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thief... 16 November 2015


I'd been robbed last night....

my first time ever, and I don't wanna been robbed again. (and I bet nobody want it too)

last night, I felt asleep around 2.15 AM.....and it seems like that guy came at 3-5 AM...dunno for other countries, but did you know, that time I said is the most easiest time if you wanna steal something.......but robber isn't good bro

(he got my money and many keys in my wallet, luckily, he still leave my ID card and all of card stuffs.....so....I think I met a good guy thief huh)

but remember, robber is robber! and he make me anger............for while.
what I gotta do next is "much concerned about protection and how to do it"
and one thing, he comes and he goes and I didn't got any feeling when/how he comes and he goes.....

I don't wanna said he's good but he's good....on his job, "robber"

after I told this, someone might be said I hadn't been robbed before and it should be fine...

think again! I'm still fine and he just got my few stuffs, that's bad but still fine...but you never gotta be sure next time would be alright like this.

protect before it's too late.



Pie, Nov 16 2015 03:17 AM

hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo whole damn house

Best of luck in preventing future robberies, and thanks for the reminder.