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Nescient's Photo Nescient 25 Nov 2017

1. Dbolt

2. Skorzagaan

3. ???

Honorable mention:


I'll try to fill out this idea with ideas to inspire more ideas since thats more or less been my roll in groups for the last month....

Regardless, I think its very interesting how 5th gen AC goes about grouping its player base into different regions and sub-divisions into 20 person teams. There are very few genuinely good leaders out there (in the human population and videogaming in general) but in spite of the minuscule populace in which we play Int server has been blessed by some very good, powerful, leaders that each in there own way helped me get through some tough games.


Flourish and cross posting later....


Pie's Photo Pie 19 Dec 2017

It's a dead game though.