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Prologue 02 March 2004


Humans, also known as “us”. For a very long time, we have lived on the surface of our planet Earth, spreading out and colonizing all its corners. Technological and biological advances were developing ever onwards, but like everything in life, once something reaches a threshold, it is time for it to break.

Political and economical dissent triggered a third world war that sent every single living entity on earth either underground or to meet its maker, thanks to the apocalyptic amount of nuclear bombs that had been triggered. A large portion of humanity was able to hide in a huge network of underground cities known as “Layered”, taking refuge from the nuclear fallout that would plague Earth's surface and poison everything that would come in contact. Isolated from the sky, unable to communicate with any other possible survivors, a new society built itself in “Layered”. Fearing that human interest would cause another disaster, a very advanced and sophisticated computer known as “The Controller” was built to supervise this portion of humanity's journey through their underground isolation.

This super computer surprisingly allowed Corporations to emerge, and even promoted warfare amongst them, but limited down to a certain scale. Was it a defect in the computer's calculations? Know one knew. Thus, three groups emerged as the leading protagonists of the corporate wars: Mirage, initially an industrial machine manufacturer, Crest which begun as a bioengineering group, and Kisaragi a group that specialized into computer manufacturing. All three rose to great power and extended their grasps into various parts of the market, eventually building themselves small armies capable of high-tech warfare. Eventually, the ghosts of the former causes that led to Earth's downfall re-surfaced. Crest was able to manufacture the first Muscle Tracer, more commonly known as “MT”. A mechanized robotic vehicle able to perform various tasks. Further refining of the technology yielded the highly efficient, but very costly machine known as the “Armored Core” or “AC”, basically, a Muscle Tracer with extremely good performances, and the ability to be modified at ease.

Armored Cores were too expensive to mass produce, and eventually seemed doomed to remain experimental prototypes. But a certain set of individuals saw in them another future that could re-shape the “Corporate Wars” as it was known as that time. A set of non-affiliated billionaires, with the help of all the corporations, created the organisation known as “Global Cortex”. The latter's role would be to act as an intermediary between the Corporations and the hired elite mercenaries known as “Ravens”, men and women who piloted Armored Cores, fighting for money, glory or for the thrill of being in one of these rampaging machines of death. But some also aspired to the “freedom” that Ravens had. Indeed, they did not have to worry about being under the constant command of a certain corporation. Ravens could simply go back and forth between any Corporation, remaining loyal to one if they wished to, changing client if they desired to change.

Global Cortex quickly met an astounding success. The Corporations constantly sought the Ravens' aid, to the point that at times, one corporation would hire a Raven, and its rival another one to counter the move. AC parts were on high demand amongst Global Cortex's Ravens, and the Corporations were more than willing to sell them all their latest creations. Finally, many signed up to be Ravens, recruits flooded in everyday to become elite mercenaries, but the test was very rough and difficult, very few made it past the final exams. This was still enough to maintain the pool of high quality warriors that Global Cortex needed to continue its operations.

As the population in layered grew larger, people had to drill their way farther to expand the space available, so that more houses or agricultural fields could be established to sustain the ever growing needs of this underground society. Eventually, new findings were made, vestiges of old technologies, etc...

The Corporation Kisaragi was especially fond of researching old technologies. One of its main obsessions was to upgrade the already forbidden technology known as PLUS. An enhancement that was bestowed on Ravens that gave them over worldly reflexes and would allow them to perform maneuvers in ACs that would exert to much stress on a normal human's mind and body. The operation had a cost though, there was a very high chance of damaging the subject's mental cohesion, and a wide plethora of unknown secondary effects could plague the user. The chances for these problems were very high, explaining why no one wanted to take the risk of becoming PLUS Ravens.

Kisaragi enhancement program that would make PLUS less dangerous was known as the “NEO-PLUS” program. Standard PLUS upgrades often required implanting cybernetics all around one's body. NEO-PLUS's first aim was to reduce the amount of cybernetics, as it became widely approved that the negative effects of the upgrades often came from these artificial implants.
But every venture in science is more than often plagued by un-ethical methods and dangerous experiments. Kisaragi test's subjects ranged from animals to humans. Most of them weren't volunteers, and had been dragged secretly from their normal life and imprisoned in special research facilities. Perhaps, one of the most despicable part of the NEO-PLUS development program was the usage of children.

It is in one such facility that 3 people who were fated to change the world met for the first time. Their story is one of the lesser known amongst the history of Ravens, for they themselves were “errors” that were never supposed to exist.



Neko Arc Chaos, Feb 09 2010 01:24 PM

I like where this is going. Especially you gave me a cameo in your.. excuse me "our" story. Hah.Great job with foreshadowing, but make sure that you run your stuff through spellcheck. You'll know what I mean. Again Good job and keep it up as I will also be posting a chapter of my story broski.

Harakiri Tiger, Mar 12 2010 09:10 PM

When do I get to sell more liquor in this story? I need money, yo!

megaboy332, Sep 09 2010 01:50 PM

Yum, bullets