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What is your verdict on each AC games?

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You don't have to go through all of them, you can just tell about those you have played.


ACMoA: Easy missions, easy arenas. The EX arenas can be extremely hard but just go to the parking lot stage and it's easy. Blades are easy to use in there, it's a bit homing when airborne, doesn't cancel when you land. The graphics can use a little more resolution or maybe it's impossible for PS1?


ACSL: Hard but rewarding, I thought at first that it's too hard but later on same mission or duel gets easy. I find most weapons hard to hit with even with heavy enemy ACs except the machine gun. It's cool that the light types are best at evasion yet less firepower, while heavies got better offensive yet can't turn as fast make it have some balance. It has the best graphics of all AC games I played, bright and clear.


ACLR: I'm new to it, I find it extremely hard, harder than games like Devil May Cry 3. Its graphic is dark, it reminds me of so King of Fighters games, it's hard to see the objects. The menu gives me an uneasy mood, and music in the menu mode got screeching, it makes my brain feel like twitching.

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ACPP pretty terrible game, lol



AC2 shitty game great graphics

AC2AA even shittier game but way better pvp so HIGHER TIER


AC3 good game, good pvp altho had some issues, w/e



ACNX killed the franchise

ACNB put the dirt on the coffin

ACLR GOD TIER but too late to matter


ACwhateverafterwhocares - garbage





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AC1 Never played it


PP Never played it


MOA Never played it




AC2AA it's alright


AC3 it's good




ACNX it killed the franchise


ACNB horrible




AC4 it killed the franchise that was already killed


ACFA it killed the franchise that was already killed twice


ACV it killed the franchise that was already killed three times


ACVD never played it but AC's been killed 4 times already

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MOA, SL, and LR were the best IMO.


AA and AC3 deserve honorable mention.


Of anything beyond PS2 era I've only played AC4 which had so many problems and was only fun to me if I pretended it was my first AC game because honestly to me it's only AC in name, which pretty much killed it for me. I think I sold it to a pawn shop in the hood when I moved for next to nothing.

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AC1: Never played

ACPP: Never played


ACMoA: My first AC and a very good game, great arena, great parts, I was immediately hooked. I have fond memories of my time with this game. Still remains as a definite favorite for me, MoA still has the best projectiles out of the whole series.


AC2: Bought the PS2 specifically for this game, great and memorable single player (probably my favorite in the series). The game looked good, the gameplay felt slow at first but it was all an exciting experience with the new ps2 console.


ACAA: Good because it fleshed out AC2's parts. I felt singleplayer was lacking though. I actually didn't get around to getting this one till about a little more than a year ago, finally decided it was time to check it out.


AC3: I had this bad boy preordered, Great game, loved the new look, great parts and the single player missions and arena were memorable. Awesome soundtrack.


ACSL: A top favorite out of the series, but it's right there with MoA and LR. Personally I feel SL had the best look and feel out of the whole series, I love where the graphics were at, everything was sleek and polished, AC paint schemes even seemed to turn out the best in this one(and AC3). The way the AC's controlled was very smooth, playing the game just feels good. Good missions and arena as well.


ACNX: Never played


ACNB: Bought this when I was getting back into the series a little before LR was released. It was alright, the engine was new to me as SL was the last one I played, it felt different. I did not care for the single player, overall it did not feel like a complete game.


ACLR: Great game, it felt complete and I couldn't get enough of the part selection at first. Missions felt like the hardest out of the series at times, the arena was okay but it wasnt as colorful as previous games. But the game played so well and I ended up playing the hell out of it, probably more than any other AC. My biggest gripe about the game is the soundtrack.


AC4: Never played, I will admit the flight looked pretty neat.

ACFA: Never played


ACV: My first experience with one of the newfangled next gen AC titles. A rocky release, a game that felt unfinished coupled with troubles regarding getting players together and a lack of support from overseas publisher Bandai Namco. I wasnt really feeling the game for the most part, it felt clunky and maybe too simple. I did not like the defense system, the game was designed around team play yet finding teams to play against was a chore due to the games poor matchmaking and low population. I probably only ever ended up in a total of four pvp conquest battles before I sold my copy.


