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Srash/Shiny's Rambles > Drills, yo

Posted 29 September 2014

Here's a dream I had last night, go nuts.

This dream, it first began with me sitting in a class of students, nothing much special really going on. Everyone was waiting for class to begin, and the outside world seemed relatively empty. Then suddenly, a group of people in costume appeared, one who...

Srash/Shiny's Rambles > Written things are written

Posted 06 September 2014

I wrote this thing when I should've been sleeping yesterday, and here it is. It's like.. Some kind of strange half-breed between a fiction, poetry, and something lyrical? I have no idea.

Titled: Red Raven

Where you fly, I will soar,
While you die, I am more,
I tell you, I don't lie,
I am the Armored Core.

The fight goes on, long and...