Armored Core: Master of Arena (Part List)

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This is a list of all of the parts in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
HD-GRY-NX 14700c 232 218 Default Economy unit with good shields but no optional equipment.
HD-01-SRVT 26500c 122 350 Shop Head unit with built-in bio sensor.
HD-2002 29000c 156 457 Shop Head unit equipped with radar function.
HD-X1487 19000c 166 420 Shop Full range of sensors but without the auto-map function.
HD-REDEYE 41100c 146 538 Shop Equipped with a radar and an enhanced auto-map function.
HD-D-9066 43200c 138 657 Shop Full range of options and good EG shields.
HD-06-RADAR 51800c 145 875 Shop Equipped with wide-area radar and various options.
HD-ONE 68100c 161 304 Shop Fully equipped with wide-area radar and all options.
HD-08-DISH 33200c 133 716 Shop Equipped with an enhanced auto-map function.
HD-ZERO 22500c 185 431 Shop Equipped with radar function and enhanced shock protection.
HD-G780 82500c 393 723 Shop Provides good protection against energy based weapons.
HD-HELM 63200c 134 793 -- Well-balanced unit with improvements made to all existing functions.
HD-H10 81000c 261 332 -- Heavily armored unit designed with defensive strength in mind.
HD-4004 44100c 139 628 -- A design-oriented model with low basic functionality.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
XCA-00 61500c 1103 1046 Default Standard core unit with average performance overall.
XCL-01 88000c 885 1380 Shop Electronic warfare core with many slots for special equipment.
XCH-01 72000c 1384 873 Shop Heavyweight core with an excellent shoulder load and heavy armor.
XXA-S0 122000c 784 1273 Shop Test model. Lightweight, but with low AP.
XXL-D0 115000c 910 1120 Shop Test model that represents the next generation standard.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
AN-201 15300c 1054 877 Default Low energy consumption version of the AN-101.
AN-101 19000c 1228 1006 Shop Normal arm units with average performance.
AN-K1 49000c 905 930 Shop Reduced-weight arm units with full AP and shields.
AN-D-7001 23000c 1445 1512 Shop Average arm units with enhanced performance.
AN-3001 39500c 1612 1258 Shop Middleweight arms with maximum energy shielding.
ANKS-1A46J 42100c 2120 1415 Shop Offers maximum AP but interferes with some parts.
AN-863-B 34000c 1726 1394 Shop Weight is increased for added durability.
AN-25 28400c 853 682 Shop Lightweight type arm units with better performance.
AN-891-S 854200c 1790 1290 -- High-defense model equipped with armor shielding.
AW-MG25/2 54500c 1193 78 Shop Can strafe with 4 rifles at once.
AW-GT2000 48600c 1415 92 Shop Dual Gattling guns can concentrate high-speed rounds at a single point.
AW-RF105 77600c 1530 106 Shop 2 cannons with incredible firepower.
AW-30/3 56400c 480 377 Shop Fires 2 rounds of 3 small missiles for a total of 6 missiles.
AW-RF120 67200c 1827 137 Shop Enhanced dual cannons. Somewhat fewer shots.
AW-S60/2 66600c 762 420 Shop Fires 2 rounds of 2 missiles at once for extra shots.
AW-XC5500 83600c 1688 547 Shop Energy weapon. Fires twin laser bursts.
AW-XC65 98500c 1905 625 Shop Energy weapon. Fires two plasma rounds.
AW-DC/2 188500c 1805 220 Shop Dual grenade launcher.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
LN-1001-PX-0 25000c 1892 1844 Default Balanced humanoid legs for combat on all terrain.
LN-1001 28500c 1966 1725 Shop Balanced, standard humanoid legs.
LN-SSVT 44000c 1528 2338 Shop Light, fast humanoid legs but with low load capacity and AP.
LN-3001 52200c 3137 2206 Shop Heavily armored humanoid legs with high load capacity. Poor speed.
