Armored Core 2: Another Age (Part List)

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This is a list of all of the parts in Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ZHD-GE/0HR 25700c 114 350 Default Lightest model. Well balanced.
EHD-GN-92 33800c 378 702 Shop Heavily armored defensive type.
EHD-NIGHTEYE 49700c 197 680 Shop Advanced computer & mapping head.
EHD-GARD 19300c 156 405 Shop Battle type with fine balance.
ZHD-06/RW 30500c 253 480 Shop Inexpensive head equipped with radar.
EHD-ONE-NT 52400c 188 982 Shop Universal multi-role head.
ZHD-8008/S 41500c 179 431 Shop Head with wide range search radar.
ZHD-AG/TURRET 44700c 197 538 Shop High AP head stressing the basics.
ZHD-MO/EGRET 89000c 204 308 Shop Stable, high end head by Zio.
ZHD-2000/SV 38400c 131 1045 Shop Lightweight, multi-function head.
EHD-DOME 52100c 294 457 Shop High energy defense. Quite heavy.
EHD-WACS 73300c 145 611 Shop Has all functions. Low basics.
EHD-SCOPEEYE 64000c 237 674 Escort AC Parts Transport Enhanced version of the EHD-NIGHTEYE.
ZHD-102/ROCK 57700c 481 278 Zearm Desert Superb quality and defense, but heavy.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ZCX-F/ROOK 99800c 1016 1083 Shop Standard Zio model with many slots.
ECM-XR00 62200c 1100 1055 Default Standard Emeraude model.
ECL-ONE 89000c 754 1320 Shop Mobile battle type. Low defense.
ZCL-XA/2 110000c 889 1553 Shop Lightweight core with great basics.
ZCH-GR/1 74000c 1322 973 Shop Balanced heavyweight core.
ECH-D4 105000c 1516 884 Shop High defense but very few slots.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ZAN-414/SLA 23800c 1400 1510 Shop High energy defense. Medium weight.
EAN-S0 14800c 1056 881 Default Entry-level Emeraude model.
EAN-CEX 19500c 1238 1396 Shop Good value. Easy to use.
ZAN-616/AUR 37000c 1347 1204 Shop Stable, medium weight Zio model.
EAN-2112 24200c 1243 920 Shop High shell defense & high AP.
ZAN-202/TEM 21200c 854 684 Shop Low Weight. High AP & energy defense.
EAN-02-BG 57000c 887 855 Shop Stable and popular Emeraude model.
ZAN-303/S 36500c 698 793 Shop Low defense. Very light.
EAN-1111 48800c 906 932 Shop Light. High defense.
ZAN-707/E 44000c 1684 1278 Shop Heavy Zio model with great basics.
EAN-MWZ 30500c 1527 1100 Shop Well-balanced & affordable.
ZAN-004/B 62600c 2020 1420 Shop Very Heavy. High energy defense.
ZAN-AX/VISE 34700c 1490 1694 Shop Great left arm weapon support.
EAN-MHKS 57000c 1790 1373 Shop Heavyweight with high shell defense.
ZAW-2/SAMURAI 128000c 1418 86 Shop Dual blade for close battles.
EAW-MG-03 58500c 1530 85 Shop Dual machine gun.
EAW-BZD 67700c 1325 109 Shop Dual bazooka.
EAW-DC10 127800c 1733 240 Shop Dual grenade launching cannon.
ZAW-XP/T9 82100c 1694 491 Shop Dual high density plasma cannons.
ZAW-SPLASH 76400c 1960 675 Shop Laser cannon version of the slug gun.
ZAW-LC/NPM 94000c 1830 820 Shop Fast dual beam cannon.
EAW-H801 116000c 1920 420 Shop Fires superheated missiles.
EAW-S604 99000c 1275 377 Shop Rapid fire missiles with fast lock.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ZLN-XX0/TP 25000c 1888 1844 Default Standard bipedal legs.
ZLN-XA1/FA 53700c 2655 2350 Shop Advanced energy defense systems.
ELN-2002AT 35000c 2113 1313 Shop High shell defense.
