Armored Core: Last Raven (Arena)

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This is a list of all of the arena combatants and arenas in Armored Core: Last Raven.

VR Arena

Pilot ID AC Name Rank Bet Pot Unlocks Notes
Daemon Lucifer 1 300000c 600000c CR-YC010/UL2 Middleweight, two-leg AC design with an overall high level of performance. The unit's close-range aerial combat ability is exceptional.
Moody M. Nova-RG 2 280000c 560000c YH12-MAYFLY Middleweight, two-leg model built for speed and agility. Unit is capable of carrying out deadly high-mobility attack runs using its equipped laser rifle.
Moonlight Neon Might 3 260000c 520000c WR22PL-OGRE2 Tank-leg AC with excellent long-range combat performance. The unit's arsenal includes multiple energy-based weapons capable of inflicting heavy damage.
Susando April Fool's 4 240000c 480000c YA10-LORIS Hover-leg AC model designed to offer balanced performance stats. The unit is highly mobile and performs best in mid-range encounters.
Code: Crimson Baby's Breath 5 220000c 440000c WH04HL-KRSW Middleweight, two-leg AC design that completely forgoes defensive stats in favor of increased attack capability. Unit performs best at mid-range.
Certainty Grim Beast 6 200000c 400000c YWH14PU-ROC4 Quad-leg AC model equipped with an abundance of hard-hitting weaponry. Close-range attacks using a grenade launcher are its forte.
BJ Cascade Range 7 190000c 380000c Nothing Middleweight, two-leg AC model wtih exceptional handling performance. The unit's diverse weapon load out enables it to fight effectively at any range.
Barry Maxx B. Boss 8 180000c 360000c Nothing Heavyweight, two-leg design that is more about style than function. Unit equips some hard-hitting weapons, but is lacking in defense and mobility.
Caricature Life Is Mine 9 170000c 340000c Nothing Lightweight, two-leg design equipped with a devastatingly powerful blade. The unit's mobility enables it to run circles around opponents.
Crezner Broken Stone 10 160000c 320000c Nothing Heavyweight, tank-leg AC bristling with a wide selection of hard-hitting weapons. Lack of mobility is offset by the unit's exceptional firepower.
Sir Fire Dirty Slime 11 150000c 300000c CR-B83TP Middleweight, two-leg design built to achieve a healthy balance between mobility and firepower. Weapon load out is geared toward mid-range combat.
Big Fat Daddy Paradiso 12 140000c 280000c Nothing Heavyweight, reverse-joint AC design emphasizing defensive capability. The unit performs best when engaging opponents from mid-range.
-1 Quartz Clock 13 130000c 260000c Nothing Lightweight, two-leg AC designed as a high-speed, quick-strike unit. Poor defense stats prevent it from faring very well in prolonged encounters.
Reverse Scarlet Spider 14 120000c 240000c Nothing Heavyweight quad-leg design built to withstand a great deal of punishment. Unit is capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage at close-range.
Flip-Flop O-Micron 15 110000c 220000c Nothing Middleweight, two-leg design equipped with a sheild and various solid round weaponry. Unit's firepower effectively raises opponent's temperature levels.
Warlord Ticktock 16 100000c 200000c ANANDA Lightweight reverse-joint AC equipped with missile launchers for long-range battles and machine gun weapon arms for short-range fights.
Mr. Keepless Jetter 17 90000c 180000c Nothing Middleweight, two-leg AC design with respectable firepower and good close in rushing preformance. Overall mobility is somewhat lacking.
Prilissa Merciless 18 85000c 170000c Nothing Exceptionally quick hover-leg AC design specifically geared toward mobile combat tactics. Capable of executing relentless attacks from mid-range.
Zorro-X Rabbit's Foot 19 80000c 160000c Nothing Middleweight, two-leg AC design with emphasis of offensive performance. Over relaince on its two high-powered energy weapons has proven troublesome.
Mal & Dal Jackpot 20 75000c 150000c Nothing Heavyweight reverse-joint AC design equipped with hard-hitting bazooka weapon arms. Unit's energy defense capability is relatively low.
No. 2448 Crow Predator 21 70000c 140000c CR-YWH05R3 Middleweight, two-leg model with high performance ratings in nearly all areas. Weapon diversity enables unit to engage targets effectively at any range.
Gabe Glow Bad News 22 46000c 92000c Nothing Quad-leg design outfitted with heavy firepower weapon arms. Mobile combat maneuvers and electronic contermeasures are used to trip opponents up.
Allure Killer Beagle 23 42000c 84000c Nothing Tank-leg AC design with emphasis on solid-round defense performance. The unit's grenade launching weapon arms are capable of inflicting heavy damage.
Toothpick Fracture 24 38000c 76000c Nothing Lightweight, two-leg model equipped with auxillary boosters. Equipped laser rifle offers good firepower, but doesn't mesh well with the lightweight design.
Genie Ninja 25 34000c 68000c Nothing Lightweight, two-leg AC design that performs well close-range combat situations. Primary weapons are core EO and left-arm equipped laser blade.
Leanoro Warp Time 26 30000c 60000c CR-WH01HP Lightweight reverse-joint AC design that uses missiles as its primary means of attack. Mobile combat tactics help keep opponents guessing.
Rugbey Vion Relic II 27 16000c 32000c Nothing Heavyweight, two-leg AC designed for long-range combat. The unit's lack of speed is offset by its well-rounded weapon selection.
A.U.Rick Marigold 28 14000c 28000c Nothing Hover-leg AC design that achieves a good balance between mobility and offensive capability. Unit is most deadly when attacking from mid-range.
Quota Alie 29 12000c 24000c Nothing Heavyweight, two-leg model with relatively poor armor ratings given its weight designation. Close-range combat offers its only hope for success.
SKA Trigger Happy 99 30 10000c 20000c Nothing Middleweight, two-leg AC equipped with guns on both left and right arms. The setup has potential, but targeting is something that still needs work.

