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ACVD Deploy-macy


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Hokaibo KE core

AO8 Venom

Lilith HBP legz


Missile sentry gun

Battle rifle sentry gun


GE-118(or whatever that general generator is)


Wide-angle FCS for sub-unit control

Sticky recon!


God, I made the most retarded emblem for this...


Strategery: Throw down meat(bot?)-shields, pwn with SC weapon arms.


Prototype troller.


-1 for bad pun as name.

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Having multiple sentry guns is pretty redundant. Carrying a HEAT mg to break enemy KE shields would probably be a good idea. Sentry guns also aren't very threatening on their own and more of a supplement to an offense. They can't really effectively create a huge diversion on their own because they die too quickly and don't have amazing damage.
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Yeah but it makes the name sound cool ; _ ;

Also wouldn't they create enough of a distraction to maybe get in close with the Pulse Cannon weapon arms or something?


I made a dual Rail Cannon tank.


EDIT: HBP is just a prototype built for fun, no real PvP use.

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If it's just for your personal fun then there's not really too much point in posting it though? Just trying to offer suggestions to make it more useful.


Pulse cannon weapon arms are incredibly powerful but also usually too short range. People can just back away from your nest of turrets if your only option for direct attacking is a shotgun essentially. You'd want something that forces them to close the distance like a laser rifle.


Dual rail tank is amusing but rails are incredibly difficult to make use of. (if you want my opinions on builds i have a ton of old build videos I put up a few years ago.

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