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AC:MoA Game Rating, Review, and General Discussion

Harakiri Tiger

ACU Community Rating for Armored Core: Master of Arena  

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This Rating, Review, and General Discussion topic is focused on Armored Core: Master of Arena.




To help add a touch of personalization to the ACU Wiki articles covering each AC game, I have decided to add a section in their infoboxes that showcases what the ACU community feels about each game. This section is a rating of the games quality and approval by the ACU community and it is titled "ACU Rating". This rating is based off of a five point scale, ranging from one (a horrible game) to five (an incredible game). Only votes cast using the poll will be counted towards the Wiki's rating system. I will periodically check these topics and update the ACU Rating section for each game. The rating for a game will be the average of all of the votes cast for that game, rounded to the nearest integer.


The other important feature of this topic is to give us a source for the content that will go on each games main article page. This means everyone should write some form of review for whatever part of the game in question they feel like writing for. Even a few sentences giving your view on the games mechanics, story, or part balance can be highly helpful. We need as many viewpoints as possible to help insure the articles accurately reflect community views on the AC games. Also, this helps give us extra material to work with when filling in the main article pages for the AC games.


Of course, you're free to rate and review the games on whatever categories you can think of. If you can't think of anything, I have provided a list at the bottom of this post that can help you with picking things to rate the games on. There are quite a few categories to pick from. You do not have to rate the games using all of these categories, though.


You're free to be as biased as you like and discussion of the AC game in question is highly encouraged.




Rating & Review Category List

  • Overall Game Difficulty - How hard was it to do everything you wanted to do in the game?
  • Default Controls - Did you like or dislike the default controls? Could you customize them?
  • Gameplay Mechanics - Did the way the game handled and the way things interacted in the game appeal to you?
  • New Features - Anything new to the series that you enjoyed or disliked in this game?
  • Bugs & Glitches - Were there any incredibly useful, useless, annoying, or funny bugs or glitches in the game?
  • Storyline Quality - Was the story coherent or entertaining? Were there any memorable moments?
  • Mission Quality - Were the missions fun, entertaining, repetitive, or just downright dull?
  • Arena (If Applicable) - How did the AI handle? Were the fights memorable?
  • Part Balance - Did you feel like the part balance was disappointing?
  • Part Diversity - Was there a satisfying variety of parts, regardless of or in regards to balance?
  • CG Art & Video - How do you feel about the games CG cutscenes and special movie scenes?
  • In-Game Graphics - Did you feel like the graphics and picture quality were sub-par or great?
  • Voice Acting - Were there any memorable voices in the game or voices that really fit their character well?
  • Sound Effects - How were the sound effects? Were they impressive or dull?
  • Background Music - Were there any tracks that played during the game you particularly enjoyed?
  • Multiplayer Mode - Was the multiplayer mode well-done or difficulty to utilize?
  • Other Stuff - Do you have anything else you want to mention about the game?

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* Overall Difficulty - 7.5 / 10


The game had some hard moments (few inside the single player missions, most in the 2nd disc arenas) but it was a solid balance of fun to play and hard to beat IMO.


* Default Controls - 10 / 10


Everyone made/makes fun of AC old school control scheme, but at the time it was an excellent setup, it wasn't until they added in an additional control feature that utilizing the analog sticks (which on PS1 didn't exist) became smart.


* Mechanics - 5 / 10


As with most AC games, it's just a rehash of something older; the mechanics didn't change much from 1 and PP, not to say that it's an entirely bad thing.


* New Features - 10 / 10


MoA was a solid improvement in every way over Project Phantasma, included in that was the 2nd disc arenas feature (where you could create and program your own AI opponent arena, very cool).


* Bugs + Glitches - 8 / 10


It was an old PSX game, considering that it did very well, occasional disc read errors/freezes where really the only major problem.


* Story - 7.5 / 10


Again, AC is not well known for story, but MoA probably had one of the more enjoyable single player "story-mode" in the series.


* Mission Quality (Single Player) - 9 / 10


It wasn't the best, but its definitely in the top 3 (2/AA, SL, MoA; IMO)


* Arena (If Applicable) - 11 / 10


This is what made MoA and AC in general, with the standard stock arena, then the 2nd disc featurette of arenas, so good.


* Part Balance - 9 / 10


There wasn't to many broken parts, mostly just PLOW nonsense and those bazooka weapon arms that burst fired, those were probably MoA's only "broken" part.


* Part Diversity - 8 / 10


MoA was one of the most diverse AC games, in terms of play styles; you could go LW/MW/HW/Quad/Tank/etc... you could go solid or energy offense, etc.. There was alot of good setups in MoA, which contributed to it's epic multiplayer-ness.


* CG Art + Video - 7 / 10


There wasn't a whole lot of CG, I think the intro and the Ultimate 9-ball scene were it, maybe one or two inbetweeners like the Human Plus CG or something. But whatever, it definitely wasn't on par with PSX era Final Fantasy, but it wasn't bad.


* Graphics - 7.5 / 10


Again, at the time it was good, but not groundbreaking.


* Voice Acting - 5 / 10


There wasn't enough of it for me, most of the acting was pretty bad, lines where cheesey; but it did have a sort of gamer/geek appeal.


* Sounds - 7 / 10


Acoustically pleasing to the senses is what comes to mind when playing any AC game, MoA did suffer the PSX-era sound garble though.


