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This is a list of all of the arena combatants and arenas in Armored Core 2.


Pilot ID AC Name Rank Reward Unlocks Notes
Ares Providence 1 1500000c ZXR-S/STEALTH He is the ultimate warrior, but has spent so long at the top without a challenge that he's grown bored. His true desire isn't fame, but a worthwhile opponent.
Prisoner No. B-24715 Apocalypse 2 600000c Nothing The pilot is a career criminal serving consecutive life sentences. The LCC unleashes him every so often to wreak havoc in the Arena.
Lion Heart Black Knight 3 500000c Nothing The most powerful reverse-joint AC, he has proven to be a true Arena contender. His fans anxiously await the day when he will face the top ranked AC.
D. Sebastian Crescendo 4 400000c Nothing A lightweight, highly capable of lightning fast attacks. The pilot is a skilled tactician and is well regarded among his peers.
The Animal Death Penalty 5 150000c ZAW-SPLASH A heavy, durable AC bristling with weapons. The pilot is feared for his furious style of combat in which no quarter is given and none is expected.
Isotope Dues Ex Machina 6 120000c Nothing He readily accepts employment from smaller firms, as pitting them against the larger corporations is a way to prolong the war. He's a calculating and devious pilot.
Rose Queen of Hearts 7 80000c Nothing An accomplished Raven and sniper, this AC's pilot uses her rifle to whittle down her opponent's AP. Need proof of her abilities? Just take a look at her rank.
Dreadnought MK-9999 8 54000c Nothing The pilot choose a caterpillar base for his AC so as to optimize its AP and offensive strength. His versatility in combat makes him a dangerous foe.
Merciless Black Scythe 9 45000c Nothing Specializing in assassinations, this pilot will mortally wound his opponent, then finish them off with his blades. He's referred to as the "Grim Reaper."
Strung Judas 10 40500c INW-EM-RRD A Raven boasting a mission success rate of 100%. He will use any means to complete his assignments. Many aspiring Ravens have fallen victim to his prowess.
No.1111 Count One 11 36500c Nothing He's obsesses with the number "1" and has put a great deal of effort into his current position. He'd rather be ranked 11th than 1st as it has twice as many "1's".
Brazen Azure Sky No.5 12 33700c Nothing A rare sight, this is a caterpillar based AC that specializes in aerial combat. He loves looking danger in the eye, and has survived many savage battles.
Stoic Anesthetic 13 31500c Nothing As a youth he was involved in a spaceship crash that killed many people. Since then he has blocked out the memories of the event and became an emotionless warrior.
Ken Hayabusa Model D 14 28000c Nothing Known for being frugal, this pilot equips cheap AC parts. His skills make up for the poor equipment, but he'd undoubtedly rank higher if better equipped.
Suave Pussy Cat 15 27000c ZWF-S/NIGHT The pilot is the son of a wealthy industrialist. His AC, though deacked out with expensive parts, isn't just for looks and is quite deadly in his capable hands.
Ever Fighter Holy Mother 16 26000c Nothing A senior pilot who boasts the most Arena battles of any Raven. His experience offsets mistakes made due to his age. He's a rarity; a survivor from a time gone by.
Higher Force Bipolar 17 25000c Nothing Equips caterpillar leg parts that are suited for a variety of conditions. A balanced arsenal and powerful shield round out the AC and provide endurance.
Helzehen Scholar 18 24500c Nothing An educated Raven who researches tactics based on calculations. It produces results, but isn't always reliable. He enjoys collecting ancient war manuscripts.
Bulk Mass 19 23500c Nothing A durable caterpillar based AC that employs defensive tactics while waiting for the enemy to run out of ammo. Self-preservation is the pilot's priority.
Helios Red Fury 20 22500c ZEX-RS/HOUND Piloted by a young Martian native, this AC is able to engulf opponents in searing flames. According to the pilot, it's newcomers that are endangering stability on Mars.
SAMSARA The Bully 21 21000c Nothing He derives great pleasure from defeating would-be Ravens and has dashed the hopes of many aspiring pilots. He is considered to be a daunting obstacle.
Super Sonic Laser Blade 22 19500c Nothing If this AC's pilot isn't traveling at breakneck speeds, he's not happy. He uses all his prize money to optimize the speed of his AC, which is already the Arena's fastest.
Divine Bloom Sweet Eden 23 18000c Nothing A striking Raven with top-notch skills and a huge following. He'll confuse opponents with aerial maneuvers before finally delivering an elegant finish.
Blood Striker Bullet Dragon 24 16500c Nothing This AC's pilot has a penchant for machine guns and the sound they unleash when fired. Keeping his weapons supplied with ammo is his only real concern.
Cruel Justice Catastrophe 25 15000c Nothing A terrorist who places little value on the lives of those who would interfere with his plans. He is the prime suspect in a number of violent events on Mars.
Grenstone Billboard 26 14000c Nothing Uses his AC as a billboard where sponsors can place their ads. He's milking his time in the Arena for all he can get. Even so, he's still a very capable pilot.
Dr. Simon Element126 27 13500c Nothing Piloted by a scientist who utilizes an AI program to give him an edge in battle. His meticulous calculations have served him quite well.
Cerberus Longitude 28 13000c Nothing One half of an AC team known as Hell Fire. They're said to be invincible when paired, but don't seem to fare as well in one-on-one Arena combat.
