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No Mercy

Jierdan Kain

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This is the AC that I've been running from AC1 and PP, until MoA. I'm about to go onto the disc 2 arena, which if I remember correctly is obsenely difficult due to how good the ACs and AI is. Not to mention the Moonlight blade wave... This is an H+ AC.


GRY-NX - Highest AP head

XXA-S0 - Lightest core, most OP slots.

An-25 - Nineball's arms

LN-D-8000R - Highest load capacity midweight legs, high energy defense

B-PT000 - Highest power boosters

TRYX-QUAD - Sideways lock

CBG-XR - High capacity, high output generator

WM-SMSS24 - Vertical missiles





Any tips for improvement? I've considered swapping the arms for the AN-K1 for better defense, but lower AP. This AC kind of lacks in both unfortunately.


EDIT: Added brief description of parts I'm using for ease of critique since AC1 part names are wonky and hard to memorize.

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theres no problem running biggest boosters in moa even without h+, the game is pretty easy on energy as long as you use the best generator and ur bot isnt wild drainy


if ur using h+ tho there's like 0 reason not to use biggest boosters lol


i wanna say the best generator even in moa is the god tier one from ac1 but i forget

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