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AC:PP Game Rating, Review, and General Discussion

Harakiri Tiger

ACU Community Rating for Armored Core: Project Phantasma  

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This Rating, Review, and General Discussion topic is focused on Armored Core: Project Phantasma.




To help add a touch of personalization to the ACU Wiki articles covering each AC game, I have decided to add a section in their infoboxes that showcases what the ACU community feels about each game. This section is a rating of the games quality and approval by the ACU community and it is titled "ACU Rating". This rating is based off of a five point scale, ranging from one (a horrible game) to five (an incredible game). Only votes cast using the poll will be counted towards the Wiki's rating system. I will periodically check these topics and update the ACU Rating section for each game. The rating for a game will be the average of all of the votes cast for that game, rounded to the nearest integer.


The other important feature of this topic is to give us a source for the content that will go on each games main article page. This means everyone should write some form of review for whatever part of the game in question they feel like writing for. Even a few sentences giving your view on the games mechanics, story, or part balance can be highly helpful. We need as many viewpoints as possible to help insure the articles accurately reflect community views on the AC games. Also, this helps give us extra material to work with when filling in the main article pages for the AC games.


Of course, you're free to rate and review the games on whatever categories you can think of. If you can't think of anything, I have provided a list at the bottom of this post that can help you with picking things to rate the games on. There are quite a few categories to pick from. You do not have to rate the games using all of these categories, though.


You're free to be as biased as you like and discussion of the AC game in question is highly encouraged.




Rating & Review Category List

  • Overall Game Difficulty - How hard was it to do everything you wanted to do in the game?
  • Default Controls - Did you like or dislike the default controls? Could you customize them?
  • Gameplay Mechanics - Did the way the game handled and the way things interacted in the game appeal to you?
  • New Features - Anything new to the series that you enjoyed or disliked in this game?
  • Bugs & Glitches - Were there any incredibly useful, useless, annoying, or funny bugs or glitches in the game?
  • Storyline Quality - Was the story coherent or entertaining? Were there any memorable moments?
  • Mission Quality - Were the missions fun, entertaining, repetitive, or just downright dull?
  • Arena (If Applicable) - How did the AI handle? Were the fights memorable?
  • Part Balance - Did you feel like the part balance was disappointing?
  • Part Diversity - Was there a satisfying variety of parts, regardless of or in regards to balance?
  • CG Art & Video - How do you feel about the games CG cutscenes and special movie scenes?
  • In-Game Graphics - Did you feel like the graphics and picture quality were sub-par or great?
  • Voice Acting - Were there any memorable voices in the game or voices that really fit their character well?
  • Sound Effects - How were the sound effects? Were they impressive or dull?
  • Background Music - Were there any tracks that played during the game you particularly enjoyed?
  • Multiplayer Mode - Was the multiplayer mode well-done or difficulty to utilize?
  • Other Stuff - Do you have anything else you want to mention about the game?

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Just a commentary on Mechanics.


One of the biggest changes from AC to ACPP was laser blades with Rebel Modification. In AC, the Laser Blades gave off a 1 dimensional glow when they hit an object. In ACPP they actually had a 3-D spherical proximity blast. Moonlight had the smallest one, with the two weakest blades having the largest ones. The LS-3303 became more useful for missions because when fired against the wall, the 3 proximity blasts could do more damage.


In the first AC game, Caterpillars were very underpowered. In order to be effective against other ACs they have to constantly fly, and they weren't able to stay airborne for very long. Project Phantasma introduced the GBX-TL, which had an extended red zone. Other ACs couldn't use it unless they wanted to be weighed down, making it somewhat of an exclusive thing to caterpillars. This allowed Caterpillars to remain airborn for much longer, making them much more viable in PvP in ACPP.

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