* Music - 10 / 10


The music during the CG scene with Ultimate 9-ball says it all, MoA had some good old fashioned video game music.


* Multiplayer - 10 / 10


Multiplayer in MoA was dope, fucking dope, you didn't suffer PP's broken WA-Finger rages; you had a huge selection of fun maps in MP, although most people played the mine field level to rape tanks (LOL), it was a very fun MP game for sure.


OVERALL? 9/10 - I'll give it 5/5, just cuz I'm a fan.

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  • Overall Difficulty-----------------------------5/5 (good fun for champion arena mode and master arena mode)
  • Default Controls------------------------------4/5 (if MoA could do samething like NX type A control would be good)
  • Mechanics-------------------------------------5/5 (good stuffs, I'll give you five!!!)
  • New Features---------------------------------5/5 (total re-balanced from ACPP and a lot of weapons, that's why I'm lovin' it)
  • Bugs + Glitches-------------------------------5/5 (didn't see any bugs, oh wow)
  • Story------------------------------------------4/5 ("target verify, commencing hostilities")
  • Mission Quality (Single Player)--------------4/5 (ACPP would be better, but this is gonna be ok)
  • Arena (If Applicable)-------------------------4/5 (much more good arena map, especially for parking)
  • Part Balance----------------------------------4/5 (I think it's very balance....but that's long time ago....)
  • Part Diversity---------------------------------5/5 (one and only series that have machine bazooka arms)
  • CG Art + Video-------------------------------4/5 (long time ago, still awesome....but less than I thought)
  • Graphics---------------------------------------5/5 (nothin' much but simply and so fast)
  • Voice Acting-----------------------------------5/5 (for JP version)
  • Sounds----------------------------------------4/5 (good enough for more than 10 years ago game)
  • Music------------------------------------------5/5 (9)
  • Multiplayer------------------------------------3/5 (because I didn't play for multiplayer that much in this series)

so, it's about 4.5/5

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I'd overall give the game 8/10 in every category. It was just that pinch of near perfection held back by limitations of the time.



* Overall Difficulty

Oh the game was difficult. I never struggled too much with it, but it really challenged you in later missions. Sometimes it was a graphical thing that made it hard to navigate, but I never once ragequit from it.


* Default Controls

I love the controls they give you. It allows me to properly utilize each weapon while giving me time to switch to another weapon. It's a funny phenomenon. I switched it around a tiny bit though to suit my taste.


* Mechanics

I don't have a thorough comment on the mechanics. The game was playable, that's good enough for me.


* New Features

BIG step up from Project Phantasma. I saw alot of part changes, not to mention the fun as hell arena which brought some unique challenges. All I did was fight on the moon though and spam FINGER until I got my staple AC made.


* Bugs + Glitches

It was a PS1 game. Thus it was prone to glitches that I found sometime in the game. But From didn't let too many slide. They didn't ruiin the game for me.


* Story



* Mission Quality (Single Player)

Properly blended missions, some a little difficult, others a breeze, but in there some challenges worth the while.


* Arena (If Applicable)

The arena was hard, due to most of the opponents cheating. But it's technically beatable. And it makes you feel accomplished for doing so.


* Part Balance

MOA did a good job of balancing compared to Phantasma. If they kept the FINGER at 5000 ammo and who knows how much damage, this category would be down the flusher.


* Part Diversity

Not really alot of parts to choose from compared to the newer AC games, but they did add up to a proper lineup.


* CG Art + Video

I love watching the opening Cinematic. They did a fine job luring me in, and I wasn't disappointed.


* Graphics

What can I say? It was blocky, but still had a polish. I'm glad they improved circa Ps2 though.


* Voice Acting

Don't really remember alot of the voice acting, but I do remember Nineball telling me about his mission. He delivered it in an epic fashion. That alone makes me give this a decent score.


* Sounds

I've heard better sounds in Captain Blasto and Crash Bandicoot, but then again, it's hard to make giant robots clanging and exploding sound decent. MOA did pull it off though.


* Music

Such good times. I think I'd rate this category above the others, if only they had a bit more tracks of music. The guy behind this is a genius with the chords.


* Multiplayer

Never played MOA multiplayer. But if it's like AC and PP, then it surely doesn't dissapoint.





Yeah. So overall, I'd get this game again if given the choice. I wanted to give the game a perfect score because I love it so much, but I wanted to be really honest with this review.

Edited by Pendragon
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I give this game all in all a 4.75/5


Some of the Arena ACs were Sooooooooo annoying like OMG annoying.

The missions did get harder as you progressed.

The "Make your own AI Arena" was really cool.

Second Arena was a win in my book as well.


MOA was one of my fav AC games.

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  • 3 years later...

Rating & Review Category List

  • Overall Game Difficulty - 9/10
  • Default Controls - 8/10
  • Gameplay Mechanics - 10/10
  • New Features - 8/10
  • Bugs & Glitches - None found.
  • Storyline Quality - 9/10
  • Mission Quality - 8/10
  • Arena (If Applicable) - Lets just say that myself(AI) beat me(ME!).
  • Part Balance - 9/10
  • Part Diversity - 8/10
  • CG Art & Video - 10/10
  • In-Game Graphics - 10/10
  • Voice Acting - 7/10
    Sound Effects - 7/10
  • Background Music - 10/10
  • Multiplayer Mode - 7/10
  • Other Stuff - That's pretty much it.

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