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Posted 21 May 2018 - 05:15 PM


it was a mid-summers day. A massive hairy chimp sat on his bed. His tighty whities hugging every curve. The smell of body odor stagnated the room. Hollowness filled his heart.
“I fap, y so epty.”
He felt the covers flop over him as his massive body slammed into the bed. His eyes gazed upon his phone. With a flick of his finger the screen came into focus. The big titted anime babe on his wall paper no longer caused his jimmy’s to rustle. Nob now had a void in his life. The endless poundings he gave his meat no longer made him feel whole.
He thought to himself, mebe acu chat be good.
Much to his dismay, the chat was dead. He almost lost all hope when he noticed something.

Surlent is typing…..

Nob waited in silent anticipation.

”@LS Check this card list for me. I think it looks good.”

Nobs heart jumped with joy as activity had begun. He could have friends. He could fill this anime porn filled void.

”Hi suelnt lik animuu.”

Surlent replied “I like anime. Why nob?”

Interested in this persons love for anime he quickly jumped to the question, to try and find a new wifu.

”Hos yur waifu.”

Surlent laughed to himself as he was having a normal civilized conversation with nob for once. He felt some warmth in his anorexic body.

”My Waifu would be..Hmm Misty. Or any chick at least around the age of ten.”

Nob smiled. He knew Surlent couldn’t be serious. No one would admit that in public.

The conversation commenced for over an hour before nob worked up the courage. He tapped on Surlents name and sent him a private message.

”I enjy ur middle skool isults. I thik I lik yu. Umust be so smart.”

This message surprised Surlent. He instantly sat up in bed and pushed his Misty body pillow to the side and rolled her over, before telling her goodnight and kissing her on the back of the…..pillow.

”Why are you so obsessed with me Nob?.”

”bekus I lowly chimp. Yopu get eu fur tsngled.”

Nob quickly sent Surlent a photo of himself in his tighty whities. Surlent blushed, putting his skeletal hand over his mouth.
”Nob. I can’t do this. Misty is laying next to me in bed…That Chimp body though…All that Fur.”

”it kay Srulent. She’s jst a wifeu.”

”I have..I have to ask you one thing nob.”

”ye bayeb?”

”Would you mind If I suck my finger in your ass to try and strike oil?”

Nobs body filled with energy. He had never felt so excited.

”cme se meh.”

”I..I don’t know if I should..I..I love Misty…and Noodles is my Senpai”

”dount werry abut Noodles. He dnst lve yu. An misy a pillow.”

”….fine…I’ll..Just…Just this once…Just don’t tell LS.”

Nob and Surlent traded details. Surlent carefully snuck out of bed to not wake Misty. He carefully covered her up and gave her a peck on the….pillow and rushed out of the house. Once he arrived at nobs door. The door burst open and Nob takes the small anorexic man in his arms nearly breaking him in half. Flopping him over his shoulder and running toward the bed room….


[5:55pm] Noodles: NOB…FITE ME.
[5:56pm] LS: Nah. Adventure isn’t that good Surlent.
[5:58pm] Niji: He is a Nayu now.
[6:00pm]StriferZer0: I jst cme 30 secs ago
[6:01pm]Surlent: Me too <3

The end.
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