ELN-02A 39000c 1975 1782 Shop Stable Emeraude signature model.
ZLN-XA2/FF 45600c 2310 1899 Shop XA1 adjusted for better balance.
ELN-02SLD 51200c 2500 2470 Thorn Garden XA1 adjusted for better balance.
ZLN-EK1/SRRT 46700c 1429 2398 Shop Light bipedal. Unstable but popular.
ELN-701 68000c 1990 3824 Shop Light with higher load capacity.
ZLN/WA02/SS 72000c 1675 2840 Shop Light high defense Zio bipedal.
ELN-070 67000c 1880 3444 Horwick Mts. Lightweight, high load capacity bipedal.
ZLN-2A/GR 45600c 3070 2313 Shop High energy defense.
ELN-STVM 65000c 3428 2414 Shop First class AP & load capacity.
ZLN-9001/A 54200c 2850 2220 Shop Zio heavy legs. Very stable.
ZLN-01/BARREL 78800c 2688 2551 Whiteland Heavyweight bipedal with good mobility.
ELB-A1001 18000c 2490 1412 Shop Least expensive reverse joint legs.
ZLB-3322/OP 32200c 2649 1489 Shop Standard reverse joint legs.
ELB-5005B 30200c 2074 1285 Shop Lightest reverse joint legs.
ZLB-7744/VAT 41000c 2877 1715 Shop New heavy armor reverse joint legs.
ELB-XXE-LAPIN 46000c 2920 1568 Shop Heavy. High stability & cooling.
ZLF-TR05/INTS 63000c 2493 3310 Shop Most mobile of all quadrupeds.
ZLF-A3/CARM 37000c 2450 2996 Shop Low energy usage. Good cooling.
ELF-DEX-2F 42000c 2573 3225 Shop Standard quadrupedal type.
ELF-SOC61 84200c 2890 4005 Shop Highest energy defense of quadrupeds.
ELF-XX33 78700c 2650 3570 Shop High load capacity. Heavy.
ZLC-M2/PIKE 36000c 3027 3116 Shop Fast. Low defense & AP.
ELC-MLK0303 15000c 4178 978 Shop Inexpensive. High shell defense.
ELC-D1S1 59000c 3636 2625 Shop Extremely high load capacity.
ELC-HTT0808 25700c 2972 2922 Shop Hover propulsion type.
ZLC-C04T/CYOR 74000c 3120 3085 Shop Excellent energy defense.
ZLR-K196/RJ 31000c 2188 2425 Shop Celebrated first floating type.
ZLR-EE/STOL 49000c 2584 2664 Shop Basic model. Stable performance.
ZLR-MOC200/FG 67000c 1900 3572 Shop High load capacity.
ZLR-TII/BUD 84000c 2650 2871 Shop High speed type. Great mobility.
ZLR-ZIO/MATRIX 125000c 2675 3122 Shop Zio's new flagship model.
ZLR-ARROW 97000c 2477 2954 Lost Field Designed with high top-speed in mind.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
EBT-GE 11000c 204 27 Default Cheapest. Low output & energy use.
EBT-GE2100 13500c 164 33 Shop Advanced type. Light & higher output.
ZBT-H4/T 75000c 235 38 Shop Balanced output and energy use.
EBT-V55 31700c 150 30 Shop High efficiency by careful energy use.
ZBT-Z1/ARTERE 44000c 312 41 Shop Powerful model with highest output.
ZBT-GEX/3000 62800c 255 35 Shop High power model with adjusted output.
EBT-GR4300 52700c 186 35 Shop Low energy use but low output as well.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
DOX-105 11000c 16 24 Default Standard single type. 5 locks max.
DOX-125 22800c 18 24 Shop Standard multi type. 2 locks max.
DOX-PG2 16600c 16 24 Shop Longer lock range. 12 locks max.
LODD-8 20300c 8 12 Shop Wide area multi type. 2 locks max.
DOX-ALM 36000c 10 16 Shop Wide area single type. 4 locks max.
VERTEX-750/W 47800c 12 19 Shop Vertical type. 6 locks max.
LODD-BLAZER 62000c 18 38 Shop Horizontal type. 12 locks max.
VERTEX-124/EE 97000c 27 55 Shop Long range single type. 8 locks max.
LODD-QHT 110000c 37 65 Shop Wide area multi type. 12 locks max.
DOX-ELENA 92000c 18 75 Shop Longest lock range. 2 locks max.