EX Arena

Pilot ID AC Name Unlocks Notes
Evangel Oracle CR-WR93RL Middleweight, two-leg design featuring a well-balanced weapon load out. Solid round EO weapon system adds to the unit's overall firepower.
G. Faust Panzer Messiah CR-WH01SP Constructed using a variety of older generation parts, this particular AC design has respectable mobility and performs well in close-range battles.
Caspian Raging Torrent IV YASYA Heavyweight, two-leg model possessing superior defensive stats. The pilot varies his attack strategies by using both EO and orbit cannon weapons.
Green Horn Hotspur YWH07-DRAGON Tank-leg AC design primarily equipped with energy-based weapons. Armament selections enable the unit to engage targets effectively at any range.
Jack-O Foxeye WB18M-CENTAUR Heavyweight, two-leg model emphasizing firepower. The unit is equipped with a high-powered laser rifle and performs well in mid-range battles.
Jouster Heaven's Ray MF04-COWRY Middleweight, two-leg AC built to achieve a high ATK rating. The pilot utilizes rapid strike tactics to make up for the unit's low defensive stats.
Cerberus Garm Niflheim YC08-ICURUS Heavyweight, two-leg AC with balanced performance specifications. The unit is equipped with an OB function to improve its overall mobility.
Mollycoddle Pinch Beck CR-WH01SP Middleweight, two-leg design that is equipped with grenade launchers on both shoulders. The unit's accuracy diminishes in long-range battles.
Mumu Metis YH14-STING Lightweight, two-leg AC equipped with a parrying blade. Part load out makes the unit light and agile, but doesn't provide much in the way of defense.
Sorcerer Banshee CR-WA91MSM Middleweight, two-leg AC model that utilizes weapon arms as its primary means of attack. Unit is capable of inflicting heavy close-range damage.
Shade Stratus CR-LHT92 Heavyweight tank-leg AC equipped with a variety of solid round weapons. The unit has good close-range attack performance, but poor mobility.
Principal Sundial WH10M-SILKY Hover-leg AC design built with an emphasis on mobility. While equipped with multiple weapons, the vertical missiles are this unit's hard hitters.
Bolt Thunderstrike JIKYOH Heavyweight reverse-joint AC that is equipped with a wide range of energy-based weapons. The laser cannon on the unit's back can inflict heavy damage.
Rim Fire Bullet Life WH03M-FINGER Quad-leg AC model with impressive close-range damage potential. Attacks launched using both machine guns simultaneously are truly devastating.
Triturate Vigilance WL-MOONLIGHT Quad-leg AC model equipped with laser weapon arms. The unit's overall combat performance rates as average, but its weapon arms do pose a real threat.
Vola-Volant Sudden Drop CR-YC99UL Lightweight, reverse-joint AC unit designed with extended flight duration in mind. The AC's part load out limits its close-range attack performance.
Wanton Busker Gambit KANGI Hover-leg AC design that performs extremely well in long-range, ground-based combat situations. The pilot is adept at using weapons on the fly.
Crow Sight Hawk CR-H95EE Lightweight, two-leg AC design built for fast-paced aerial combat. The AC's superb mobility makes it difficult to track during pitched battles.
Zinaida Fascinator YWH16HR-PYTHON Middleweight, two-leg model offering balanced stats as well as excellent mobile battle performance. Pilot is a deadly close-range combatant.
Zuben El Genubi South Nail YH15-DRONE Lightweight, reverse-joint AC design that has excellent boost duration performance. Pilot launches airborne attacks using the unit's linear rifle.
Ω Clown Face CR-H05XS-EYE3 Heavyweight, reverse-joint model AC equipped with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Pilot makes use of ECM pods to keep opponents off guard.

Versus Arena

Pilot ID AC Name Notes
A.I. Bipedal-S TR-Liger Middleweight, two-leg AC design with above average performance specs. Unit's firepower is most effective at close-range.
A.I. Reverse-S TR-Elk Lightweight, reverse-joint AC design that offers improved flight endurance capability. Weapon load out makes it especially effective at long-range.
A.I. Quad-S TR-Alligator Quad-leg AC configuration possessing exceptional defense stats. Machine guns are the unit's primary means of attack and are highly effective at close-range.
A.I. Tank-S TR-Buffalo Tank-leg AC design that places heavy emphasis on firepower. Weapon load out is adaptable to all ranges, but is best suited to close-range combat.
A.I. Hover-S TR-Orca Hover-leg AC configuration designed to achieve exceptional mobility. Unit performs best during extended, long-range combat situations.
A.I. Bipedal TR-Serval Middleweight, two-leg AC design that emphasizes balanced performance specs. Diverse part load out enables unit to perform well at any range.
A.I. Reverse TR-Muntjak Heavyweight, reverse-leg AC model with emphasis on defense against solid round munitions. Energy weapon defense specs are a weak point.
A.I. Quad TR-Gecko Quad-leg AC model that uses hard-hitting solid round weapon arms as its primary means of attack. Combat style emphasizes mobile ground-based maneuvers.
A.I. Tank TR-Anoa Tank-leg AC outfitted with a high-power laser rifle. Overall design is somewhat specialized, leaving the unit lacking in the areas of mobility and EN defense.
A.I. Hover TR-Dolphin Hover-leg AC configuration designed for endurance above all else. Offfensive capabilities center on energy-based weaponry.