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Street Fighter V


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-Challenges/Trials and Battle Lobby (8 players with spectating): the 28th.


-Alex: The 30th.


-Zenny (real money shop) is being delayed to make sure it's implemented properly, so to account for people who wanted to buy Alex with real money, he'll be free to use until the system is in place.


-Ryu and Chun Li story costumes will be given for free on the 30th as a sort of apology for the delays.



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Juri and Urien, from the small snippets revealed I'm pleased with the designs. I'm glad Juri looks like herself, Urien looks good but I miss the old voice, maybe the JP alternative sounds more like he did in 3S.


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After seeing more, I am honestly blown away by what they were able to pull off with Urien and Juri, very well done, they exceeded my expectations. I feel they overshadow much of the cast.


Juri looks evil as fuck


Loincloth Urien



and Urien combos


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That Necalli outfit is very good, and the hair is awesome in Super Saiyan mode.


Also I purchased and setup a new modem/router to replace my old setup, I haven't increased my speed through my ISP yet (speed increase was not an option with the old setup since it was the bottleneck.). But I am curious to test connection in matches with just the new setup alone, so far so good.

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