Part ID Price Weight Unlocked Notes
GPS-VA 20500c 305 Default Most economical. Lowest capacity.
GPS-VN2 33400c 360 Shop Successor to VA. Higher capacity.
GR-XR/15000 23700c 228 Shop Lightweight high capacity model.
GR-XR/SEED 28000c 238 Shop Lightweight high output model.
HOY-B999 48000c 348 Shop Well balanced model.
HOY-B1000 45000c 398 Shop High output model. Small red zone.
GPS-BVX/10 57000c 650 Shop High level with stable performance.
HOY-BV2500 38000c 980 Shop Very heavy, but powerful capacitor.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
RPS-MER/SA 18700c 125 124 Default Least expensive model.
RRX-COT-1000 24000c 267 135 Shop Popular version for normal use.
RBG-CM6 29800c 153 201 Shop Popular version for emergency use.
RPS-MB/MKD 37500c 376 329 Shop Revised SA. Good for emergency use.
RPS-MER/A3 65000c 325 354 Shop Normal & emergency. Very pricey.
RRX-COT-1550 56000c 288 760 Shop High quality & high energy use.
RRX-COT-GK10 74900c 482 442 Shop High level with stable performance.
RBG-CLX5000 49000c 775 525 Shop Good quality. Very heavy.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
INW-DEC-OOA 12700c 101 110 Shop Fires a decoy for enemy missiles.
INW-DEC-MQ2 25900c 162 180 Shop Increased number of decoys.
INW-EM-RRD 44000c 295 240 Shop ECM to disrupt enemy locks.
INW-DM-PUPPET 38000c 143 210 Shop Fires a dummy for enemy radar.
INW-DM-MV 45000c 223 180 Performance Evaluation Dispenses a mobile, radar duping dummy.
INW-BD-X22 15400c 133 85 Shop Powerful bomb explodes on impact.
INW-BD-XVX 19800c 158 105 Shop High energy bomb explodes on impact.
INW-DM/R11 52800c 298 190 Shop Floating mine explodes on impact/time.
INW-RV-08 37000c 149 78 Scissors Forest Small, backward firing vulcan.
INW-DM-PRT 62000c 415 280 Lost Field Dispenses a small orbit weapon.


Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
BEX-BB210 17900c 140 243 Shop Quick boost moves you back quickly.
BEX-BD150 14500c 165 267 Shop Quick boost moves you down quickly.
BEX-BT180 14500c 154 258 Old Gal Quick boost for rapid turns.
BEX-BRM-04 130000c 390 252 Shop Fires support missiles. More ammo.
BEX-BRM-02 65000c 289 128 Shop Interlocks to fire support missiles.
EEX-AM45 27700c 174 130 Shop Detects & homes in on enemy missiles.
ZEX-RS/HOUND 10900c 231 181 Shop High quality missile interceptor.
BEX-BAMS-287 57000c 285 117 Shop Multi missile interceptor.
ZEX-AL/REX 34000c 270 148 Shop Laser-based missile interceptor.
BEX-AA00 49000c 132 4 Rapture Additional armor for improved defense.

