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Your Top 15 Fav Videogames


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Something unrelated completely, but AC1 is becoming a PS1 classic on the PSN.


I've got both Age of Empires 2 and 3 on Steam. Those two are among the many games I have yet to play. Though I think I've played 2 once before...

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I think I'll go ahead and list cod4 as my 15th game to complete my list. It was a tossup between that or skyrim I think but cod4 was just revolutionary for me in shooters. Played so many goddamn hours on that and stayed up to 4-5am so many times during my freshman year of college.
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Having skyrim without the mod community would probably be rather average. Having said that, Skyrim is my first Elder Scrolls game, and it kept me entertained for a good 1-200 hours. Getting to be creative and play around in the creation kit for another 100-200 hours and trying out and enjoying other mods made the experience a complete package for me.
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My top 15? Oh man, let's see.


- Super Metroid

- Shadow of the Colossus

- Portal (1 & 2)

- Armored Core 3 & Silent Line

- Tetris

- Guilty Gear (XX series & Xrd)

- Capcom VS SNK 2

- Extreme G

- Call of Duty 4

- Patapon (1 & 2)

- F-Zero GX

- King of Fighters (2002 UM & XIII)

- Front Mission 4

- Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


There you go, a list of my top 15 games that I can think of right now, all compiled in a list that nobody will read.

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KOF 98 > all


Naw, 2002 UM > 98 because it doesn't have Sports Team, and I can't block that gamera cross up.


crystal chronicles is a weird FF even by FF standards why that game

It's actually really fun if you get a full team of 4 players. Granted, requiring everybody to have a GBA and link cable, most didn't get to experience the game at its best. I should also probably mention I'm not a big fan of the standard FF formula, so that may have contributed to my enjoyment of crystal chronicles.

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deus ex


dark souls

vanilla wow up to wotlk


super metroid

alien soldier for genesis

smash bros melee

fzero x

earthworm jim 1 sega genesis

megaman x2


ninja gaiden black

halo pc

new vegas


good games to mention i guess diablo 2 and starcraft brood war and way too many games to list here

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in order of descent


final fantasy tactics

brood war

quake 3 arena

soul calibur 2 ps2

katamari damacy

jumping flash 2

tekken tag tournament ps2/arcade machine

area 51 arcade machine

warcraft 3


final fantasy 12

neverwinter nights

majora's mask

sonic 2

ultima online

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