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Dark Souls 3


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yeah it'll do that, iirc u can land more than 2 hits with it too but the damage it does is wild low even after they patched it


i haven't tried to use it myself tho so I can't confirm its 100% unusable but honestly me killing ppl with it wouldn't prove much i can kill ppl with most stuff at this point lol

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Whoa, whoa, whoat, what is that sword on the cover?? Thats the kind of sword I've been waiting for.




I still haven't played Dark Souls 3 yet, money isn't the issue, just short on time at the moment.

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I meant the sword sticking out of the ground, now that I look, is that the sword from the bonfire? I haven't played in literal years. Well, as long as Dark Sword still exists, although that sword in the cover is dope. The only sword I remember at the start of DS is broken.
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