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Some game I made, AC meets DS


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Bae: I see, lol, yeah, the bunny in samurai outfit has been done a ton. I almost made her a Tanuki since I've seen other shows with a bunny in a kimono or with swords. But I picked a bunny, since they live in Japan, and I already got other japanese related animals with other weapons like Kappa with shield, or Fox with bow. Only thing left I could use was Tanuki or Bunny, and Tanuki looks like it would use a different weapon. I would use Weasel, but they are more associated with scythes in Japan, lol.


Tank Top Legend: Looked him up, I see he's been around a while. Anyway, I'm still gonna use the bunny samurai girl. She's not really a main character, but part of a group of eastern characters and friends with the Kappa and Yuki-onna. Others in the group is an armored Samurai and a Ronin that might be a Raven or some type of Youkai{this might be a main character, still deciding.}


Some more art sketches, whatever is most interesting will get inked, but I might ink all of them, the dragon girl on the right is really interesting.


EDIT: Added the new sketches on the same page as the others.



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@Tank Top Legend Yeah that be her, sorry for the late response, lots stuff happen.


Anyway, to keep my 3D skills up, I did a warm up so I wouldn't lose what I learned in February:



It's based on the creature in this article. I live near the everglades, so if something that fast and large was still around, it would sh#t on alligators easily. Fast, aggressive, and 25 ft long, it's nothing like the sluggish Anaconda. I wonder if the "ears" where horns of some kind? If this thing is real and just extinct, that's another lost, interesting animal for FL, along with the seals that use to exist here until they got overhunted in the early 1900s too.



And some new sketches.


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Did another sketch of the new, toonier style, with more characters. I still need to work more on their designs, especially the cheetah at the end. The second is an Elf guy, with an all telekinetic fighting style. He uses gloves to enhance his psi power. His moves include making psi-walls, pulling/pushing things, and he can even use a telekinetic armament on himself to enhance his strength or speed.




Psi is a very versatile category if used alone and can do a bunch of stuff, but the only drawback is it's higher cost than power based moves. Usually psi is used as an intermediate between form and power, or to control/give shape to power based moves. So a psi-using character was something that was lacking in the roster. The girl next to the elf uses a slingshot as a weapon, I might end up changing a lot of stuff on this, but not sure yet.


The bunny samurai girl is from this series.


As for the other style, it's much harder to make characters in, girls usually come out good, but guys come out weird in it, which means I don't have enough experience with that style right now. Although I will still draw in it from time to time.


The 5 picked would be the main characters of the story: The knight is normal, kind of a balance of many traits, the princess is a bit wacky (that look in the page is when she's fighting), the Ogre is a reckless guy, the gunslinger is a balance of wits and smarts, and the elf is an intellectual.


The cheetah guy is an antagonist in an early story arc. He is hot blooded and forms a fatal rivalry with the knight.

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Looking through some older art, I wonder if the original, original cheetah design is still the best, better than the one that appeared in the comic intro on Rayburst with the weird haircut. This new version of the cheetah is better than the last, but good in it's own way the most original version{the one that was just a sketch with no colors}.




Anyway, forgot to post this too, it was before the sketch above, the more "realistic" version of the same designs as above. The Elf guy really completes the team well, since he was the intellectual type missing from the group.


Well, the pic above would be for a parody type of story. IF I go for something more serious, the "realistic" version designs is what I'd go for, I'll try to make a more proper drawing of the group in the style of recent artwork like Oni lady and fairy tomorrow.




But then again, maybe I should go the middle ground and go with the Rayburst style, not too toony, not to realish proportion wise.


Anyway yeah, I need a good dose of imagination like I had when I made all those awesome pics the other day like the Bunny Samurai. You can tell in the pic above, that my imagination was krap. The idea was there, but I couldn't execute it, even though I could see it in my mind. The elf guy head shots in the middle where drawn 2 or 3 days ago, but the original was drawn last week or before the post with the toonish roster.


Anyway, you can see the "realish" style version of that character, and the "rayburst" style version. But I was totally off my vibes, I really couldn't do it, for example the princesses' face second bottom is just off complete, the ogre is even worse. And the elf came out pretty bad at first.