Hades Latitude 29 12500c Nothing One half of an AC team known as Hell Fire. They're said to be invincible when paired, but don't seem to fare as well in one-on-one Arena combat.
Chimera Tribunal 30 12000c DOX-ELENA A heavily armed four legged AC. No one escapes the missile swarms he launches from his shoulders. The fury of his attacks strikes fear into those below him.
Amnesia Mnemonic 31 11500c Nothing Recently returned to the Arena after an accident in which he lost his memory. His skills, which are gradually returning, show how good he once was.
Infinity Time Keeper 32 11000c Nothing A perfectionist so obsessed with time that he calculates his actions down to the second. Always wanting to save time, he uses tactics that focus on speed.
Castor Universal Star 33 10500c Nothing Eldest of two brothers famous in the Arena. Having been compared to his little brother all his life, he's become extremely competitive. He hates his younger brother.
Malpractice Ambulance 34 10000c Nothing Equips a powerful shotgun that proves deadly in close combat. The mobility of this AC is so great it leaves opponents absolutely no room for error.
Funnel Earth Rize 35 9500c Nothing A Raven who speaks of the restoration of Earth. He accepts donations from supporters, but it isn't known where the money goes. He does use expensive parts though.
Death Merchant Demo 36 9000c Nothing A salesman Who joined the Arena in order to hawk his wares. He hopes to drum up sales by putting his very best parts on display for potential customers.
Pollux Cosmic Star 37 8500c Nothing Youngest of two brothers famous in the Arena. Having been compared to his older brother all his life, he's become extremely competitive. He hates his older brother.
Prophet Punishment 38 8000c Nothing A self-proclaimed messiah bent on saving Ravens he feels are possessed. His heavily armored AC lacks mobility, but easily defeats mediocre opponents.
The Engineer Full Metal 39 7500c Nothing An AC engineer who joins the Arena to conduct research. He claims his AC and tactics are based on logical calculations. His performance however, doesn't reflect this.
Pyschedelic Rainbow 40 7000c SP-CBRK A Raven who likes to stand out, as can be seen by taking one look at his AC. His fighting style is quite erratic, but even he gets lucky sometimes.
Grudge Revenge 41 6500c Nothing His AC isn't very high quality, but its missile-based attacks are impressive. Long-range skirmishes are his strength and he never forgets those he has lost to.
Werehound PK 42 6000c Nothing He has the skills to go higher, but likes breaking in newcomers with potential, so he stays where he is. His AC is designed to inflict pain and sorrow on the weak.
Venom Strike 43 5500c Nothing Good mobility for a caterpillar based AC. The pilot prefers to attack from the rear and does not fare well in head-on battles. He goes nuts when pressured.
Phaethon Horizon 44 5000c Nothing Piloted by a brave sort who never runs from a fight, but lacks ability. Even though his AC is well armored it's doubtful this alone will help him advance in rank.
Tomboy Wishingwell 45 4000c Nothing A young girl who joined the Arena to earn money to help care for her family. Her AC is poorly equipped and she has struggled to advance, but refuses to quit.
Splurge Squanderer 46 3500c Nothing This pilot boosts his AC's defense by equipping a shield and a floating leg base. A bad habit of wasting energy in combat has kept him from advancing.
Living Dead Debtor 47 3000c Nothing He has been forced into the Arena in order to pay off gambling debts. His desperation makes him a fierce opponent, but a lack of skill hinders his chance at a win.
Hustler Two Eight-Ball 48 2500c Nothing A token low-rank AC. It is poorly equipped and the pilot leaves much to be desired. He claims to be the heir of a legendary Raven, but this claim is highly suspect.
Light Seeker Breakthrough 49 2000c Nothing A young Raven who aspires to become a Nine Breaker. It is unlikely that he'll be able to pull it off, but his confidence has already won him many supporters.
Chris Miura Vex 50 1200c Nothing He entered the Arena to escape his dull life as a company man. He lacks skill and decent equipment, but his attitude has endeared him in the eyes of everyone.
Co-op Millionaire 51 1600c Nothing Several thousand people chipped in to buy this AC. The prize money is to be divvied up, but the pilot rarely wins and the investors are beginning to lose hope.
Lost Lamb Stray Sheep 52 3600c Nothing Looking for his long-lost parents, he joins the Arena to bring attention to his plight. Sadly, his rank doesn't earn him much media coverage.
Scarlet Wild Honey 53 10000c Nothing Her floating AC looks to be rather simple, but looks can be deceiving. To underestimate her is to risk certain death, as others have found out the hard way.
The Veteran New Dawn 54 15000c Nothing An aging veteran wanting to relive days gone by. The combination of his caterpillar based AC and years of experience will make quick work of the unwary.
FalconVIII MK - VIII 55 20000c Nothing He belongs to a respected Raven family and enjoys reminiscing about the feats of his ancestors. He has taken over his father's stead, making him Falcon the 8th.
Riot Gallows Bird 56 25000c Nothing Gained access to the Arena without ever registering. He proved himself in combat and was accepted into the Raven fold. A wild sort, he practices outlandish tactics.
Matthias Funeral Mask 57 100000c Nothing Takes the name of his mentor who was killed in battle. He pays tribute to his friend by keeping the name and legend alive. He is not to be trifled with.