ACVD: Decided to give From another chance, but this time I bypassed Bamco and went straight for the Japanese version, which was a very good decision. Activity on JP server is plentiful, I can get a conquest match going no problem. ACVD is a major improvement over my experience with V, more parts, better matchmaking, things feel updated and more refined. The games faster than ACV, more energy reserves to play around with, a move that I personally agree with. I am currently spending a good deal of time with this game. Lots of design experimentation, team play opens up opportunity for a good variety of designs.

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AC: Exploding paint chips.


PP: Exploding paint chips.


MoA: Lots of arenas to witness exploding paint chips.


AC2: Fantastic


AA: Lack of story makes it not as fantastic as AC2


AC3: Fantastic


SL: Fantastic pallet swap weapons.


NX: Enjoyed it.


NB: Avoid.


LR: Enjoyed it.


AC4: Disappointing.


FA: Disappointing but with faster robots.


ACV Demo: I couldn't figure out how to do anything.

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Armored Core: Pretty good, but graphically it has aged like milk. It still makes up for it.

Project Phantasma: Loved the new protagonist, enjoyed the new parts. A nice addon.

Master of Arena: Best of the PS1 games. Full fledged arena, dat fight with Nineball Seraph, the part tweaks and new content, overall just made it great.


Armored Core 2: Not too bad now that I go back and replay it. It was my very first one I ever played (with the first three I bought them off of Amazon in 2011.). I loved the ideas it introduced and the new environment of Mars that we got to play on. Also, pretty kickass soundtrack, as par for the course.

Another Age: Another good game. Loved the change of scenery (again) and I found the variety of missions and new parts to be refreshing. Best mission, hands down, was the one in the desert with that big lardass of an MT.

Armored Core 3: another large change to the series, basically refining what AC2 introduced, not to mention a completely makeover of the parts. I consider it a positive change overall, but a little short. Made up for it thanks to the big new extra arena. I loved that. Plus, I can't hate the consort hiring aspect. GOTY material right there.

Silent Line: same as AC3, giving us new content to play around with, AND letting me make an AI AC. That blew my mind the first time I saw it.

Nexus: ehhh, first time I've ever felt lukewarm about the series. weapon balance was off, the heating was a rampant problem, part balance seemed to be really awkward, and the difficulty of the game zipped out of control at times. Not a bad game, as I still treasure it, but it was a real step down from SL. I still consider it fantastic due to the badass music it came with, and the second disk which had a metric butt-ton of content.

Nine Breaker: I can say this is without doubt the worst game in the series. No story whatsoever, and the gameplay is just repeated ad nauseum with those stupid drone tests and combat drills. Parts were also recycled way too much, as you could often have 4-5 clones of the exact same part, with almost no difference in stats. Given the choice I would not play this again. It did have a sweet garage theme, though. And the arena was the biggest in the series, so I won't fault that.

Last Raven: Finally they fix the problems in Nexus, as they rebalanced weapons for the better, removed alot of faulty issues in the part balance, and made difficulty more constant in the storyline. Plus, the branching storyline added alot of replay value. I would consider this game perfect if it wasn't for that laughable sound track. DUBS and WUBS have no place in Armored Core.


Armored Core: Formula Front: HA, as if anyone here ever even played this game.


Armored Core 4: turned the series into Gundam lite. Not exactly bad, but it was such a shock to the series that it almost stopped resembling Armored Core. Thankfully it was still a good game due to the cool new weapons and parts, and the storyline which did have some awesome momets in it (fighting that blader in the factory, Juggernaut, etc). I did have a problem with the insane amount of shiny surfaces they shoved in. Here, this video should explain it.

For Answer: Fixed up a few of the problems of AC4 and gave us a few new concepts. Some I felt were underutilized, like Vanguard Overboost, while others were really awesome, like Assault Armor and Arms Forts. True, alot of the forts were pretty easy once you got the trick down, but the presentation was more than enough to make up for it. I've always wanted to fight massive superweapons on that scale.


Armored Core V: another new concept in the series, bringing the series down from Gundam back to a more grounded robot game. I will say that it had alot of flaws, and the online was confusing and weird. Oh, and I won't shrug off the fact that the story was short. However, I can't hate this game due to two things: the Chief, and the Grind Blade. Those two bits of sexiness were enough to make me ignore the other flaws, for the most part. I would still consider this game lower on my list of favorites.