Also, the Elf being a gunslinger would have meant Dual wouldn't have been part of the group due to species clause. But in the roster sheet the elf was changed to a Psi type fighter, and that was why Dual could be in the main group{the new elf headshots in the pic I posted where after the decision to make him a psi fighter, so instead his getup is more elf like now, and he wears goggles now{in both versions}. And to address your point yeah, the Knight in that other roster is the most unfinished, the removal of his helmet and other features took a lot away. I was gonna make so that he only gets the helmet when fighting, but he really loses uniqueness.


Here's another iteration of the designs as I keep modifying and stuff. Because of the two opposing styles, I have to draw both because I won't decide until months from now whic I'll be using. Since the upper half is for humorous type comics or even for games while the bottom would be for an action/adventure type comic, and maybe games{except characters of that complexity require a team, while if I was solo on graphics, I could easily do the top row on my own}.




There are some differences, for some reason, the cheetah guy uses clawed gloves instead of a sword in the more serious style. The knight I'm still working on, especially the serious style, I can't really decide on going with a helmet or not for that version, while it's a no brainer going with a helmet in the funnier type.

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You say funnier type but I would just call it more cartoonish. The contrasts between the two looks like one studio of animation vs. another. Kinda like the different Ben 10s out there.

Elf man has the biggest (best?) upgrade imo. It's also weird to see gofero w/o the helmet, but that's prolly cause the design has been pretty consistent throughout the years. I think I also preferred the gunmans more mysterious obscured face look

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@Tank Top Legend True, I can agree with that. I still think the old one is on par, but only in my mind since the sketch doesn't do it justice. Anyway, the story for the toonish style is more flexible I guess. The intro of the story so far is the knight riding in a helmet shaped helmet, listening to radio banter from "The Bird and the B#tch", lol. Approaching a destination to take on some AC style mission of defending some target, only for it to be a trap set up by the client.


@The Talentless Yeah, I should just call it toonish type then, lol. Yeah, I guess you could say there are various animation studios in my head, but the ones with the toon style have 15 years experience, while the ones with the more serious style only have like 2 to 6 years you could say.


Yeah, Elf man looks rad in the serious style, trying to get his toonish style to match the coolness factor. Oh yeah, stuff like the missing helmet and the gunman without an obscured face is really just to show their hair and face respectively, lol. Since there will be some scenes where they take it off, but by default, they should be to their normal looks. I keep forgetting to mention that, lol. The reason being since if I don't draw the gunman's face now, I'll forget what I originally planned, and end up with a completely different face later on when I do finally unmask him.




Anyway, here is the Tri-Aspects, which explains how powers work in the story.




Basically, the red symbol in the lower left is "Form", the physical side of a character. The top symbol is "Spirit", the special power of the character, their aura you could say. And finally, the lower right is "Mind", the psychic power of a character, their Psi if you will.


These tri-aspects explain how powers work and why they can do what they do. For example, somebody who has mostly mind, can do stuff like telekinesis, have intuition on stuff that will happen in the next moment, mind reading, and so on! Somebody who is mostly form, has brute strength, good hearing, durable skin, and so on. Finally, Spirit is the aura that the body produces, and when it comes to elements, makes it most apparent what element they are. For example a Spirit who's element is fire will produce this from their spiritual field, which is all around their body, they can also radiate their aura in all directions, and all that other energy stuff you see.


Somebody who's between say Form and Spirit, can do stuff like strongly bond their aura with their fist, and create an explosive energy punch or even a flame punch. Somebody between Spirit and Mind can do stuff like manipulate an element into various shapes, and even focus their blast, or guide a projectile to home in on a target. Lots more complicated stuff that Spirit on it's own can't do and effects Mind itself cannot do on it's own either. Between Form and Mind is somebody that can do stuff like equip a psionic exoskeleton around their body to enhance their physical abilities past their limit, or create a similar psionic armament, but for increasing durability and defense. So basically, the points between the three aspects are a melding of these powers in some way, while the Aspects themselves represent major aspects of a character.


Right now, the way I have it written, which I might change, is that Mind originates it's essence from the brain, Spirit originates from the heart, and Form is the rest of body itself, containing the other two aspects. The body is the anchor for the other two, and why it also contains the HP stat.


Although, for characters like Elementals, it is Spirit that contains the other two, or in the case of Ghosts, it is mind that acts as the anchor for the other two. Anchor is basically what holds the other two with the main aspect.


