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Your Top 15 Fav Videogames


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Make a list of your top 10 15 favorite videogames. You can make a top ten if you'd prefer that idc.


Here's mine.. (I couldn't get them all, but I went for it)


1. Silent Hill 2 (PS2)


It's difficult for me to be brief as to why Silent Hill 2 places first on my list, but I'll try and sum things up. This is easily the most influential game I've ever played and completely changed my perspective on what a videogame could be. Before getting it for my 12th Birthday I had been reading articles and reviews trying to get an idea of what it will be like, It's kind of funny to think back on the simple expectations I had before playing it, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. To me it raised the bar on game design being used as a means of artistic expression. From beginning to end the games never misses a beat, the vision is consistent the whole way through allowing yourself to become completely immersed in its foreboding atmosphere. The art design and music/sound design are as good as it gets (my most listened to soundtrack), with a plot and back story that will keep you thinking. This game is full of unforgettable moments, I can get chills just thinking back on many of the games pinnacle moments. The first game I recommend to anyone looking for a quality gaming experience. I dove heavy into the first four Silent Hill games, more than any other franchise, RIP Team Silent!


2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX)


2D action/exploration perfection, playing this endlessly at a young age this game filled me with wonder and fascination taking on an almost supernatural quality, what made it all the more brilliant was that this was before I had home internet access. The game is full of secrets, and every discovery filled me with an immense sense of satisfaction. For months I thought I had the game beat only to find out later there were still more undiscovered sections of the castle and an entirely second version of the castle after that. I remember nights looking at the back of the jewel case seeing locations and enemies I had never even seen before allowing my imagination to run wild. Even after completing the game I had dreams where I'd discover new sections of the castle. The brilliant soundtrack is easily a perfect 10 for me, a lot of variety adding a unique feel to each different location. The visuals are also perfect, great art design and the locations took on a lifelike quality. I spent countless hours collecting everything and exploring every possible nook and cranny.


3. Devil May Cry (1) (PS2)


I have yet to play a game that feels this good, it revolutionizing the hack and slash genre back in 2001 and I've never played anything as good within the genre since (from a gameplay/battle standpoint). I got it as a Christmas present the same year it came out, I knew I wanted it after briefly playing a demo at the game store. One of the first things I noticed was how incredibly responsive and airtight the controls were, and how much power and weight was felt executing every action, swinging the sword around and firing the twin handguns for the first time was unreal, none of the sequels managed to get the handguns to feel as good as this. The game features the most intense and rewarding fight sequences I have ever experienced in a single player game, it perfectly combines fast paced adrenaline filled combat with a requirement for intense focus and split second timing, it will leave you feeling drained after extensive encounters. The game will punish you for getting careless and never feels unfair, its difficult for all the right reasons, you can immediately recognize what you did wrong and make an effort to not make the same mistake the next time around. What I truly admire about this game is how aggressive and involved the enemy AI is, which is what I feel most other action games mainly get wrong, they should not be mere combo fodder. Each enemy is well thought out and features their own extensive list of moves and cues to become familiar with, the regular enemies feature just as much depth as most other games bosses. You get a true sense of achievement from getting better, eventually being able to overcome obstacles that at one point might have seemed impossible. My most satisfying gaming experiences was beating this game on Dante Must Die mode, that Nelo Angelo 3 fight oh my god. Devil May Cry will never feel old to me, and remains the standard to which I compare all other games of the genre. I also much prefer this one over the third game for many reasons.


4. Final Fantasy VI (SNES)


My first exposure to series and has been my favorite FF ever since. My earliest memories of it were of watching my brother play it rather than playing it myself, I was probably around 7 years old. I was always excited for the opportunity to sit down and just watch the story unfold, the game had an emotional warmth about it and contributed to being one of my favorite memories of my young life. Years later I'd go on to complete it myself, the final boss is my favorite out of any video game, Dancing Mad really pushed it over the top. I loved the characters and of course the music, Terra's theme being one of my favorite songs ever conceived.


5. Super Metroid (SNES)


I love this game for many of the same reasons as Castlevania SOTN, I'm heavy into the formula both games offer and I wish there were more games that used it. Super Metroid really sucked me in, the atmosphere is unparalleled by most games, I really felt like I was exploring a foreign world and left to my own devices. From a young age I was a real fan of its serious and sophisticated tone.


6. Silent Hill 3 (PS2)


My most anticipated video game release, and it did not disappoint. Silent Hill 2 got me hooked on the franchise, after that I went ahead and played through the first game for the original Playstation right in time before the release of Silent Hill 3 in the spring of 2003. It was different from Silent Hill 2, it was not as subdued but rather as if someone turned up the heat, agitating the atmosphere into a hellish frenzy. What Silent Hill 3 really delivered and expanded on was the horror factor, creating some of the most intensely disturbing locations and creatures I've ever experienced from a fictional work. At times It felt as if the very air around you wanted to kill you, rarely giving you a chance to breathe. Every step forward is filled with trepidation the developers used every tool possible to stir up your imagination. The environments seem alive and are incredibly well designed, I would often stop and just take in my surroundings examining every detail. The sound design is once again impeccable, and the visual design is master class, creating a world so imaginative and surreal it's impossible to forget. It captured my attention and drew me into its world unlike anything else out there.


