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FROM starts talking AC6 (again)

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Posted 11 January 2022 - 10:27 PM

Damn, it sure has been a while, hasn't it? I've looked around a little bit and is this the last of the old AC forums still hanging around?

Anyway, I know FROM has had a history these past few years of assuring everyone that Armored Core isn't dead, and then never bringing it up again while they make BloodSouls 4 or whatever, but this time feels a little different.


Seems FROM has released a survey of sorts to certain individuals, along with some screenshots and video of what they've been working on. No video has surfaced yet, but we've gotten a crummy look at some of the screenshots, and while most of it is hard to make anything definitive out, there are a few that show it's distinctly AC. Seems Miyazaki is planning on utilizing his brand of storytelling to make a big world for this game, as the Souls games and BloodBorne draw heavy inspiration from Lovecraft, this new AC seems to draw heavily from Dune. Though it's still early, no telling how much of that will change or if it's just a rough framework. Either way, after what, 9 years? I'm finally looking forward to AC again.

Armored Core has changed.

It's no longer about recreation, originality or ability. It's an endless series of xeroxed metabuilds, made by copycats and sheep. Armored Core, and its consumption of time, has become a hackneyed ruse. Armored Core has changed. Unoriginal players pilot unoriginal ACs, use unoriginal setups. Overpowered weapons on their mech atrophy and degenerate their abilities. Design copying. Weapon copying. Player copying. Tactic copying. Everything is observed, and then copied. Armored Core has changed.

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