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Rush Hour!

Posted by Harakiri Tiger, in Armored Core Universe 30 January 2010 · 2,200 views

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So, I haven't been able to work on ACU at all in the past two days since I was reformatting my PC and adjusting everything to the custom settings I like. I've barely gotten anything done at all and probably shouldn't be typing up a blog post, but I need to take a bit of a break. Procrastination is a part of my DNA, I think. I look for reasons to do it all the time.

I still need to upload all my PS2 AC savegame data for the Downloads section, a bunch of images to the Gallery, fix some skins for the Forum and make them visible to the regular members, find and install the "Who's in Chat?" modification, customize and modify all the networking sites main pages, and maybe do something on the Wiki.

Topping all of that off, I still need to make a large sum of posts on the forum. It's completely blank right now! Haha. No guide posts or rules or anything. The best blank slate forum on Earth, I suppose. Kakumei is finishing up the Homepage and Arena right now, and I probably need to make an example Arena Ranker page, too.

Anyway, off to work I go again! Gotta get something done at least!

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