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Emblem Banners Displayed in the Workshop

Phromethius's Photo Phromethius 07 Dec 2012

I keep seeing videos of emblem creation or AC builds that show on certain workshops the emblem on a banner behind the AC. I have several million AU and looked at buying all the extra features in the workshop I currently have but I can't find the feature to show this. Is it a special workshop template only? I know its a dumb insignificant question but I'm a long time AC fan from since before Project Phantasm, OG Armored Core. Emblems are as important as the builds in my opinion. I like the immersion it offers.

Pendragon's Photo Pendragon 30 Dec 2012

If you're referring to AC5, then what you're looking for is the workshop customization panel. When you're customizing your AC, there should be a panel that allows you to change the environment it's currently in. Just poke around there and eventually you'll find an option that lets you change the scenery, including the props in it. One of them will be the emblem banner.

I believe it costs some AU to buy them, but that stuff practically gets given away in most missions.
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Phromethius's Photo Phromethius 04 Jan 2013

I have no idea whats going on! lol. Just wanted to see my emblem in the Workshop. I guess it might be only in certain ones. I'll check later on. I need to get more active online, only my current team is next to dead.

Aokiryu89's Photo Aokiryu89 04 Jan 2013

Depends on which workshop your using, the first one where you are out in the middle of nowhere with a flimsy fence does not have a display emblem. Pretty much all of the other ones do though.