Back Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
EWM-S602 18500c 245 245 Default Fires up to 2 small missiles at once.
EWM-S608 34000c 337 320 Shop Fires up to 8 small missiles at once.
EWM-S612 58800c 543 549 Shop Small missile with more locks & ammo.
EWM-NAP-02 58800c 420 285 Probe Balena's Defenses Fire missiles that ignite on impact.
ZWM-M24/1MU 69000c 710 353 Shop Fires missiles with multiple warheads.
EWM-M444 76000c 655 290 Shop Missile fires straight up & then down.
EWM-M03 44000c 496 324 Old Zam Fire up to 3 missiles at once.
ZWM-M55/6 53000c 741 203 Balboa City Fire up to 6 missiles at once.
ZWM-M24/1MI 87300c 620 285 Shop Fires 4 missiles at once per lock.
ZWM-LD2/1DA 43500c 715 313 Shop Fires 2 missiles at once per lock.
XWM-GT/00 64000c 600 422 Destroy Security Detail Launches a low trajectory missile.
EWM-FIN-BOO 196500c 1700 634 Shop Large, powerful missile with low ammo.
ZWR-S/60 22200c 305 8 Shop Small rockets with lots of ammo.
EWR-M60 46000c 625 15 Shop Fires 3 small rockets at once.
ZWR-M/30 39000c 390 12 Attack the Airbase Carries 30 rockets.
EWR-M40 48000c 568 18 Neo Isaac Carries 40 rockets.
EWR-L24 27800c 830 12 Shop Fires large, powerful rockets.
ZWR-R/OCTOPUS 54000c 790 41 Shop ECM rockets for jamming an enemy FCS.
EWC-CNG4000 38500c 980 11 Shop Chain gun fires high speed bullets.
ZWC-CN/500 46000c 540 20 Burroughs Hill Lightweight chain gun. Limited ammo.
ZWC-LQ/2552 78500c 955 405 Shop High output laser cannon.
EWC-GN44-AC 86200c 1033 8 Shop Fires grenades. Large explosions.
EWC-GN-81 97000c 864 6 Arkot Ocean Light grenade launcher. Limited ammo.
ZWC-IR/FLUX 114200c 988 804 Shop Slow but powerful plasma weapon.
ZWC-LNT/250 58000c 1310 6 Shop Slug gun fires a spread of shots.
EWC-XP0808 82200c 812 618 Shop Quick firing ion pulse cannon.
ZWC-XP02/QL 10500c 574 495 Folk City Quick fire pulse cannon. Limited ammo.
EM-AAT110 84000c 570 10 Shop Adds 10% extra ammo for all weapons.
EM-SD120 67000c 544 0 Shop Adds 20% ammo for all shell weapons.
ZRS-554/BW 12100c 188 199 Default Lightweight shoulder radar.
ERM-TE3000 16900c 175 247 Shop Affordable radar. Missile display.
ZRL-774/WH 21000c 223 393 Shop Radar equipped with bio sensor.
BRLT-B10000 28000c 254 456 Shop Multi-function with various sensors.
BRS-B-OSPREY 34000c 300 542 Shop High end model with wide range radar.
EWX-BAL4 122000c 1430 320 Shop Fires 2 multiple warhead missiles.
EWX-VLS241 94500c 1180 606 Shop Fires 2 vertical missiles at once.
ZWX-IV/PURSUIT 155000c 1550 345 Shop Fires a pod that attacks with missiles.
ZWX-F04/ORBIT 138000c 1317 1020 Shop Fires units that attack on their own.
EWX-GCN77-4 77700c 1556 65 Shop Dual should-mounted Gatling gun.
ZWX-E90/MAC 90000c 1630 965 Shop High caliber dual plasma cannon.
ZXR-S/STEALTH 71000c 1413 999 Shop Equipment for enemy radar jamming.
EXM-DD02 100000c 1408 17 Old Avalon Adds 60% ammo for all weapons.