LN-501 71800c 1675 2910 Shop Has the shield performance and load capacity of a middleweight.
LN-SSVR 32400c 2750 2013 Shop Lightest of the heavily armored humanoid legs.
LN-1001B 45200c 2305 1889 Shop Enhanced variation of the LN-1001.
LN-3001C 64100c 3528 2418 Shop Best AP and shields among the humanoid legs.
LN-S3 75000c 2300 2050 -- Lightweight model, but without sacrificing defense or load capacity.
LN-502 35800c 1790 2466 Shop This middleweight has reduced weight without sacrificing performance.
LN-D-8000R 49000c 2426 2350 Shop Humanoid legs with special anti-energy weapon armor.
LN-2KZ-SP 118000c 1820 3034 Shop Able to carry heavier loads, but AP is sacrificed.
LNKS-1B46J 48000c 3065 2304 Shop Shock absorbing structure reduces recoil from shell hits.
LB-4400 17300c 2520 1400 Shop Standard reverse joint type. Good maneuverability and inexpensive.
LB-4401 31800c 2910 1456 Shop Best overall performance of the reverse joint types.
LB-4303 24000c 2647 1585 Shop Increased ground contact area for enhanced shock absorbing capacity.
LB-1000-P 20500c 2095 1228 Shop Phenomenal maneuverability but low load carrying capacity.
LBKS-2B45A 27000c 2480 1703 Shop Deluxe type with enhanced shielding against energy weapons.
LB-H230 56000c 3458 1848 -- New reverse joint model featuring enhanced load capacity.
LF-205-SF 42600c 2137 2810 Shop Standard four-leg type. Top-class maneuverability.
LFH-X3 56000c 2400 2988 Shop Energy gauge recovers quickly when halted.
LF-DEX-1 69000c 2650 4016 Shop Increased load carrying capacity requires vast amounts of power.
LF-TR-0 92000c 2593 3358 -- Enhanced speed while retaining defensive properties.
LFH-X5X 82000c 2880 3584 Shop New four-leg type pushes the specs to the limit.
LC-MOS18 16000c 4182 978 Shop Maximum load carrying capacity but poor speed and weight.
LC-UKI60 25500c 3860 1104 Shop Economy wheeled truck type with finely adjusted performance.
LC-HTP-AAA 38500c 2915 2877 Shop Has performance near that of a four-legged type.
LC-MOS4545 59000c 3610 2609 Shop Dreadfully durable monster machine.
LC-HTP-H5 64000c 3056 3140 -- Enhanced hover tank with increased speed and maneuverability.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
B-P320 10800c 208 28 Default Low priced but seems a bit underpowered.
B-P350 13700c 162 33 Shop Economy type with high power but high energy consumption.
B-T001 34000c 149 30 Shop Achieves both enhanced power and low weight at the same time.
B-T2 31500c 235 38 Shop Power itself is low but offers the highest efficiency.
B-P351 25500c 288 41 Shop High-performance model with both high power and energy consumption.
B-VR-33 48500c 255 35 Shop Maintains the top-class power to achieve good efficiency.
B-HP25 52500c 186 35 Shop Small lightweight model. Low acceleration, but efficient.
B-PT000 62500c 301 52 -- Power on demand. For rapid approaches and retreats.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
COMDEX-C7 11100c 14 24 Default Maximum of 4 lock-ons, average performance.
COMDEX-G0 22500c 14 24 Shop Maximum of 4 lock-ons, fast lock-on.
COMDEX-G8 16400c 14 24 Shop Maximum of 6 lock-ons, long-distance lock-on.
QX-21 20300c 8 12 Shop Maximum of 1 lock-on, short lock over a wide area.
QX-AF 35700c 10 16 Shop Maximum of 2 lock-ons, short lock.
TRYX-BOXER 48100c 10 19 Shop Maximum of 3 lock-ons, vertical sight.
TRYX-QUAD 63000c 18 38 Shop Maximum of 6 lock-ons, horizontal sight.
QX-9009 96000c 24 55 Shop Maximum of 6 lock-ons, longest lock distance.
FBMB-18X 108000c 21 65 Shop Maximum of 6 quick, wide area lock-ons.
RATOR 129000c 18 75 Shop Max lock-on 2, suitable for long distance missiles.
P/CV 96000c 24 55 -- Wide area model well suited for close to mid range encounters.