Verdict Day: Thankfully this fixed alot of problems in the previous game. Not perfect by any standard, but I would gladly dig this up and replay it, even years into the future. The weapon arms are cool, and I see alot of use out of the blades and missiles, so overall pretty good.

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Never played them.



Started iffy since my first copy glitched up on me, making it unplayable. When I got a new copy, it was an enjoyable game. To me, the game had a healthy balance of challenge and has one of the best soundtracks in the game.



The lack of arena didn't sit well with me, but the numerous AC fights throughout the game made up for it. The new parts in the game were okay, but I honestly didn't care for most of them. The missions themselves were decent, but I have one pet peeve....where the flying f*** did Antares come from? Story-wise, he's never mentioned until the briefing of the final mission.



The game that introduced me to the franchise, this game stands as one of my personal favorites. The missions offered a healthy degree of difficulty [my favorite mission is Assault Crest Facility], the soundtrack is excellent, and the arena, in my opinion, offers a hell of a challenge while also providing Ravens I could remotely care about.



Relative to its predecessor, the difficulty was notably increased, not that I opposed it. In fact, I had a blast playing many of the missions in this game. I also liked the arena in this game as it continued to add Ravens I could give a damn about. Overall, it's my favorite Armored Core game and partially determined to have it buried with me.



Decent at best for me. While the game's story kept me intrigued and almost enthralled at some points, I found myself stopping to care about the Ravens. The only Ravens I actually gave a faction of a s*** about were Evangel and Genobee. Mechanics wise, it was a bit difficult getting used to the new controls but I did alright once I got the hang of it.



I couldn't with this game....I just couldn't. While I felt as though I could care about the Ravens again, the complete lack of any story made it virtually impossible for me to care about the game as a whole.



I have a love/hate [mostly hate] relationship with this game. I revere this game for its customization options and...well, that's kinda it. Honestly, here's where I just didn't care about the Ravens in LR. Even with their descriptions, the story's narrative didn't give me any incentive to care about them. I also didn't care for the arena because of the hollow ACs that comprised it [yes, they're all A.I.'s, but so are other characters in the series and you could care about them] and its crazy difficulty roller coaster [was on a pretty steady flow....until No. 2448 came along]. My main pet peeves with this game are its insane mission difficulty spike [one of the first missions has you fight Bolt...] and game mechanics designed by sadists [final Zinaida...].



Never played it.



The new graphics were pretty and the NEXT customization was great in my opinion. I also found myself caring about the characters once again since they were pretty well intertwined with the storyline. The arena's difficulty spike is pretty noticable [your 2nd fight is against Mrs. Theresia], but nothing extremely taxing. Mission wise, I enjoyed most of the missions and I got goosebumps going against the Arms Forts [except Stigro, Eclipse, Land Crab, Giga Base, and Cabracan]. Plus, it was satisfying bringing down the main AFs.



Haven't played enough of it to properly comment. Enjoying it thus far.



Haven't played it yet.

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I've included some timeline events too, for kicks.


AC1 - Awesome as the first customizable mech game that had a feel of grit and newness to it. Insect spider infestations, exploring space stations, finding parts in missions (Moonlight), fighting off other ACs in missions (who can forget when the red AC and the BZ AC made appearances?) often after already being roughed-up (everyone was a noob) and moving up arena ranks before finally encountering Nineball in the final mission! Introduction of Human Plus. First area effect grenade launcher. (blasts were massive and no OB) Very first PvP VS.


PP - Not bad, but not spectacular, basically an expansion pack of 1. Somewhere around here or in MOA figuring out the Moonlight shredded everything in VS.


MOA - Many more useful parts. E-MG, E sniper, E slug gun (anyone remember that insanity? haha), vertical missiles. First full arena, with replays - you can see what the opponent did and copy it. Many arena opponents who kicked ass but were not Plus. (JP players) I still remember that "shotgun" (really "stun gun") and verts light AC I practiced against so much. (ironically I'd forgotten about it, but that weapon combo ended up being my staple) Better VS stages. Huge replay value for VS practice in the arena, and finding gameplay quirks. Lights with Moonlight dominate everything.


California scene starts playing regularly in Sacramento, one of the oldest AC forums/boards with a group that actively plays each other regularly. I'm on there but across the continent. Many new discoveries made regarding parts and game depth, particularly around VS play.


Not sure if LA scene starts here or with AC2 or AA, but pretty close time wise.