7. Armored Core: Silent Line (PS2)


I've spent more time on the Armored Core franchise than any other game, combining deep customization with combat the series instantly had me hooked. I'm into making something my own and kicking ass with it, allowing your personality to show through what you make and the way you play. I chose Silent Line for my list as its basically AC3 with more parts, and I like the way it feels, it has a more fluid and fun arcade style than Last Raven.


8. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (PS2/PS3)


It was about 2006 when I started getting heavy into fighting games, they had always been a part of my life growing up but at this point I was getting more serious about actually learning how to win. I'd play my brother for hours in any fighting game we had our hands on, eventually I started looking for a new Street Fighter to play after messing with Alpha 3 for a bit (Street Fighter II already being a part of my childhood at this point, I was already fond of the franchise), my search led me to the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2 which featured Street Fighter III: Third Strike, a game I had never even heard about at the time. I was reading nothing but great things about it and couldn't wait to dive in. I remember my first reaction being how different the characters were from the other games in the series, I was sort of thrown off by its unfamiliar cast, but after scrolling through the character selection screen the first couple times it didn't take long for me to gravitate towards Yang and feel at home with the game, I'm a Trowa kind of guy and I liked his quick and aggressive style. The gameplay is smooth and the combat is deep and complex, it remains my favorite fighter.


9. Resident Evil (1) (PSX)


To me turning on this game is like sitting in front of a fireplace alone at night. I find it to be very relaxing, yet eerie. The thing I like about RE1 is its setting, I prefer the mansion over anything else I've seen from the series, urban environments don't effect me as much and I'd rather see zombies in old dress clothes rather than a t-shirt and jeans, it's just better that way imo. The dark halls and soft moaning and shuffling of the zombies really got to me, I feared inevitable runs through halls and rooms I knew they were present in and I was always cautious about conserving ammo and healing items. The music is great, the save room theme is one of my favorite tunes, incredibly soothing and really hits a nostalgic nerve for me.


Also I guess I'll go ahead and share my first experience I had playing this game, embarrassing and traumatic but I feel its worth telling. I was pretty young when my brother started playing the game, and I would sit and watch which I was evidently fine with. Well one afternoon I decided to ask him to let me start a new game, he gave me the controller and I cautiously began a new file. Eventually I got to the hall just before you encounter the first zombie around the corner, I knew it was coming but I guess I wasn't prepared to be the one behind the controller. I slowly turn the corner and initiate the cutscene, as soon as the zombie turns its head to face me I immediately started to panic, next thing I know the cutscene is over and the zombies starting towards me, I fumble frantically with the controller until the zombie grabbed hold and started biting Chris's neck, by that point I was crying and the controller had dropped to the floor, I sat sobbing as I watched the zombie have its way with Chris, it was horrible. Years passed before I finally decided to try the game again, this probably has a lot to do with my affinity for horror games, same reason I like the Scary Stories books so much due to how much of an effect they had on me.


10. Metal Gear Solid (PSX)


Amazing singleplayer storytelling experience, I was heavily immersed in the dialogue and story. I loved the character designs, and the tone was great. I had a great time watching the story unfold, and I could not wait for the cutscenes. I found myself emotionally involved.


11. Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (PS2)


I'm a big fan of the Onimusha series for many of the same reasons as stated for Devil May Cry. It's all about the combat, Onimusha is a little slower paced and more methodical though, requiring more patience and careful positioning. Instead of Devil May Cry's dodging to avoid hits, Onimusha allows you to block with your weapon, you can also perform a critical hit technique that occurs when you attack right before an enemy hits you (you can also perform this by raising your guard at just the right moment and attacking after a parry) that can be chained for multiple strikes, it is risky and takes time to master but is very satisfying to pull off. I like Onimusha 1 and 2 pretty much equally but I spent more time with 2. Fights are intense and can be quite difficult, the tide of battle can be quickly turned against you, the game is quick to punish you for making mistakes forcing you to learn how to properly approach engagements and hold your ground. I actually experienced my only gaming rage playing this, on my first playthrough I was very low on healing items once I got to the final boss, I attempted to beat him for hours. On one try I had a really good run going, I could tell I almost had him but I slipped up and died, I finally snapped and proceeded to yank my bed sheets apart and throw them around the room :( . Beating this on Hard was another satisfying experience for me.


12. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC)


I spent a lot of time playing this, I loved the customization and the freedom to do whatever and go wherever you wanted, I pretty much completely ignored the main quest. The scale of the game was unbelievable, and the graphics were great for its time. I very much appreciated the art direction.


13. Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC)


I used to play this nonstop when I was about 7 years old, it was the coolest thing. The enemies were awesome, the Cyberdemon had my utmost respect and attention and nothing beats the howl the Baron of Hell unleashes when it becomes aware of your presence. Combat is fast and frenetic, you really get the feeling you are fighting for your very life amidst demonic hordes.


14. Streets of Rage II (Genesis)


This game is a blast, I had incredible times playing this co-op back in the day. One of the best things about it is the soundtrack, one of the most fitting soundtracks I've ever heard for a videogame, it pumps you up and keeps you pressing forward. The games flow is perfect and the excitement never seems to stop. A very well crafted and memorable action experience, it's just very cool game.


15. Ecco: The Tides of Time (Genesis)


I just cannot leave this one out, it might not be my favorite game to play because of how frustratingly difficult and tedious it is, but its haunting atmosphere is second to none. You really have to be in the right mood to play this game. It's strengths are in its mesmerizing soundtrack, and incredibly surreal visual design and setting. The tone is somber and melancholic, sort of makes you feel lost and insignificant, sort of like the ocean haha. It taps into your fear of the unknown and your curiousity to keep pressing forward. My favorite thing about the game is the environments and entities you come across, and how it shifts from realism to surrealism, presenting things you never expected to see in a brutally honest fashion. The game is inspiring to me, I'd like to create worlds that give off the same feeling as this game does, its unlike anything I've experienced in other videogames and I respect what the developers were able to pull off. As far as gameplay goes, it invloves puzzle solving and memorization, you also have an oxygen meter so you always have to be conscience about surfacing for air, resulting in plenty of heart racing moments.



Honorable mentions:


Diablo: Great atmosphere, brutal presentation and addicting combat. Superb sound design and soundtrack. Encountering the Butcher for the first time is legendary.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl: FPS game developed in Ukraine. This game really does deserve to be in my top 15 actually, I just couldnt find a way to fit it in as most of the games beat it out for nostalgic reasons. Another game that I praise for its atmosphere and surrealism. Lab X-18 is one of the most terrifying locations in all of gaming.

Battlefield 3: Some of the most fun I've ever had with an online multiplayer game.

Starcraft: RTS perfection.

Total Annihilation: RTS game with a strong atmosphere and superb soundtrack, great sense of scale and destruction, battlefields become littered with the metallic husks of dispatched units and structures. The gameplay and unit and structure design is very well done, tons of units. A truly quality game.

Final Fantasy VII: Was a big part of my childhood, listed for reasons similar Final Fantasy VI.

Time Crisis 2: Most fun I've ever had in an arcade, the recoil of the gun controller sealed it. Very addicting game, I hope to own a cabinet of this someday.

Aliens vs Predator 2: It had one of the most uniquely entertaining FPS multiplayers around. You could play as the Marine, Corporate, Predator or Alien, each race also having multiple variations to choose from. Each race was completely different from one another, yet still maintained a sense of balance.




What's yours?

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In no particular order, I presume. I wouldn't be able to say any game is GOAT for me.



Hotline Miami [steam]


This is the first game of it's kind that I've played, top down shooter. Fast paced and violent. I don't normally champion violence in game but when I played the first and second, I definitely had the "holy shit that's fuckn rad" reaction. Spending the time to 100% it was totally worth it.



Jet Set Radio Future [X-box]


The soundtrack is good, the gameplay is fun, though it gets a little tired after a while. One of the first games we played on the x-box, and was worth it to restart from the beginning several times cause my little brother when delete the saves cause he just pressed random fucking buttons on the title menu.



Silent Hill 2 [PS2]


Picked this up after seeing the movie. It almost tradition now for me and Chris to sit down and play thru it once a year. First few playthroughs were filled with corny jokes and "h-here, you play, I don't want to go further," to break the tension. There's some instances where I prefer to play Resident Evil over this but Silent hill was definitely the more memorable experience.



Ristar [Game Cube]


Came on some sonic collection disk for gamecube. It's got a lot of 'charm' and the soundtrack is pleasant. I guarantee this game will be one of the few games twenty years down the line where I say "damn I gotta play that again, its been too long!"



Sonic CD [Game Cube]


I first played this when I was a little kid on the computer. Playing it again on sonic gem collection was weird cause I was remembering shit I had forgotten for a long time. I really like how its totally different for a sonic game. Mostly on this list for nostalgic purposes.



Limbo [steam]


Ambient games with a sense of dread are great, and this one has that in spades for me. The 'secret level' for this game is honestly the number 1 highlight of my gaming experience.



Dark Souls [PS3/Xbox]


Endless fun to be had creating builds and pvp'ing in the hotspots. Endless!



Cave Story [freeware, Steam for Cave Story+]


First week of college freshman year, had nothing to do, no one to talk to. Then I remembered Chris playing this and downloaded the freeware version. There's rarely a dull moment in that game. CaveStory+ only adds to it with varying game difficulties and modes, and different versions of the already pleasant soundtrack. Curly Brace a qt.



Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [steam]


Another game I played after Chris. I thought it looked a little dumb at first but the randomization of it is neat, and I love shit where there's gobs of stuff to unlock.



Bioshock 2 [xbox/ps3]


I like playing Bioshock 2 more than I did Bioshock 1. I really dig the story and the different events and objectives really create a great experience, and the gunplay/plasmid stuff is solid to me. This game has like three highlights to it that I think are spectacular. Encountering the first enemy Alpha was so cool to me.



Metal Gear Solid 4 [ps3]


I never played the third one, and I only played the first one once. MGS is a little rough to me, which may or may not be cause I suck at it. MGS2 was kinda bland at times, though the Arsenal Gear level was... something else. 4th is the best for to me. The way the separate chapters played out was great storytelling to me. The gunplay isn't the greatest, but the playthrough for getting the The Boss emblem was one of the most difficult and satisfying experiences I've had. Sunny a qt.



Megaman X8 [ps2]


So all the Megaman games are good, but X8 has a really satisfying conclusion. My only gripe with this game is some of the bosses have shit designs. It's honestly another 'collect shit' game to me, more so than previous MM games had.



Megaman Legends [ps1]


This game did a number on my creative imagination, for sure. It's fun as shit, especially the early playthroughs as a kid experimenting with what works and what doesn't, trying to find all the weapons. The background and setting is incredible; the ruins and lore have an immense haunting feeling to them. Always thought it was super interesting, and glad that the second one expanded on them even though the settings aren't quite as good. Roll a qt.



Rayman [ps1]


I think as a kid this is the perfect game to have. The problem solving, finding all of the electoon cages, the use of powerups after boss battles to be able to progress thru the next levels. The game is crafted really well. The scenery for the different levels is great too.



Splatterhouse [xbox]


Father had the originals when I was a kid and played the second and third games on the genesis. He bought that remake that came out a couple years ago specifically cause it had the old games on it. I played them and found the first to be a great arcade game experience. First and only game where I challenged myself to get a new high score after each playthru. Biggy Man a qt.



Honourable Mentions?!


Left4Dead's online play was great. Some of the most fun I've had playing online with Chris. Every day after school. So good.

Dead Space is a fun game and easy to 100%. Running from the Hunter was great, and the first 3 or 4 chapters on impossible mode is great, but after that you have enough ammo to kill everything so it loses its luster.





I treated this shit like an ACDC cause I find write ups to be annoying.


Edited cause some people are sticklers. Cock-fucks.

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i feel like ur cheating by lumping games lol man up! also put systems


could you tell me why a lil bit im interested in why you picked what you picked, especially for games i didn't play, or played a ton


in no particular order:


Final Fantasy 4 (SNES) - the first game I played where I paid attention to the game because of the plot. Also I think this was one of the first character-driven games ever, too. Somehow it just gets better with age.


Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) - man, basically this game showed me what video games could be. Blew my mind and still does.


SMT: Nocturne (PS2) - this is probably the single best setting and story i've ever seen in a video game. The graphics are good, the music is great, and the mechanics are interesting and unusual, but the storytelling and setting are 2nd to none.


Wizardry 8 (PC) - this game was the last good wizardry game ever made, and also the best one ever made. It's one of the most re-playable games ever, the mechanics are wild engaging, and it's cleverly written.


Persona 3 (PS2) - I never thought I'd be into a game like this but man this game is god. One of, if not the, best I've seen at executing a character-driven story, which is a miracle considering it has a silent protag.


Earthbound (SNES) - one of the most imaginative and well-made games ever, and the marketing campaign for it was god tier.


Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) - nothing i can say that hasn't been said 1000 times by some game publication or another since Zelda series is the series most jerked off to, but this game really is as good as everyone says.


Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) - This game is wild, and I'm not sure anyone will ever be as original as this game was when it came out.


Shadowrun (SNES) - taught me cyberpunk was dope and also showed me a completely different way to design a game and tell a story. Shit was WAY ahead of its time.


Dark Souls (PS3) - Son. The crown jewel of From. Fuck AC btw. Tarkus forever shout out to Ashy Boyd and Biorr tho.


Sid Meier's Pirates! (PC) - the first game that I played heavily and devoted real time to. It's one fo the most replayable games in existence and prolly will be forever. Master class in game design.


Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii) - honestly i don't like fire emblem games that much but this one and the one before it were god. I played them a billion times, and they inform basically everything I do when it comes to writing, and playing other games (especially stuff like dungeons and dragons).


Super Mario World (SNES) - shit changed my life.


Super Mario 64 (N64) Ogre Battle (SNES) - the game's writing, mechanics, and music are weird and great, and just like Radiant Dawn it informed how I interpreted and created anything lit/art-wise (games/books/writing/etc).