Part ID Price Weight Unlocked Notes
GPS-VVA 19500c 308 Default Low in both power and capacity. Wide red zone.
GPS-V6 32000c 363 Shop Load increased to nearly twice that of the GPS-VVA.
GRD-RX5 23300c 225 Shop Balanced-performance generator.
GRD-RX6 27800c 286 Shop Performance not bad, but the equipment is so-so.
GRD-RX7 38700c 348 Shop Very good power, but poor stamina.
GBG-10000 43500c 398 Shop High power provides a high selection of equipment.
GBG-XR 56000c 452 Shop Custom-made unit having both power and capacity.
GBX-TL 38000c 1582 Shop Large output and capacity, offset by its heavy weight.
GBX-XL 139000c 975 Shop Modified GBG-XR. Above average efficiency.

Back Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
WM-S40/1 18700c 245 245 Default Pod that fires single small missiles.
WM-S40/2 23000c 337 320 Shop Fires up to 2 small missiles at once.
WM-S60/4 28800c 520 349 shop Fires up to 4 small missiles at once.
WM-S60/6 38100c 583 353 Shop Fires up to 6 small missiles at once.
WM-MVG404 31000c 620 280 Shop Pod that fires single missiles.
WM-MVG802 44000c 718 220 Shop Fires up to 2 missiles at once.
WM-L201 46200c 835 180 Shop Powerful large missiles fires singly.
WM-X201 32250c 720 250 Shop Multi-warhead missile that scatters warheads in flight.
WM-X5-AA 19300c 616 85 Shop Drops 8 ground attack mines. For Experts.
WM-X10 24800c 939 105 Shop Drops 16 powerful ground-attack mines.
WM-P4001 43800c 755 320 Shop Fires 2 left or right curving indirect attack missiles.
WM-PS-2 66700c 1125 360 Shop Fires 2 up-curving indirect attack missiles.
WM-AT 256800c 1507 382 Shop Most powerful missile in an AC's inventory.
WC-T0100 86200c 725 290 Shop Lots of ammo, but low attack power.
WC-SMSS24 118300c 655 308 Shop Mortar shell. Launches vertically.
M118-TD 96300c 455 0 Shop Additional ammo. Increases a weapon's ammo capacity.
WM-MVG812 54000c 1016 300 -- A heat-seeking missile that tracks its target.
WM-X15-EX 86000c 580 330 -- Plasma mortar.
WR-S50 15900c 218 8 Shop Carries 50 small rockets.
WR-S100 32400c 846 15 Shop Carries 100 small rockets.
WR-M50 27600c 677 13 Shop Carries 50 rockets.
WR-M70 36500c 718 24 Shop Carries 70 rockets.
WR-L24 29460c 805 18 Shop This rocket has the greatest firepower of any single weapon.
WC-CN35 32750c 593 11 Shop Fast reloading rifle. Easy to use.
WC-ST120 56000c 827 6 Shop Fires 7 simultaneous shots that scatter over a wide range.
WC-LN350 41800c 425 8 Shop Burst-fire type weapon emphasizing firepower over number of shots.
SC-GN230 75200c 1230 8 Shop An AC's symbolic weapon that mows down enemies in a firestorm.
WC-XP4000 61000c 318 364 Shop Energy weapon. Reloading ion cannon.
WC-XC8000 78700c 1110 455 Shop Energy weapon. Fires plasma rounds.
WC-01QL 69500c 273 618 Shop Energy weapon. Laser cuts down enemies.
WC-SPGUN 89500c 912 10 Shop Fires a seven shell spread.
WC-IR24 159500c 1006 806 Shop Triple barrel energy weapon.
RCA-01WE 12100c 210 243 Default Old-style antenna but still holds up well in use.
RZ-A0 17900c 480 387 Shop This radar uses 2 dishes for enhanced enemy-search capability.
RXA-99 14500c 160 267 Shop New-type radar permits an even wider area to be searched.
RXA-77 23000c 125 274 Shop This radar can detect the approach of homing missiles.
RZ-A1 33000c 433 403 Shop Expands the enemy-search range up to the current technological limit.
RZT-333 27700c 343 451 Shop Combines both missile detection and wide-range search capability.
RZ-BBP 40900c 454 566 Shop Highest-quality radar with highest-class performance.
RZ-Fw2 82100c 352 826 Shop Wide forward search area.
WX-S800/2 69400c 1650 415 Shop Fires 2 missiles with 1 lock-on.
WX-S800/GF 90900c 1110 656 Shop Fires 6 missiles with 1 lock-on.
XCS-9900 94500c 1480 310 Shop Fires 2 multi-warhead missiles simultaneously.
WX-ED2 74000c 1350 750 -- Simultaneously fires two plasma bursts.
WX-C/4 138000c 1670 905 -- Laser cannon that can simultaneously fire four linked laser cannons.