AC2 - Introduction of OB. Heavies, tanks, and missiles beefed up exponentially. Extensions and insides added. Accuracy ramped up insanely. Felt much slower pace. Arena for VS practice. Parts a bit limited. Not my fave at the time, but ok.


AA - Better balancing of OB, and movement enabling better dodging. More parts. Much improved VS stages for i-link play. All around, quite well balanced in parts and weapons, although limited selections. Energy shields appear.


Many discoveries made and new tactics developed mainly for human VS. OB jousting, OB runs, OB gliding, Poke of Death, T9 Limit Release, Missile boats, blade-pull pursuit, supertank, superlight, etc.


Joust essentially refuses to play normal ACs and becomes known in the community as AC's mad scientist. Others gain reputations, Sandman for quads, Magus for power heavy RJs, Olliver and his brother (or cousin?) for being ruthless, Watcher for being cool under pressure.


AC3 - Shift to faster movement and mobility, reduced accuracy, less effective missiles, fewer parts, EO cores, and the left howitzer makes blading near obsolete and much more difficult in VS. Fairly solid balance but limited parts. OB jouster tanks and superheavies seem dominant. Fun, but limited selection when designing. At the time I liked it a lot better than AA, but in hindsight I prefer AA's higher weapon accuracy and more effective missiles. VS stages lacking. Heavy guns were crap so heavies have to use small guns - boo.


MOC2 goes down, AA. I attend but am a human VS noob. I go down in the second match but don't care as matches between vets are obviously far beyond my current abilities and cool.


Highlight of MOC2 - Watcher holding his own with Owl (a high-drain light sniper) vs Magus's power-heavy Omega Dragon (R grenade and lots of missiles) in the Trainyard with very little room to maneuver. One mistake and Owl could be finished. The battle goes to the wire. Watcher loses, but the battle leaves us noobs stunned at the skill level and precision - any of us would have been steamrolled in seconds if piloting Owl. (some other players probably had similar levels, it just wasn't so glaringly obvious) We are inspired.


SL - AC3 on steroids. New OB cores have greater range and speed, making weapons even less accurate. Solid EOs and solid shields appear. Left guns dominate. Blading is rendered near-unusable in human VS. Lot of experimentation since there are so many new parts. Human VS scene soured when client lag is discovered, making matches unfair. Breaking weapons introduced and immediately panned as it can decide matches. Superheavies and tank jousters still fairly dominant. At the time, my favorite AC game, despite its flaws. Now I'd want bullet speeds increased and missiles to track better. Better VS stages, though still with room for improvement. Heavy guns still suck, boo.


NX - Return to grit, lower mobility and higher accuracy. (similar to AC2) Heat drains energy and is crippling, unless designed for - worse, is abusable by the opponent. Everyone learns ASAP heat must be designed for. Many players find it too annoying, spoils their fun, and quit. Others eventually learn to do their best to work around it. Weapon clips are introduced and nobody likes them, but everyone gets used to it. Hangar weapons are introduced and cool, but blades lose their tracking and become more difficult to use. Reasonably fun, after lengthy growing pains. OB and EO are much better balanced than AC3/SL, but EOs seem to be more dominant due to heat and mostly poor arenas. X-link kai is introduced and players can play each other online for the first time ever.


NB - Mobility improved so dodging is easier, similar to AA. Heat is reduced although still functions the same - seems less crippling than NX. OB and EO are better balanced but EO still seems to have a slight edge. The 1P game is the worst AC ever and a total waste of money. If you have people to play, it feels much like AA an improved NX with more feasible designs and parts. Human VS is fun for those who have x-link kai or local buddies. Everyone else hates it.


LR - OB is nerfed, and AC jinking is faster, making all weapons less accurate vs humans as bullets stay the same velocity. Missiles are nerfed again. Feels like a return to AC3/SL but with a bit more accuracy, with OB somewhat hobbled and normal boosters increased. Certain gun/missile combos now don't integrate well due to slow missile locks or small gun boxes. Left guns shrink FCS significantly, to the point it may be better to go with one gun and a blade again if using missiles. Parts break and hard landings happen more, AC piloting at times feels like walking on eggshells. (I presume this was to limit flight, but I'd rather increase booster drain) many VS matches have a tendency towards whittling.


