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Aesthetics 4 Answer: 1st Generation


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Division 1-MOA

Designs 12

Voting Rules

-Vote for your 3 favorite designs based on looks or the idea behind the look. Clearly indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd place votes, along with their respective design numbers.

-Competittors are NOT allowed to vote for their own designs, and are only allowed to vote on one of the 3 sites in which this contest spans.

-Voting Ends Dec 31, and results will be posted during New Years.



1 Brigadier





2 mac





3 Imagine It’s A Crab Emerging From Water





4 Hazmat Noodle





5 Reconciliator





6 Rush Job





7 Shake My Hand





8 RNGesus 1: Master Of Integer





9 Butter Knife Guisseppe










11 Ø-Hunter





12 Field Commander



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1st- #6 Rush Job


2nd- #12 Field Commander


3rd- #1 Brigadier





I like the overall beefiness of the frame. All frame parts jive with each other, giving the overall build a rounded and muscular aesthetic. The weapons all have warm tones to nicely compliment the paint job, and it’s a plus that the handgun and missiles have a metallic sheen to their appearance. It’s also cool how the vents on the back of the right missile launcher serve as repitition from the vents on the back of the arms, but it’s to obad it’s not the same color. Overall just a tough and mean looking heavyweight—something which I always enjoy seeing in an AC game.




The strongest visual element at play here is the repitition of the barrels at the ends of the weapon arms and the openings in the back rockets, plus the repition of the vents on the back of the weapon arms and on the back of the core. The color may or may not be inspired from Little Mac in Punchout, and it’s nice that the trim on the paint matches the back rockets. Overall this entrant is a solid performer asethetically, but doesn’t stand out enough for my top 3 considerations.



Imagine It’s A Crab Emerging From Water:

The name here gets me more than the actual appearance of the AC, with the key part of the name being the “Imagine It’s.” The weapon arms here do a fantastic job of emulating some key qualities to crabs; rather it’s the openings of the weapon arms taking the appearance of crabby eyes, or the sides of the arms looking like the fleshy innards of prepared crab served as food. Or perhaps the red portion on the sides of the arms could be the rough, scaly carapace of the crab. Either way it’s a very ammusing entrant that places just outside my top picks.



Hazmat Noodle:

Yet another iteration in the Pool Noodle series, when will it end? This one is perhaps the most thematically appealing however, with a frame that looks and is colored like a hazmat suit with big, baggy pants and some big brown boots. It also looks like he’s carrying some military weaponary on his arms and shoulders, as if he’s exploring some dangeous post apocolyptic battlefield or wasteland. The weapon arms match extraordinarly well with the back weapons.




The paint scheme is the biggest attention grabber for me on this AC. The frame and actual weapon choice doesn’t hold my interest too much, but it’s nice looking at all the intricate nuances in the coloring decisions. The color from the back weapons is perfectly meshed with the frame, and the tip of the right arm gun even manages to match the bottom part of the legs. With such deliberate attention to color matching, I foind the somewhat teal hue on the right arm weapon slightl distracting thoguh, and perhaps with a change in right arm weapon, the color underside of the legs could be latered to be a little less jarring.



Rush Job:

The paint scheme on this AC cuaght my eye immediately, and I find it really hard not keep starring at it. No matter the AC game, it’s extremely hard to make something look metallic, and this entrant pulls the metallic look off effortlessly. The weapon arms and joints look like a patinated brass or something similar, which almost gives it a beautiful and charming steampunkish vibe. The base color is a nice neutral that’s analogous to the metallic trim color, and one whose dullness reinforces the sheen of said trim. The blue color also helps create visual appeal by adding more contrast, while at the same time remaining agreeable to the entire aesthetic of the paintjob with a touch of greenish-gray added to it so that it’s not jarringly blue. Overall the paint job is extremely pleasing to look at. The back weapons come off as slightly clashing, but not enough to entirely matter or detract from the overall look of the AC.



Shake My Hand:

I get the idea of emphasizing the Finger weapon part by deliberably foregoing the leg part, and the arms are comically extended out straight as if he’s offering his hand, but at the same time I’m not sure if the aesthetic fully captures the idea behind the name, or if the Finger should be colored the same as the frame or not as if it’s part of the body. Nobody offers a handsdhake with the palm of his or her hand facing down. Also I’m not quite sure I understand the inclusion of the back rockets, even if they do match the paint of the frame.



RNGesus 1: Master of Integer:

The name of the other two randomly generated ACs shared the same acronym as their respective games, so I’m curious about the Integer in this entrant’s name, and why it doesn’t start with an ‘A.’ Title asside, I think this is the most succesful of the RNG series, and it’s nice, that the joint color matches the back missiles. The head part in particular was a nice surprise as well, as its teethly grimace always makes for visually interesting ACs. There isn’t anything too distracting from this AC, but at the same time I’m left wanting more balance out of the back weapons and legs with better matching geometry.



