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Armored Core Universe


I want to delete my save data to start aga...

Noctiviant's Photo Noctiviant 14 Oct 2012

But deleting save data nor game data removed it and I can't figure out where to remove the "save" data as it just downloads it again

Aokiryu89's Photo Aokiryu89 14 Oct 2012

It's probably because the games servers save your online data on it's own so even if you delete all your data offline it will be restored by your online data. Only way to stop it would be to create a new PSN ID. My brother started his own game that way and he doesn't have any of the data I had, no preorder bonuses or anything.

Why would you want to delete your data anyways?

Harakiri Tiger's Photo Harakiri Tiger 16 Oct 2012

ACV saves data to the distributor's server, so it can't be deleted by the user.