R. Arm Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ZWG-RF/37 11100c 405 6 Default Standard rifle.
EWG-RF-M15 28500c 325 10 Shop Good damage & range. Limited ammo.
EWG-RF-M35 47300c 520 8 Shop Balanced with high compatibility.
EWG-RF-10LB 39900c 498 14 Old Gal Rapid fire rifle. Limited ammo.
ZWG-SRF/8 41000c 610 4 Shop Long-range sniper rifle.
ZWF-S/NIGHT 74000c 428 146 Shop Energy sniper rifle.
EWG-SRF-9 56000c 505 6 Shop High single hit damage for a rifle.
EWG-MGA2 38900c 626 4 Shop Machine gun with high offense power.
ZWG-AR/K 51100c 400 70 Shop Extremely rapid fire machine gun.
EWG-MGSAW 44500c 590 4 Shop Machine gun with increased ammo.
EWG-HG-S1 17000c 198 36 Shop Handgun for battle support.
EWG-HG-ART 31000c 146 52 Shop Modified handgun for more power.
ZWG-HG/111 36000c 240 64 Shop Well balanced & easy to use.
EWG-BZ-B1100 43300c 1180 72 Shop High damage but easily avoided.
ZWG-BZ/S55 50000c 1010 38 Shop High attack power & weight.
ZWG-BZ/HYDRA 81000c 1230 36 Shop Bazooka fires a spread.
EWG-GS970 32000c 680 37 Shop Wide range shotgun.
EWG-GSH8 73000c 533 54 Shop Reinforced shotgun. Limited ammo.
EWG-XP1500 45000c 125 256 Shop Lightweight & fast energy weapon.
ZWG-XP/400 68000c 159 288 Shop Quick, moderately powerful weapon.
EWG-XC213 59000c 542 394 Colnart Bay City Highly efficient laser rifle.
ZWG-XC/01 78000c 469 596 New Part Acquisition Lightweight, powerful laser rifle.
KARASAWA-MK2 99000c 1120 442 Shop Successor to a famous weapon.
ZWG-MG/ENE 77200c 950 160 Shop Very fast continuous fire energy gun.
ZWG-HC-IR/K99 120000c 777 604 Shop High power & energy use.
EWG-HC-GN210 85500c 1062 44 Shop Highly damaging arm-mounted weapon.
EWG-HC-RAW 45000c 990 27 Shop Hand Rocket. Slow but powerful.
EWG-HM-04 70000c 880 33 Eyelet City Arm-mounted missile launcher.
EWG-FTG500 68500c 1250 9 Shop Greatly increases enemy heat levels.

L. Arm Unit

Part ID Price Weight EN Drain Unlocked Notes
ELS-2772 11000c 122 26 Default Least expensive energy blade.
ELS-3443 30000c 180 42 Shop High damage with low energy use.
ZLS-400/SL 68000c 233 66 Shop Special blade fires energy waves.
ZLS-T/100 38200c 204 41 Shop High attack power.
ELS-7880 46000c 386 79 Earth Central A short-range, high damage blade.
LS-MOONLIGHT 57700c 612 95 Shop Compressed energy for amazing power.
EES-255S 13800c 123 18 Shop Energy shield lowers damage.
EES-777LAR 34800c 172 45 Shop Shield with high heat defense.
ZES-500/SU 45360c 224 126 Shop High defense and high energy use.
ZES-99/MIRROR 54000c 330 78 Shop Best defense of any energy shield.

Optional Part

Part ID Price Required Slots Unlocked Notes
SP-S/SCR 24200c 2 Shop Decreases shell damage.
SP-ENE-SCR 26000c 1 Shop Decreases energy weapon damage.
SP-BCNDR 32900c 4 Shop Expands capacitor on generator.
SP-BSI-LE 19600c 2 Shop Reduces impact shock.
SP-SAB/J 18800c 1 Shop Reduces cannon recoil.
SP-CIR-K 41000c 5 Shop Increases turning speed.
SP-BE++ 58000c 6 Shop Increases energy weapon power.
SP-BMALAD 9800c 1 Shop Adds missile display to radar.
SP-BF5/LOSP 38500c 2 Shop Reduces lock-on time.
SP-ENE/ACC 45000c 1 Shop Speeds up energy weapon fire.
SP-E/SAVER 45000c 5 Shop Reduces energy use from firing.
SP-ECL-JAM 84000c 5 Shop Sends pulses that disable lock-ons.
SP-M/AUTO 18000c 1 Shop Fires missile on full lock-on.
SP-BLS 74000c 6 Shop Ups attack and defense of left arm.
SP-CBRK 37000c 2 Shop Increase braking capacity.
SP-VIECH 89000c 6 Shop Increases lock-on range.