Butter Knife Guisseppe:

Another entrant sporting that same head and weapon arms. The name of this one makes me think of a prohibition era mobster, and the aesthetic of the AC looks like someone biting their lower lip while firing away two guns at the hip. The checkered paint almost looks like a fancy red suit. If only he had a hat to match. The homogonous paint job sortof takes away from the idea, and I’m thinking if the different frame parts were colored differently, he might look like less of confusing blob.




Ok, I get it. It’s nifty that MOA allows you to take pictures of ACs without frame parts that aren’t the core, but this might be a stretch. On one hand it’s hilarious in how much of a stretch it is, as this looks nothing like a Geodude, but on the other hand I would have liked seeing perhaps the big round core used, and skinnier arms. Geodude never had such broad shoulders. In fact, the big round core actually has a ‘face’ on the front of it when used with the right paint patterns, but it’s more of a demon face.




On first glance I was quick to dismiss this one, but upon admring it further I’m actually quite drawn to its overall look. The back weapons flow seamlessly with the paint, and the overall appearance of the frame is one of proudness and ego. This AC stands tall and firm, and even comes off as a top ranker AI AC in my imagination—one who perhaps grieves on rookie pilots with his FINGER. I like painting arena rankers in my head, because it was always fun reading and looking at all the interesting AI rankers in the AC2, AC3, and ACSL arenas. This one was just outside my top 3 picks.



Field Commander:

Perhaps out of the entire crop of MOA entrants, this one seems to have the most carefully considered paint job. The brown and blue hues are easy to look at and quite pleasant just like Rushjob, but offer a bit livelier alternative. The right arm weapon seamlessly matches with the trim on the legs and arms, while the back radar complements the hip armor on the legs quite nicely. The stripe on the inside of the radar even matches the trim of the frame. The frame itself is very rigid looking, with all parts having agreeable geometry and proportion. Overall it’s a very pleasing to look at design, and finds itself at my #2 ranking.

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1st: [#3] Imagine It's A Crab...


2nd: [#12] Field Commander


3rd: [#4] Hazmat Noodle



Here's my thoughts on your bots:




The frame, weapon selection, and colour choices are all really solid. I feel like there are a couple missed opportunities with the way the paint is laid out. TM mentioned the vents on the arms and how they could have tied in with the missile pack, but I feel another one is the spots on the back of the legs that are in red. With some adjustment, they could've been used to tie in the boosters a bit more. As it is, it's not that it's hugely out of place, but hey, details.




I really love that frame and just the size of the bot. I feel like those arms usually look way too big, but they fit really well here. The back weapon adds to the overall frame and this really just comes across as some sort of spider looking monstrosity. I like the paint overall, but it comes across as lazy when compared to some of the other entries. It is, perhaps, a good example of overdoing colour matches.


Imagine It's a Crab...


When I did what the name told me to, I nearly died. This thing threw the biggest punch of any entrant in any of these contests at me. At first glance, I admit that I didn't think it was the nicest looking bot. However, it's super abstract and clever, and once I was clued in to what it's supposed to be, I greatly enjoyed it. It reminds me of a desk ornament. The kind that's usually a fisherman or something.


Hazmat Noodle


It'd be easy to pass over this just because of the name, proclaiming "GODDAMMIT, MR. NOODLE!" as you go, but this is easily the best in the series to me. It's great thematically and colouring and frame fit the idea really well. I also never realized how much of a hard stop you could make with those arms between the limb and gun portion, and I like how it's employed here.




I'm the opposite of TM on this one. I like the frame well enough, and really like the weapon choices, but the paint is detracting a bit for me. It's kind of the opposite of mac; I can appreciate the effort that went into it, and I think it's extremely well done for what it is, but it's just too busy for me. I think the legs, being fairly detailed, contribute to that. The balance of colours top to bottom is really nice.


Rush Job


I find the paint really nice to look at, and I feel like it's balanced enough that it doesn't matter that some of the colours of the weapons and boosters don't match completely. Everything holds together nicely. I also really like the metallic look, especially on the gun barrels. Having said that, I think that frame is one of the best looking combinations possible for an MoA RJ, and I'm not sure the paint makes good enough use of it. Tough call.


Shake My Hand


Cool frame choices and really nice paint, but I actually think this bot would have been better off with legs. I feel like I'm missing something, and so is the bot. I like what is there a lot, though. KORTOK mentioned that 'Pull My Finger' would have been a better name. I agree.


RNGesus 1: Master Of Integer


Building bots randomly is a neat idea that's going to lead to some really shitty results (as seen in later divisions). Sometimes, though, it'll work out just fine. That's what this bot is. A weird mish-mash of frame parts that somehow works because of the neat camo paint and lone back weapon (which manages to match nicely with the paint, surprisingly).


Butter Knife Seppuku


I mean Guisseppe. This is the first of a few bots that has a name which is eerily close to something I considered using. I'm pretty sure the story here is that some spellchecks suggest 'Giuseppe' in place of 'seppuku'. Interesting name aside, the bot itself is fine. The frame is way better than the paint, but it's nice to see MoA camo patterns getting some use.