Megaman 2 (NES) - shit put me onto megaman and i actually hated megaman 1 until I played this and went back. I actually liked this game so much I bought the novelization of it and read it. Also I am old enough to have seen the novelization when it came out.


jackson - man ur right tho, ds2 was a waste of money. I can't even beat around the bush on that. Also shout out to splatter house


i was thinking about doing a let's play or something of wiz8 actually, altho maybe like a journal or something like how john did with sims 2 way back, not rly sure. it'd just be for ppl here anyways but that could be dope. no idea tho tbh. mainly just something to do for next week to week n a half before bloodborne is out i suppose

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  1. Armored Core 3 (PS2)
  2. Demon’s Souls (PS3)
  3. Dark Souls (PS3)
  4. Armored Core 2 (PS2)
  5. Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
  6. Jak II (PS2)
  7. Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PS1)
  8. Pokemon Emerald (GBA)
  9. Silent Line: Armored Core (PS2)
  10. Pokemon Yellow (GB)
  11. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (PC)
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC)
  13. Atlantica Online (PC)
  14. Ratchet and Clank (PS2)
  15. Tetris (GB)

Lumping games together is definitely cheating. I sort of did that for Pokemon I guess, since I didn't put Silver and whatnot on here even thought they're great too, but that's because they're just inferior versions of the ones I did put, like beta or alpha versions that just happen to have different names. I don't see them as really counting, therefore, even if they're still better than some of the games lower on the list. For Jak and Spyro, I legitimately feel the games I put had a level of polish that the others in those series lacked. PS2 AC games are totally different experiences for me. AA and the NX series are not remotely close to this list. AC4 might be like 25 or something if I kept going.


Order is sort of meh. I'm confident in my top two, then I could really order 3-7 in a lot of ways. They would stay separate from 8-15, though. 8-15 could probably also be ordered a lot of ways. Digimon World 2, Front Mission 4, Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3, Twisted Metal 2 and 4, and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter get honorable mentions, and any of them could replace Tetris or Ratchet and Clank in the last spot if I was in a different mood.

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My list is in no particular order, except for the first entry, which is my sentimental favorite of any game I've ever played.




1: Final Fantasy 4. Basically for the same reasons PD said. This game made me realize a game could actually have an in involving and gripping story with likable Characters. This is my most loved game.


All the rest in no particular order:


Final Fantasy 6: I consider this as one of the pinnacles of the SNES and what it could achieve in creating a game. While not quite the pioneer in storytelling that FF4 was, this game is in many ways better as a polished and complete package. I consider it the greatest Final Fantasy.


Sim City (SNES): Fuck minecraft man, I was having a blast creating and managing my own city in so many different ways.


Dark Souls: I could have very have put Demon's Souls on this list too, but Dark Souls is the crowning achievement of the Souls Series, and From Software. It's perhaps the greatest world ever created in a video game. Kicking that ladder down on that dragon bridge and realizing I accessed a shortcut to the previous level that was hours ago was an insane experience.


Starcraft: I had a blast playing this back in the day, slowly and methodically building up a base and army to eradicate another army. Spending hours on end watching the pros play it as leisure only adds to the experience as well.


Super Mario 64: No early 3d game did as much right or took advantage of the 3d tech as Mario 64 I feel. The sheer variety and creativeness of some of the worlds is a blast to play through. Watching speedruns of it is even more incredible.


Zelda: Ocarina of Time: I also could have put Link to the Past up here as another favorite, but nothing quite drew me into another world like Ocarina of Time. Its amazing graphics and mechanics for the time created a seamless experience that was just unmatched.


Pokemon Gold/Silver: Red and Blue would be on here as well, since they were the original games that started at all, but I feel that Gold/Silver are the crowning achievement of all the pokemon games. Not only do you get twice as many gyms to play through, but the day and night sequences as well as a new batch of pokemon on top of other things made these games the perfect pokemon experience.


Armored Core 2: ACLR would be on here as well, since it's probably the AC game I put the most time in with regards to playing other people online and tinkering around in the garage, but this is the AC game that basically got me into AC. At the time, I never experienced a game where you could spend hours upon hours tinkering your own robot to your personal satisfaction.


Super Smash Bros Melee: The original 64 version could have been on this list as well, but Melee took all the good aspects of the original and added, polished and perfected the ideas behind the game. It played much faster, had more characters and more chaotic stages for even an exponentially larger amount of fun.


Valkyria Chronicles: I consider this to be basically a perfect 40 hours worth of a game. Not many other games get their specifics as right as this one. The art direction, gameplay, story and characters are all incredible, and there's plenty of replay value to be had in choosing different characters for different playthroughs. Perhaps my favorite ps3 game of all time.


Final Fantasy 7: By extension, 8 and 9 both share a similar love from me, but 7 is the ps1 ff that gets the most right. Loved the chocobo breeding, the environments and their art (especially midgar), and I liked the materia system. The story is also pretty complex and well developed.


GTA Vice City: My first and favorite GTA game. The storyline is more dense and rich compared to the ones after.