AC4 on - who cares



Needing ranks to get parts in 1P is almost universally despised as bad game design and unnecessary frustration.

Everyone bemoans the plethora of garbage parts that waste space in virtually every AC game.

Everyone bemoans that From doesn't seem to care about balance for VS in general.

No one can figure out why From doesn't put some effort into better VS stages.

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AC1 - never played before. (why I missed that)

AC1/PP - awesome.

AC1/MOA - very awesome and pure fun stuffs. (first AC game I'd start)----------------------->(2nd best)

AC2 - never played before.

AC2/AA - interesting.

AC3 - awesome.

AC3/SL - awesome but a bit too easy.

ACNX - for the manner choice.-------------------------------------------------------------------->(3rd best)

ACNB - it's ok. (especially for teach new player from the start)

ACFF - so fun to watch many matches from the stadium instead of pilot an AC.

ACLR - MY BEST AC GAME EVER!!!------------------------------------------------------------->(1st best)

AC4 - interesting.

ACFA - QB, QB everywhere.

ACV - a lot of limited but still have some fun.--------------------------------------------------->(4th best)

ACVD - looks like better than ACV at first, but FROM kill it by a lot of patches-updating and those patches make whole game unbalanced. (this is also make me decided to quit playing game...so for me, this is the worst)

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AC1-AC2AA: Low customization, but they had some potential.


AC3-ACLR: Acceptable in customization, because I prefer at least a fair range and more of impractial designs. I felt that certain weapons like the flamethrower shouldn't have been made unusable in damage from ACLR. The railgun should have taken more damage, with less ammunition in exchange. Weapon exclusives that were on particular games throughout this series' time shouldn't have applied.


AC4-ACFA: Low customization and more bland. From online play, certain weapons (the powerful ones with lesser ammuntion) failed to register without mostly missing alternative boost execution. The necode reminded me of the GGPO one used in fighting games from the terrible frame skips. Experienced alot of loses because of it and was forced to run down the clock to attempt an AP lead, because the little AP that many of the other players had didn't want to empty out from direct hits on my side. Nightmare.


ACV-ACVD: Very low customization and bland. Unfortuantely, games seem to be only a rental to pass the time, because they don't do enough to rival older games.

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AC1/PP/MoA - Fun, but I got into AC @ MoA so 1/PP never meant anything to me for PvP. The style of play and mechanics of builds in the first gen games was really fun thou.


AC2/AA - Lots of fun, but builds were very limited. There were some goofy things you could do.


AC3 - One of my favorites. I remember it fondly, it was very well balanced all things considered, had a wide array of viable designs, and was fast enough and smooth enough to make PvP a lot of fun. I still get a kick out of thinking about AC3 Hoover Boosters and hopping around in the air, granted on OP-I bots, but was just ridiculously cool.


SL - Probably my absolute favorite, like was said before AC3 on steroids. It did take me awhile to get used to the left hand gun dominated meta. I literally swapped from a left handed blade w/ default controls to left hand rifle w/ Circle and Triangle controls swapped at a tournament, right before it began. Thanks to ARX for that idea. SL had a good number more of broken/unbalanced parts but it had an even wider array of feasible builds, IMO. Although Mirage OB cores kinda dominated everything.


NX - I gave this game a lot of shit in it's day, and probably will forever. Granted, I was doing a lot of drugs and illicit shit when this one came out, and didn't play it that much. But when I did actually get to sit down and play NX with people, it really was a good bit of fun. There was definitely a lot of room for unique designs. Weapons were generally speaking very accurate. Heat might have been a bit much, and dodging a bit non-existent, but it was a very interesting game to say the least. Although chain guns with magazines is poo-poo.


NB - I'd put this as one of my favorites, despite the worst single-player experience in all of AC, from my experience. NB had a really good mechanics for PvP. It did have A LOT of broken/unbalanced parts, but even still, it had a huge range of feasible builds. I really enjoyed this one, so long as it was playing against people. The NB tournaments were some of my favorite tournaments of all time. Granted, nobody listened to me (Tearsin) about broken parts until I showed up and stomped face with them.


