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Street Fighter V


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Just got SFV. The game is fun. I will dabble with all the characters, but like all SF games, I'd probably main Ken.

ST = O.Ken (with N.Dhalsim secondary vs. O.Sagat)

A2 = Ken

A3 = V-Karin (because Ken sucked, and Karin was cool/fresh/strong)

3S = Ken SA3

CvS2 = C-Cammy / Ken / Chun-R2

So at least I am consistent. 


I skipped SF4 for the most part because I didn't like the Ultra mechanic, Option Selects that covers three or more scenarios, crouch tech, and FADC. SF4 felt more like an arms race. I felt like I am playing against the tech, not the player. Sometimes, when I get punished, I am not sure if I punished due to good reads or an option select. This is a shame because the idea of Yomi, “reading the mind of the opponent”,  is my favorite aspect of Street Fighter. John Choi, one of my favorite fighters, talked about this topic a bit:


Though, as a spectator, I enjoyed USF4 quite a bit. 


SFV is pretty fun so far, but I need to put more reps in to have any meaningful insight.


My SFV name is EltonW.

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Over the weekend, I played at my local Fight Club. The reception for this game was very positive. It seems that all this crowd wants is an online mode, versus mode, and training mode. All the characters were used. Incidentally, I was the only Ken and second Karin. So we have a pretty diverse field.


This reactions seems to be a stark contrast to the general consumer. I think Capcom nailed it for the hardcore, but completely missed their mark for the average consumer, which, should frankly be angry at an unfinished product sold at full price. This was a major concern for us because casuals help grow the scene and watch twitch gameplay.


Over all, I am loving this game.

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The inclusion of the shoddy 3-episode story mode for each character is really puzzling. If you're not going to have a full story mode that's fleshed out, don't include it in the first place.


Really the only thing I miss currently are multi-man lobbies with over 2 people. Cross platform play where you can actually invite people cross platform is a very nice, and something I never expected. If only Rocket League could be like that as well.


I gravitated towards Karin, because she seemed to be the most third-strikesy character of the bunch.

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