Fallout 3: really my first real experience of a real open world adventure game, and still my fav. the capitol wasteland was a lot of fun to explore in, and nothing beats the VATs kills.



there's probably some more that I'm forgetting about but I don't feel like remembering, so I'll leave the last spot open for now.

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top 5: picked for their impact on my life and how long ive played them.


cod4 - i met a lot of friends through this game, which range from people irl to people across the globe. incredibly fun and well balanced game that never grew stagnant and had a strong competitive capacity. dicking around was just as fun as playing tryhard, and the game altogether helped me develop quick analyzation and decision making skills. every game before and after in the series could not match the caliber of this game. (about 2500 hours on series)


armored core 2 - first game that really got me into games in general. before this game i was not a big fan of video games. the community, albeit trash for most of the time, was really fun to be a part of, even if i was late to the party. would not have met most of my internet friends without armored core in general. the game also helped me develop artistic and critical analysis skills. (about 5000 hrs on series)


super smash brothers melee - first game that got me into fighting games, if you can even consider it that. its a game that i have no problem playing literally nonstop with a friend for months on end. simplistic party game on the surface with an extremely complex structure underneath which requires perfection in the areas of technical and mental skill sets. (about 2000 hours)


super street fighter 4 - first game that got me into the street fighter franchise. vastly helped me develop mental and decision making skills. also enhanced my trash talking game. its really interesting to be able to analyze and understand the mentality of others and to be able to combat and control them. also fuck tm and fuck blanka. (about 2500 hours on series)


monster hunter series - incredibly fun game that had the unintentional effect of getting me comfortable with tinkering with electronic hardware and firmware, since the old PSP monster hunters were japanese only and I had to CFW the PSP and modify the battery circuit. getting the game to work was as much of a hobby as the game itself (about 1500 hours on series)



top 10: picked because of how enjoyable they were, although not as influential as my top 5


metroid prime (and series) - prime itself was the first time i found myself being drawn in by lore and environment immersion and ive never felt the same way ever since this game. its the most fun ive had exploring a world for sure. the metroid series as a whole is probably the only platformer i enjoy (although cave story is pretty good too).


f-zero GX - to me, this was basically a racing version of AC. it allowed you to build your own ships, decal and paint them, and then race them. very technical as well and very entertaining to play and watch because of it. no other futuristic hover game is as good as this one.


borderlands 1 - when this game first came out, it had a great sense of humor and charm that no other game really had. it was the first great fps rpg, which was great since i liked everything about rpgs except for the combat. in comparison to the second game, the story was lacking, but the games mechanics and loot felt much better. also spent countless hours farming a giant crab for guns.


final fantasy tactics advanced (and series) - only real final fantasy games ive ever played, and probably the only true rpg where i enjoyed the combat. i desipse turn-based rpgs and tile-based rpgs, but i can definitely understand how people absolutely love the franchise for its characters, story, and environment (i thought FF was dumb as a whole before playing these games)


metal gear solid 1 (and series) - probably the first and only game to truly utilize the stealth mechanic and make it fun. constantly challenges the player to think indirectly to solve problems in unique ways, had a fantastic cast of characters, and was unexpectedly funny in its own awkward and morbid ways.



top 15: these games are really fun or unique in some way, and outside of the top 10, ive probably played these the most.


minecraft - i first bought this game back in alpha because it was like survival legos to me, which turns out is a multi-billion dollar combination. very fun to explore, create, and destroy.


demon souls (and series) - both pvp and pve were very entertaining and was a refreshingly "difficult" game compared to other stuff at the time (e.g. ninja gaiden, genji, dmc, etc). it sort of felt like an arcade hack-and-slash to me, but it had so much more depth to it and didnt feel like a damn anime game, which is what ive always hated when i played those games. typical FROM story where no one tells you shit made it more enjoyable than i would have thought. absolutely fantastic environment and level design. dark souls 1 has some of the most beautiful environments ive ever seen in a video game.


metal slug X (and series) - i used to play this game at an arcade a lot with a friend and we actually beat it on the arcade machine a few times. very solid platformer with a great artistic aesthetic. you also get to blow up hitler


burnout 3 - no other racing game can match this game in terms of straight up fun, not even other games in the burnout series. very fast paced game that had just the right amount of arcade feel without feeling like ridge racer. exploding cars was the best part about it. its like a grown-up version of mario kart with a challenging single player and a hilarious multiplayer.


red faction 2 - no other fps can match the creativity of this game, mainly because no other fps lets you dig tunnels and explode map structures with explosions. it was even fun to play with bots, which most fps games arent. maybe its because the bots also look hilariously retarded



honorable mentions



sub culture (was absolutely mind-blowing during its time, and is still more innovative than 90% of current indie games despite being almost 20 years old)

LoZ windwaker (only LoZ game i actually enjoyed. very artistic)

megaman battle network series (its the only megaman ive really played. great combat system)

chivalry: medieval warfare (i have never laughed as hard as i have playing this game jesus christ)

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did u get to play the OG one on nintendo or was that before ur time


its weird but i dont rly fk with metroid prime at all


i fux with metroid OG and super metroid hard tho


also if i got 1 honorable mention pick its Ogre Battle (SNES). Same deal as fe10: basically informs everything creatively that I do now.