R. Arm Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
WG-RF35 11400c 415 6 Default Standard portable rifle. Suitable for various missions.
WG-MGA1 14000c 370 4 Shop Fast-reloading solid round machine gun. Low single-round firepower.
WG-MG500 28400c 458 4 Shop Enhanced version of the machine gun with higher firepower.
WG-AR1000 42300c 516 8 Shop Most powerful portable type machine gun.
WG-HG235 19000c 170 22 Shop Wide scatter-shot pistol. Very short range.
WG-RF/5 41500c 295 5 Shop Long-barrel sniper rifle.
WG-RF/P 33100c 308 4 Shop Superior firepower and range, but low reload rate.
WG-HG512 26200c 324 10 Shop Lower performance but inexpensive.
WG-FG99 58300c 352 9 Shop Close-in combat gun shows off its true worth in hand-to-hand combat.
WG-B2120 59740c 778 13 Shop High firepower but slow-moving bazooka fire is easily avoidable.
WG-B2180 75900c 905 16 Shop Ultra-attack bazooka for betting it all on one shot.
WG-XP1000 46000c 188 246 Shop Energy weapon. Noted for its long range and reload speed.
WG-XP2000 61500c 265 285 Shop Energy weapon. Emphasizes its long range and number of shots.
WG-XC4 51000c 686 308 Shop Energy weapon. High firepower and energy consumption.
WG-1-KARASAWA 75000c 1120 422 Shop Energy weapon. Powerful but heavy.
WG-RFM118 95000c 512 10 Shop Improved fire speed.
WG-XFwPPk 132000c 998 395 Shop Rapid fire energy weapon.
WG-HG1 72000c 283 52 Shop Upgraded hand gun.
WG-PB26 113000c 681 34 Shop Grenade launcher, powerful but has limited ammo supply.
WA-Finger 275000c 150 120 Shop Very powerful for close-in combat.
WG-HG770 59000c 210 64 -- A scattershot handgun with improved target accuracy.
WG-XW11 61000c 547 451 -- Laser rifle that is capable of firing two simultaneous shots.
WG-RF/E 71000c 412 156 -- Sniper rifle with significantly increased bullet velocity.
WG-MG500/E 56100c 415 10 -- A new machine gun that fires energy rounds.

L. Arm Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
LS-2001 11500c 123 28 Default Infinitely reusable laser blade.
LS-200G 29000c 181 45 Shop Powerful weapon exclusively for close-in combat.
LS-3303 37200c 224 43 Shop Enhanced blade weapon. Both power and energy consumption are higher.
LS-99-MOONLIGHT 54000c 336 93 Shop Blade weapon with more than twice the power of conventional blades.
LS-1000W 67500c 212 71 -- An irregular blade that emits an energy wave.

Optional Part

Part ID Price Required Slots Unlocked Notes
SP-MAW 14200c 1 Shop Adds a missile display function to the radar.
SP-JAM 26000c 3 Shop Regularly generates pulses that disable missile lock-ons.
SP-M/AUTO 12900c 1 Shop Fires a missile automatically on full lock-on.
SP-ABS 29600c 1 Shop Reduces the recoil from shell hits.
SP-SAP 31800c 1 Shop Reduces the recoil of cannon fire.
SP-CND-K 21000c 4 Shop Increases the number of capacitors in the generator.
SP-AXL 24000c 2 Shop Shortens the lock-on time.
SP-S/SCR 33000c 2 Shop Reduces damage from solid rounds.
SP-E/SCR 38500c 1 Shop Reduces damage from energy rounds.
SP-EH 45000c 1 Shop Increase the burst fire rate of energy weapons.
SP-E+ 45000c 1 Shop Increases the firepower of energy weapons.
SP-DEtq 245000c 5 Shop Reduces energy weapon consumption by half.