Armored Core 2

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AC2 Box Art
Armored Core 2
General Information
Console PlayStation 2
NA Publisher Agetec
NA Release Date October 24th, 2000
AC Game Engine 2nd Generation
AC Story Arc 1st Era
Predecessor AC:MoA
Successor AC2:AA
ACU Rating 4 / 5

This is a placeholder page for the article that covers the production information, description, story, missions, mechanics, parts, general concepts, and all other information directly related to this game. Please use this page as a guide.

This header section should contain any production information regarding the game that this article is named after, as well as the console or consoles it was released on. Consider listing any abbreviations it may use.


This section should contain a basic description of what the game is about. The picture, sound, and CG quality should be mentioned. It's general reception by the dedicated fanbase, both competitive and non-competitive, and the mainstream community should be mentioned here as well. Don't forget to comment on the games generation and era.

Also, the text and information on the back cover of the game should be located here.


This section should contain any story elements that the players will know about when starting the game or within one half-hours worth of playing the game. Do not comment on the resolution of major events or main characters!

Major Characters

Comment on the amount of characters and whether they are solidly or weakly presented. When listing characters, first list any major corporations or superpowers that are key to the story then make a separate list any major characters and their biography beneath that. Do not list anything that happens to them over the course of the game!


  • Government Agency - A major superpower that regulates the corporations to protect the welfare of the populace.
  • Major Company - A company that produces AC parts and is trying to take over the world.
  • Minor Company - The people who probably make the best parts in the game.


  • Protagonist - The player character. Who is this person? What is known about them?
  • Operator - The person who updates the Protagonist's information during missions. What is known about this person?
  • Random AC Pilot - Why should he be mentioned in this article?


General comments on any major traits of the games engine or of the games concepts should be made here. Don't forget default control scheme options and usability of those control schemes. Also, any major differences between the mechanics of this game and the mechanics of previous installments, or latter installments, of the Armored Core series should be listed.


This section is for commenting on the special features of the game engine, such as Bugs and Glitches. Also, it is for listing and commenting on the formulas that the game uses for determining booster speed, damage reduction, energy regeneration, etc.


General commentary on the missions and their layouts, entertainment value, and difficulty can be made here. Also, give the total mission count available in the game.

A complete list of missions for Armored Core 2 is available here: Full Mission List


Explain how the arena system in this installment of Armored Core works. List the number of arenas or if there even is an arena of any kind to begin with. General commentary on the arena combatants and whether they unlock parts or special items in game should be made here.

Also, give the total arena combatant count available in the game.

A complete list of arena combatants for Armored Core 2 is available here: Full Arena List


Parts Per Category
Head 12
Core 6
Arms 23
Legs 31
Booster 7
FCS 10
Generator 8
Radiator 8
Inside 7
Extension 8
Back Unit 32
R. Arm Unit 25
L. Arm Unit 9
Optional Part 16

Give the total part count available in the game. Then, comment on any major new part categories or stats, when compared to older installments. Do not make a list of parts on this page.

A complete list of parts for Armored Core 2 is available here: Full Part List

Intro Video


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