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Atari's Blog > D3@ Sinai.

Posted 17 September 2010

Sept 13th 2010.Ever wonder what it's like to see a person constantly under body breaking pain?I have, meet sickle-cell disease (http://en.wikipedia....le-cell_disease).21/F/African American.She came in because she needed some work done on her stomach region,patches kept popping off cause she was moving too much.I've yet to hear a person...

Atari's Blog > D2@Sinai

Posted 03 September 2010

D2 Aug/30th/010

As much as awesome the last visit was,this one was more or less of a joke.I finally know what it's like on a day where the hospital is a ghost town.It mostly consisted of me,pap and a few of his friends on youtube drinking lukewarm coffee and stale muffins.

It would seem it's only this ward though,the other ones were seeing work...

Atari's Blog > Day One.

Posted 27 August 2010


As a part of my education,I am to be a intern at a top hospital in Baltimore.(See Sinai @ http://en.wikipedia....feBridge_Health)

I had a family member in the upper branch say a kind word or two for the internships that many hospitals in Baltimore occasionally have.Mainly though one...