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ya i like the first one more than the other ones


mainly cuz the way the story is written in the others bugs me for whatever reason, first one isnt as contrived


the nes one was fucking bizarre man lol and it was so easy to get lost cuz a lot of maps looked the same or close enough


like it somehow did what mgs1 did in terms of gameplay but on the goofy 2D playing field, kind of unbelievable when i think about it now


also the metal gear went down to like 3 mines lol fk it


metroid for nes is a technical marvel lol eternal respect for that game and the staff that made it

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I'm listing twenty. I think my top ten is mostly accurate, but the rest are in no order.


I don't feel like writing about why right now and I'm bad at writing anyway, so that may or may not be a thing.



#1: Final Fantasy Tactics

#2: Dark Cloud 2

#3: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

#4: Mega Man Legends

#5: Mega Man X4

#6: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

#7: Terraria

#8: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

#9: Mega Man X

#10: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

#11: Borderlands

#12: Secret of Evermore

#13: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

#14: Xenogears

#15: Final Fantasy VI

#16: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

#17: Final Fantasy X

#18: Breath of Fire III

#19: Armored Core 2

#20: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


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I'm happy to see the response so far, keep em coming! I am currently working on write ups for mine which is taking time (trying to keep things brief), also I will probably address games at the end I knew I'd inevitably suddenly realize I left out and regret not mentioning at all. I'm just a little short on time atm. Also changed PS2 AC games to Armored Core Silent Line, that is the one I'd be most likely to go back and play.
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this may take awhile…


1. Duck hunt (The highlander of party games)


2. Tekken (at least i think it was tekken… research leads me to believe it was an older arcade game… There was a fucking raptor-cobra thing though and that was enough for me at the time…)


3. Street-Fighter (transitioned from "button masher" to mashing buttons)


4. Mario 64 (I hate to do it but the game has a better open world feel than many modern games Ive played… 117 stars.. fuck you nintendo)


5. SSBM (I'm actually kinda badass at this one)


6. Starfox 64 (likewise…)


7. Mechwarrior 2 (this, a joystick, and a similar demo-disk that I cant recall the title of, took up years of my childhood… the sense of immersion as a kid in the mid 90's was amazing, definitely what got me hooked on PvE gaming and a clear predecessor to armor core)


8. Starcraft (not only was I barely capable of playing the game. I did so with a 28K connection. Friends avoided me. I had a lot of fun with used map settings [golems yo]. Also responsible for teaching me how to type (FUCK. YOU. MAVIS FUCKING BEACON). FUCK YOU.


9. Diablo 2 (sort of like crack cocaine for a 10 year old. Dark times…)


10. SSBB (I was good enough at this one to drive a friend into such an intense fit of rage that he obliterated my copy in the AM of a sleepover. Fucking rich bitch thought he had a shot after getting the game before me… psh)


11. AC4 (so pretty…)




13. *operation desert storm (gritty FPS, good story, great graphics for the time… fun weapons and good friendly AI)


14. *Knights of camelot (another great player+AI game, not too different from dark souls)


15. …damnit… uhh… Greg Hastings (no, not really… but it was a paintball game, and I didn't feel cheated out of my money [bungieodstdestiny])



Other than Duck Hunt, the list is in no particular order. Asterisks indicate a title I'm too lazy to double-check (was too poor/mother is one of those "passive to the point of violence" people [to own a console, or any game involving so much as a nasty stare…] prior to an N64… it wasn't until… fucking… Halo 2 (which should definitely be on the list) that I was permitted to buy a "violent" game… most of these were played strictly at a friends house.

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So much good taste here. I see Cave Story, Hotline Miami, Left 4 dead as an honorable mention, Starcraft. I remember why I keep coming back here. Anyway, let's see if I can get my own list up, in no particular order:


1. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

2. Armored Core: Silent Line (or Last Raven)

3. Dark Cloud 2

4. Megaman Legends

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

6. Portal 2 (if only because they had a bunch of cool mod maps)

7. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

8. Terraria

9. Super Metroid

10. Recettear

11. Faster Than Light

12. Sanctum 2

13. Starcraft: Brood War

14. Megaman X2

15. Final Fantasy 6

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No ranking, just listing for counting.



2. CoD4


4. AC:SL

5. TES Skyrim

6. Conker's Bad Fur Day

7. Dota 2

8. Legend of Zelda OOC

9. Dynasty Warriors 3

10. Resident Evil (GC remake of 1)

11. F-Zero 64

12. Doom II

13. Pokemon Y

14. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 10

15. Extreme G

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I've got games split into tiers, and listed alphabetically within them. Outside of that, I can't really put an order to them, since it would change from day to day. I kinda agree that putting a bunch of games under a franchise banner is kind of cheating so I've avoided that.