I can't support TM's thoughts of using the big round core 'cuz GEODUDE doesn't have fat bulbs on its back. No shoulders, either, so an arm change is a no go.




I like the colour match with that back rocket. Not so much with the chain gun, since it just feels like too much of the same colour (even if it is purple). I don't like the frame at all.


Field Commander


Great use of frame parts, especially the legs. I kept trying to make those look good and found it fairly difficult, but this bot pulls it off. Weapon choice is solid, and while I originally thought the missile pack didn't add much, I actually like how it picks up on the barrel of the gun in both shape and colour. The paint here is just fantastic. I wish the angles weren't just a mirror of each other so I could see more of this thing.


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1st: #4 Hazmat Noodle

Definitely my favorite Noodle, and it found its way to securing my first place vote. This design eventually grew on me, I was immediately a fan of the matching arms and back units but it took me some time to warm up to the vibrant yellow of the body. The yellow and overall choice of frame parts indeed fits the Hazmat suit theme easily, I also appreciate the little fact that the "eye" line was removed for more thematic accuracy. The main highlight is how incredibly well the arms match the back units, and from there how well the back units work with the overall shape of the bot, especially the boots. The overall design is eye catching and appealing and the colors really work well with each other. I'm also a big fan of the textures present when accompanied with the respective color choices, all reminiscent of textures found in inhospitable environments where one might need to don a hazmat suit. The rear of the back units and the rear of the core have that fine metal drainage pattern, and the back of the legs have that rippled rubber look. Overall a very eye catching and interesting design.


2nd: #6 Rush Job

This design has a very strong and cohesive presence, with excellent color choices that are placed at all the right spots. The metal look of the barrels and shoulders is very nice, and the blue is just the right shade to compliment the dull brownish metals, nothing is clashing with each other. The paint matches well with the missile pack. The laser cannon kind of stands out on its own a bit, but I'm glad the paint job wasn't sacrificed just to match up with it. It's a nice addition that adds slightly more color variety while still matching the metallic theme and texture of the bot. All of the parts have a very rugged and utilitarian look, ready to wreak havoc, take abuse and be worked on at any time, the name of the bot is very fitting. An easy choice for my second place vote.


3rd: #1 Brigadier

A very pleasing introduction to my initial first viewing of the A4A roster. My appreciation for this bot was instant, mainly due to the colors and eye catching arsenal. The standout feature to me is the excellent weapon choices, the right arm weapon works great with both missile packs, especially the multi missile pack, with the contrasting dark and light shades. The frame is cool and I really like the head, but I feel that maybe the colors could have been executed a little more strategically to correspond with the weapon choices. The general color choices are great, but the shades feel somewhat separated from the arsenal. Overall though it secures a place as my third place vote.

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1st: #3 -- Imagine It's a Crab

Genius design, that's a true artist right there. Able to create such good imagery from pixilated bot parts. Next level designer. Deserves 1st place.


2nd: #10 -- Geodude

Another bot that's been created through genius; Pokemon and Armored Core should be a thing; I want an AC Mega Pikachu in 7th gen.


3rd: #4 -- Hazmat Noodle

Just a good bot overall.

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1 brigadier

its like neat and stuff but the colors are too boring for me and the frame is too predictable. theres nothing special here besides the much needed red coloring. the gun is the star of the show but its not emphasized enough through the use of paint with the other ac parts. at least the frame complements it


2 mac

the green ruins everything here. wuda been great if either the green or the gray were gone but since both of them are present it sucks. frame is so like whatever too. boooooooooo riiiiiiiiiiing






4 hazmat noodle

this is very good take on hazmat series and prob best noodle yet. colors work great and the arm and back unit choice were good points of contrast to the bright yellow hazmat stuff. looks like nuclear equipment, almost fallout esque. i think maybe the legs are a bit too fat tho and the merging of the two concepts into one was a wild choice


5 reconciliator

the colors and the frame and the weapon choice are all great work EXCEPT FOR THE LEGS which shouldve been completely different. those legs have too much going on and are too big, so it takes away from the brilliant work done on the upper half of the ac. there are a whole lot of matching colors everywhere but it all works out because of the variety. those legs suck tho


6 rush job

smart use of frame parts make this ac more interesting than your typical all-blocky or all-round frame designs, mostly because of the arm choice. i like the addition of the turquoise which kinda works with the back units, but the back units dont do a whole lot, especially the camcorder


7 shake my hand



8 rngesus 1 master of integer

this is the first non-nsfw random imgur photo i got







9 butter knife guiseppe

the camo is neat and thats about it






11 0-hunter

the camo isnt even neat


12 field commander

best ac because of how well it was painted and all of the different diagonal angles represented throughout the ac. the leg flaps, the gun, the radar; they all protrude at angles and give the ac a very attractive look. the paint was most likely done to make the gun and the radar work together and it works well. i still dont get the camcorder tho

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