a standout. Even though there's a clear distinction between the legs/core and the weaponry/head, it's all tied together expertly with the details on the arms and the use of gray on the core. The back weapons tie in nicely to the paint, and add a cool look to the back of the bot, as well.


Pool Noodle

Oh, the things that could be done with paint in the earlier games. Most of the frame seems like a big mess, but then the head jumps in and matches perfectly with the back weapons. Every aspect of this bot just has this really weird contrast, and it does a great job of making me laugh.



Cool paint and a very neat compact frame. Really it's kind of like squished grapes, and I don't even know what a frankentank happy meal toy is but I bet they're awesome. The weapon choice is awesome too, 'cuz those rockets hug the arms perfectly and create a really neat look.



This AC kind of gives me the impression of a giant boulder, so I think it's really appropriate that it's a tank. If it starts rolling, you're going to be in for a bad time. The weapon loadout is massive and uncomplicated, just like the frame. The paint contributes a lot to it looking like a rock for me, and yeah, I see a demon face too.


Top Notch Robot

To me, out of all the designs in all the divisions, this is the bot that looks the most like what I think of when I think of an AC, and it looks good doing it. There's fantastic synergy between the frame and the paint, and the weapons are appropriate too. That paint would probably look good on anything, though, as that colour combination is extremely good.

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this category was very hard to judge, so many good designs to choose from


1: Neilbus Kerman

This definitely has the astronaut look to it. This bat doesn't need weapons and if it did it would probably only make the design worse. The head just doesn't look right to me (I don't play KSP so that may be part of it). Overall a solid design with the head not detracting from it too much, but nothing that really sticks out to me. 7/10


2: Sailor Bunny

I love this design. It's rugged, it's tough. The paint is done well and the weapon selection complements the bat well. I'm sure there is something that could be done to make it better, but that is probably only minor touch-ups that I don't know where I'd put them. 10/10


3: The Drac

I like quads and this is a nice looking quad. The colors aren't my first choice and the weapons are nice, but not super duper awesome. They come together to make a solid design that has a name that makes me smile. 8/10



This is a design that has chikan fingers as a weapon, has wing radars, and looks like fried chicken. The frame is solid, but could benefit from a change in legs and core. The back radar color isn't the best, but it still works well for this bat. This design is a great looking design, but the legs and core do prevent it from being what it could be. 8/10


5: Candy Corn

I enjoy eating candy corn and this bat does a good job of looking edible. The frame is nice, but still has a little bit too much of that mechanical look to it, but this probably can't be fixed. It shows most in the head, thought that is probably the best head choice possible. A solid design, but suffers from being a little bit too mechanical to me. 8/10


6: Rainmaker

This design makes clever use of those weapon arms. The frame and paintjob is solid except for the legs. The legs are goo as they are, but aren't the best match for this bat. A change to some LRJ legs and a different head would probably make this design stand out to me. 7/10


7: Pool Noodle

A good design with clever use of weapon arms. The contrast is good, but the parts that aren't that bright red could probably be changed to something that doesn't look as dull. A change in core would probably benefit the design as well. 7/10



This is a really cute design with a weird color choice that works well with the bat. It knows it's not rugged and tough, but it does nothing to hide that. I would totally buy a plush version of this. 9/10


9: Future

This is THE definition of a tank. It's tough, it's rugged. It's big and lets nothing stand in its way. It is out to obliterate any and all competition. It is a simple design, but it works really well. 10/10


10: Top Notch Robot

This is a great design. The detail of the parts is great, the paint job is great, but the weapon selection coul be improved. The back radar works, but isn't what I would consider ideal. The arm weapons work, but the right could be changed, but that could mess up the color coordination with the left arm weapon. 9/10


1st: 2, Sailor Bunny

2nd: 8, SQUISH

3rd: 10, Top Notch Robot

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