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Fragrant's Photo Fragrant 19 Oct 2012

Now that your that far, I wanted to point out that the way the "evil centiped" aka Skull Reaper made his grand entrance was similar to Demon Centipede's in Dark Souls, yet, Sword Art Online was written back in 2001/2002, that very scene occuring in volume 1, which leads me to believe Dark Souls made homage to that scene from the novel.

See the similarities? Plus the fact that you can dual wield swords and now theres a long coat similar to Kirito's in Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss Edition. Expect a lot of "Kirito builds" to pop up in Dark Souls.

Magnus's Photo Magnus 22 Oct 2012

Bugs drop from ceilings all the time. Spiders have been doing that since the middle ages.

Also Kirito builds will be trounced because LOL TWO KAT

Chris Mckibbin's Photo Chris Mckibbin 12 Mar 2013

The complete second season was a joke. Honestly found the first season watchable but then "LETS MAKE EVERYONE FAIRYS!" happened. Even after that for some ungodly reason I finished it. There is absolutely no plot development, they even toss in BrotherxSister just for the hell of it, which was nice for laughs but past that was pointless. Maybe the manga is diffrent, but if a third season gets made I'll be staying far away from it.

Magnus's Photo Magnus 13 Mar 2013

Admittedly, there are a few enjoyable scenes in the fairy shit, namely the demon transformation and the fight with that red super guy.

Those're the only parts I remember from it.


people really like this for some reason

System's Photo System 09 Apr 2013

Have the entire thing in 1080p... The moment it's dubbed my wallet will be empty.

Just thoroughly enjoyed the whole Nerve Gear aspect of it as well, WHICH is the the same universe as Accel World?

Accel World makes reference to the Nerve Gear being old technology in a later episode I believe.


youre late

soa has been deemed retart'd

System's Photo System 10 Apr 2013

Too late, I like it!

Thanks for the reply though.

Magnus's Photo Magnus 10 Apr 2013

If you like the ending or fairy part as a whole, you are pretty retart'd.

System's Photo System 10 Apr 2013

View PostMagnus, on 10 April 2013 - 10:10 AM, said:

If you like the ending or fairy part as a whole, you are pretty retart'd.

Oh, hello friend.

The Fairy-arc was a little lame, and yeah, the ending was... convenient.
I guess the first half of the anime was where it's at for me, in Aincrad.

petforces's Photo petforces 03 Jan 2017

Second season made me not care if there would be a 3rd.

Vers's Photo Vers 22 Jun 2017

Skull Reaper would be an interesting ACVD build... Quad legs and Kumos anyone?

EDIT: Lots of Sinon emblems floating around and I desperately need one.
VD on the 360 anyone???
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Pie's Photo Pie 22 Jun 2017

All my AC titles are on PlayStation.

Vers's Photo Vers 24 Jun 2017

Foal legs and white Kumos could work... White paint scheme, red glow with the hi-res parts?

And if anyone can direct me to anyone that knows anyone with a Sinon emblem, will anyone let anyone know?

Fragrant's Photo Fragrant 27 Dec 2017

Pale Rider was like a lightweight with a shotgun.