Dark Cloud 2 (PS2)

It's everything I like about games in one package. The visuals, environments, mechanics, sound, and sheer amount of content never fail to put me in a good mood.






Monster Rancher 2 (PS1)

I have a thing for monster collection type games, and the MR series has a few hooks that make it really stand out for me. On the console versions, one of those is the ability to get monsters from your CDs and DVDs. Putting in your favourite album and getting a monster from it is an amazing experience in itself, but then you also get to raise that thing until it dies or you pass its genes down to the next generation. The games also have a quirky sense of humour that I really enjoy.


As much as I like the other MR games, MR2 simply does everything a little better than them. It's also the game that got me into the online community for the game, which is something that had a huge impact on me as a person.


Pokemon G/S/C (GBC)

Gen II is far and away the pinnacle of the series for me. The new Pokemon were rad, Johto is an outstanding region, going back to Kanto that first time was hype (even if it is stripped back), and the balance of new mechanics with simplicity just plain works for me. I'd actually put the originals above the remakes. Also, while G/S are playable on the original Game Boy, I find the colour in the games contributes a lot to them for me.






Armored Core: Project Phantasma (PS1)

As tired as I am of AC, the fact of the matter is I can boot up PP almost any day of the week and get some enjoyment out of it. That, and I only managed to come up with 14 games for this list without it. I mean, I had like six or seven others, but I'd need to list them together since I put them at the same level. If nothing else, it probably deserves to be here simply because of how much it's affected my life.


Bubble Bobble (NES)

This is my favourite co-op game. Playing solo is enjoyable too.


Driver (PS1)

It has an old school car flick vibe that I find really cool, and it's just really fun to play. I like the series as a whole, and I kind of think San Francisco is technically better, but the pure focus on driving really draws me to the original.


Final Fantasy VIII (PS1)

I feel weird putting this here. I greatly dislike FFVII because of its shitty story and twat MC, and VIII is probably worse in both of those categories. That said, I enjoy the rest of the cast, and Laguna is one of my favourite characters from any game. I actually enjoy pretty much everything outside of the story and Squall/Rinoa. The soundtrack is easily my favourite in gaming.


Half-Life 2 (XBOX 360)

Pacing and atmosphere are probably the biggest contributors to my enjoyment here. They come together and form a sense of tension that I've never really got from any other game, but enjoy a lot.


Mass Effect (XBOX 360)

The first time I played this game I thought it felt weird as hell. I fought with the character creator, and the inventory management is possibly the worst I've ever seen. An hour in it just clicked and felt right somehow, and everything else drowned out my complaints. There's just so much going on in the game to read about and explore that it's hard to focus on the annoyances. Or maybe it was all the tight armour. Either way.


Monster Rancher Advance 2 (GBA)

While it lacks the disc regeneration of the console games, as well as the depth of mechanics that MR2 has, there's a hell of a lot of MR here. As far as unlocking things and exploring, I think it might have more content than any of the other games in the series.


Pokemon R/B/Y (GB)

Fun, plain and simple. I've never really liked dealing with the Game Corner, Silph Co., and Pokemon Tower consecutively.


SMT: Strange Journey (DS)

The set up really works for me, all the different environments are really cool, and I like the cast of characters a lot. I greatly enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of every dungeon.


Terraria (PC)

I like this for a lot of the same reasons I like Dark Cloud 2, and it really doesn't surprise me that the two games are showing up on the same lists. I'd give DC2 the nod in most categories, especially combat, but Terraria wins by miles when it comes to building things.


Tokyo Jungle (PS3)



In a few ways, TJ is also comparable to MR for me. It has a quirky sense of humour, death and lineage, and just an overall uniqueness to it.


Vigilante 8 (PS1)

Everything about this game is wild. The plot is crazy, the characters are ridiculous, and the gameplay is chaotic. The driving feels great, and I never knew how much it meant to me until I tried the Arcade version on 360, which simply doesn't match up. Above all else, this game has some of the greatest catchphrases ever.


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Vigilante 8 (PS1)

Everything about this game is wild. The plot is crazy, the characters are ridiculous, and the gameplay is chaotic. The driving feels great, and I never knew how much it meant to me until I tried the Arcade version on 360, which simply doesn't match up. Above all else, this game has some of the greatest catchphrases ever.



Did you ever play Rogue Trip?

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driver is a great game

I am the wheelman


Did you ever play Rogue Trip?

Yeah, a bit. I remember it being okay, but maybe more like Twisted Metal? That, and I don't remember multiplayer at all. The MP in V8 was a hugely important part of the experience.


TJ would be on my honorable mention list that shit is incredible, good pick keanu

Damn straight man. No shame in being honourable.

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Updated my list with write ups and honorable mentions, took some time and I kind of got carried away, but at least it was fun for me to reminisce and collect my thoughts. Remind me not to set myself up like this! Contains some personal stories that might be interesting.


I played the hell out of driver 2, never played the first one though.

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