LR - The last game of AC I really cared about. It was basically to me another NB, turned around. I liked the single-player experience in LR, a lot. But I honestly felt the PvP was a step backwards from NB. I know that may not be the most popular of opinions. But I've always felt that NB was a mistake, and they should have used it's mechanics in LR and not LR's mechanics. The single player experience, parts selection, and online capability of LR w/ Kai with NB's mechanics would have made LR a much nicer final bow for the 3rd Gen AC games.


I played AC4 for like 10 minutes, didn't like it, and haven't tried any of the new ones since. So I'll reserve my judgement on those.

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AC1 - Rather limited, but it was good to have a look at the very first game. Wanted to get a feel of H+ for myself.


AC:PP - An interesting experience. A few OP parts, but excellent regardless.


AC:MoA - Create your own opponent? Sounds good to me! Also, NINEBALL. Lots of arena too.


AC2 - Memorable. Loved the martian themes. Phobos died, but hey. Lovely arena combat and replays. Oh, and SHIELDS!


AC2:AA - No arena? Dangit. Hey, Nineball! And lots of missions too. Over 2000 sorties. Awesome music, great atmosphere. Last game to allow PLOW.


AC3 - Dangit, hate going backwards and no longer having certain parts. Like the EO though, and the left arm weapons. Weapon arms with 2 modes? Excellent.


ACSL - Getting better. Old parts return, from Finger to Samurai. Lots more left arm parts. Love my AI ally. Last game with OP-Intensify (so sad).


ACNX - Dangit, another step backwards. Ooo, PS2 remakes of old missions! Linear rifles? Good. More left arm weapons? Good. Heat? TERRIBLE. Also, DUAL FINGERS. Music is amazingly nostalgic though, puts me in a trance.


ACNB - Lots of arena but... ugh. This is why peace sucks. I'm a mercenary, not a cage fighter! Then again, NINEBALL.


ACLR - So many parts, so many oldies! Heat sucks, but fair. Quite the challenge, but not impossible. Terrible music, not the best atmosphere. Love the replays, like going up against all those title ACs of the past. Also JACK O, the guy with a bucket for a face! Last game with that ever familiar operator voice. Miss her lots. Farewell Agetech, we've had a good run.


AC4 - Dangit, didn't play it. I just watch vids on Youtube of it. Seems interesting. I'd like to fight against that Aretha-00, meet this Joshua O' Brien guy. Lovely music, gives you that feel that you've just acquired your wings... I'm soaring through the air with wings of angels.


AC4A - A game of gods vs. titans, champions vs. giants. Love the parts, the speed. SPIRIT OF MOTHERWILL. And a clear story. Probably one of the other great AC games I hear. Did I forget to mention how much I love irradiating everything with Kojima weaponry? Lovely when all those green particles float up in the air, like bubbles in a sea. Too bad the whole world was one big desert. Killing Cradles also fun. I love you Old King.


"I have so much more to teach you. Are you ready for your next lesson?" Please do. I'm ready for another whiping. Wait. You mean this isn't another one of our private sessions? o_____o


Last AC game with the traditional 10 meter tall form we all love. To this day, still wondering how anyone can fit in that damn SOBRERO core. And why do I read it as, 'sombrero'?


ACV - Gugh... great. Back to the ground. Everytime we have a sequel, we always start with a few parts. Also, these ACs are freakin' dwarves. A few nice levels though. Conquest was nice. Lots of missions, adventure, plenty to explore. Bosses were cool too, but too bad I can't take em on with servers having died. Hated online conquest... WAY too much drama. Everyone fighting over real estate. Chief was quite awesome swinging around his big weapons though. He's so crazy. ^___^


ACVD - Towers? Three Forces? Lots more parts? And how am I now fighting a Next? Love the AI, like the levels. The inclusion of these 3 forces has eliminated all that drama in the previous game. Wait... the heck? Where are all these robots coming from? Where are the mercenaries? And what's this about robots stealing our jobs? Currently progressing through the game. I want boss battles.


Hardcore mode is nightmare fuel... the entire world is drowning in blood... the music is unsettling. Feels like Dark Souls. We're all gonna die. ;___;




Gonna go put a naked lady on my knee and then kick everyone in the face with it. Oh wait, I already did that in the previous game.


And so ends this generation... what will From Software come up with next?

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AC1 - Rather limited, but it was good to have a look at the very first game. Wanted to get a feel of H+ for myself.

fail missions to make credit -50,000 or lower, then repeat at least 7-8 time for stand-cannon and blade wave.

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