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ACU Rules

1.) Respect the opinions and beliefs of others. This doesn't mean you can't debate them or make counter-points. It means that you shouldn't flame them or make a post attempting to shoot them down by just saying that they're dumb or stupid. Provide a reason for your counter-points and don't incite a flame war. This rule is subject to forum level leniency.

2.) Do not make hate posts. A hate post is an insulting post that is personally directed at another member with no purpose besides insulting them or defaming them. These are also referred to as flame posts or as bashing. Abide by it.

3.) Avoid posting spam. Spam is considered to be a pointless post or topic that achieves nothing other than clutter the forum or topic it's posted in. Spam posts hinder serious forum activity. They turn members off of topics and spam topics make it difficult to find topics that members actually want to read. This rule is subject to forum level leniency.

4.) Do not post or link to pornographic images. Images may contain near nudity if it is without nipples or genitals showing. Please try to keep things relatively safe for new members. If a picture is capable of getting someone in trouble, try labeling it as Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or mentioning that it is graphic or questionable. Consider putting it inside of SPOILER tags.

5.) Harassment of other members over the PM system will not be tolerated. Keep your personal/private messages to others in check. Don't send them things they may not like and don't harass them by flooding their PM box with spam. Abuse of the personal messenger is not acceptable.

6.) Do not multi-account. Please do not make multiple accounts. Multiple accounts confuse members and cause difficulty in proper tracking of members for moderators. They also falsely inflate the forums statistics, which is not approved of here at ACU. If you need to change your login ID to ACU, just send Niji a PM. Remember that most bans are not permanent, so don't make another account to get around one. You are only setting yourself up for an IP ban by making a second account to get around a ban. Just say no to multi-accounting.

7.) I run this forum. This may sound cocky but realize that it's me, Niji, who has control of this forum. Think of it as a dictatorship. The reason I am making this clear is because sometimes members of forums think it's alright to break the rules or make pornographic and hate based posts and then try to back them up with the Constitution of America (First Amendment), or that the Internet is not serious business, or simply because they feel like it. That doesn't apply here. I make the rules. I decide what is and is not serious business on this website. Why? Because I've dedicated hundreds of hours to this site's existence as well as a significant amount of money.