EDIT: Here's a more flat version of it. With the three aspects bigger at their pure points. I plan to make a better version of this later: And I added the part I forgot, which is what happens you possess all three, nearly equally.




The really cool thing about the three points, is that they all have their versions of offense, defense, and special abilities. For example when it comes to healing, somebody who is all "Form" can heal via regeneration, somebody mostly "Spirit" can heal by emitting a water like aura that heals any part of them it comes into contact with, or Psi can repair cells at the microscopic level.


Although of course, a character doesn't have access to all the abilities within a group. They have a limited capacity to what skills, even within that category, they can use, if they could use everything, they would be mediocre in all those abilities and easily defeated by somebody that picked only some abilities or complimenting abilities.


Another example, movement, "Form" will have stuff like running, flying, jumping, and other physical movements available from what their form's limbs allow them{such as having wings, legs, and so on}. "Spirit" would have stuff like boosters, thrusters, rocket flares, and other energy based, propulsion types of movements available, they would need the specific spirit nodes in their body for it, as some nodes are from thrusting, others for enhancing by pouring into another object at the cellular level, and so on, basically nodes act the way arms and legs would for form by giving specific functions to spirit. "Mind" would have stuff like levitation, flying by picking themeselves up with telekinesis, propeller/turbine constructs made of Psionics, or even Psi wings or other psi-formed limbs to mimic physical movement. Psi extends up to outside the body, like a little invisible atmosphere around the character{if they have even 1 point in Mind.} {When spirit pours out in all directions, it will first fill up this psi atmosphere before leaving the character. If you have the psi abilities for it, it allows you to ball up some spirit power, which normally by people who are mostly spirit, cannot be done, unless they are dealing with a spirit element like Rock, which they can just hold in their hand upon manifesting it, although having psi would allow it to be formed into a more specific shape or use.


A lot of this stuff is from notes I have about the fighting system, which could be sort of seen in "Pro-Gaming". I use this system in all my series.

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@Tank Top Legend Well, fundamentally, it's still the same system used in all other series, even the one with Giolith, but this time around, I've improved it some more. Here is the old graph, which has some outdated terms and stats now:



I guarantee you, there is a version of Giolith in every series, just like there is of the Knight, Ogre, gunslinger, and others. Anyway, yeah, there are some things in the system I really gotta settle, since from the beggining some stuff is up in the air, with 2 or 3 explanations for it, but I gotta eventually choose which is the right option and make that canon.


@The Talentless Yeah, although the pic I posted in this post is for me, pre-hxh, since I didn't know of it till the anime was a hundred episodes in{then finding out it's been around since 1999}. After analyzing the Nen system, I did find many similarities, in fact, it's like the Nen system is the approach from the outside, while my system approaches the system from the inside. Here's my post about it on another forum: http://www.narutoforums.com/threads/alternative-way-to-look-at-the-nen-categories.1079372/


@Bae Lol, it looks that way.

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@The Talentless True, good times, lol.


@Giolith I should really show how Giolith looks in each series.


I'm thinking I should re-continue Ultranimu, I left it cause I thought I messed up the story, but then I realized it's suppose to be kind of random and wacky. I'm gonna post pieces of it on tapastic, and if it gains a ton of traction, continue it, otherwise, I'll just go with some other series.



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I'm not sure if I said it before or if anyone else has but I always thought you should move away from idea that it had to involve a video game in some shape or form. Minus the story with the tournament and the older cast of characters, since that seemed to be more fleshed out.

From what I remember that early story you just re-linked had a couple pages of human players that didn't seem to have any bearing on the story inside.

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@The Talentless Yeah, having a video game dimension thing going on is quite jarring to the narrative, probably another reason why I moved away from Ultranimu. The series was really meant to be random, non-sensical stuff anyway, not even witty in humor. Yeah, only Pro-gaming and Ultranimu had any game type stuff going on. All the other series like Grydpher, Rayburst, and No-Edge where self-contained worlds with semi-serious storylines with the last meant to be comedy, but not to the wacky level of Ultranimu.


The newest series is still nameless, and isn't gonna start for a while. For now, I'm just gonna keep working on the designs, actual story and plot while waiting for the chance to work on it again.


@Tank Top Legend Yeah, they don't, just Ultranimu and Pro-gaming.

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